Idol Nu-metal May Be the Best Nu-metal: PapiRosier’s “Seven”

I was able to cover PapiRosier a couple of weeks ago, and included the audio-only of “Seven,” but this MV is worth bringing it back.

FWIW, the reason that there’s like 30 girls headbanging is that they’re supported by their sister group, Papimache. Which is kind of disappointing. It would have been boss if there were just a bunch of random idols hanging around and they just could not withstand the metal.


I Momentarily Have a New Favorite Thing

Pure Idol Heart is back to sharing all kinds of fun indie things, and I couldn’t be happier. Just today, we get a lovely new entrant, PapiRosier (Twitter), into the Idol Metal Wars:

Those are great, A and B sides of their first single, coming out in a few weeks. And, fittingly, the album art reflects the fact that they went from being a five-piece to a four in the production process, and they didn’t have the money to redo anything. I love it. Continue reading