I Come Bearing Oyasumi Hologram

I referenced the coffee shoppiest idols of them all in the forums the other day and remembering that they guested at the Ladybaby reboot, and that made me wonder what Oyasumi Hologram is up to these days. Turns out, they may not be at JAM or any of the other major fests, but they’re keeping busy right at home.

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It’s All Sweet and Nice Until Somebody Loses a Finger

And speaking of Oyasumi Hologram, our buddy boans went ahead and shared these awesome videos of Oyasumi Hologram going black metal with VMO on the forums.

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Bellring Girls Heart + Oyasumi Hologram = Chaos

The great curators of obscure idol video over at Idol 2.0 posted this one just a little while ago. OYSM and Bellheart, aka BellHolo, performing the sublime “c a n d y”:

Yes, that’s shamelessly riffing on Blur, and yes, Bellheart are most at home in basements.

And deeper down the YouTube rabbit hole, here’s “strawberry”:

It’s okay to be afraid.

Alas, I couldn’t track down any video of BellCode.

Also, I’m still scared shitless of Kanra.


Damn, Oyasumi Hologram Is Just Pumping out Material

I made what felt like a devil’s bargain with the dynamic duo when touting their album release and video the other day,stretching the boundaries a little bit but screw it, they’re good and Sister Site may never come to fruition, so talk about them.

Well, since then, they’re actually released two more videos, including this very appropriate one today!

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Oyasumi Hologram Releases Album and Video, Makes Maniac Make Decisions

I always feel badly for not giving enough attention to Oyasumi Hologram, who are as game-changing of idols as its gets but who, like some others that I personally like a whole lot, are really best fits on the Sister Site That Come On You’re Never Actually Going to Do It Shut Up You Jerk.

Here’s the MV to accompany the release of their album, 2.

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