Oshi Digest #30: Namaste

Oshi’s mission, which is also our mission, took an interesting turn last week when photos began to emerge of our very own Queen of the Scene venturing far beyond the borders of Japan to another land, mingling with new people and exploring secrets that are yet to be revealed:

While the exact nature of Oshi’s mission to the subcontinent is beyond mortal comprehension at the moment, a far more pressing question emerged: Would we see Sari in a sari? Continue reading

Oshi Digest #29: Pantheon

Oshi, I am so sorry for having not had a great opportunity to do the Digest these last few days. Please, when the time that we agreed to does come, make my departure from this earthly plane as agonizing as possible.

I thought it was interesting that, over the past week, most of what Oshi has been up to has been a general rubbing of shoulders with other idol deities, creating several situations in which I just could not even.

For instance:

August, meet October

Continue reading

Oshi Digest #28: Melody


I know that we all want it to be another new track for NECRONOMIDOL, but let’s be frank — we all know that it’s cover for a summoning ritual that can only be discerned by human minds if you play the entirety of “STRANGE AEONS” backwards, on vinyl, which you will protest is impossible as there is not only not a vinyl release yet, but the single came in two versions and the only way to have all tracks in one place is to do the digital download. THIS IS PRECISELY THE CHALLENGE! It is also why Oshi is incredibly disappointed in our efforts so far; there will be suffering. Sweet, glorious suffering. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #27: Vamp

Shame and an eternity of agonizing pain be upon you if you have somehow missed Oshi’s amazing solo work from her “birthday” celebration:

Fun fact: After 1,000 views of this video, 666 randomly selected initiates will bodily descend into the darkest hell!

I warned you people; Oshi, and Necroma with her, are on a vital mission, and we are in the process of being enlisted to the cause. Show this video to everybody you can, and share the dark gospel of NECRONOMIDOL, for the day is fast approaching when no amount of resurrected corpses will be enough to save the world from the extradimensional horrors that await just on the other side of the rapidly thinning veil. Deep within the song, within each look and gesture and note, are instructions from Oshi on how we must proceed. Make haste! Continue reading

Oshi Digest #26: Deliverance

Oshi did not summon this week. All is nonetheless well. Her orders were clear. Our path is clear.

Step 1: Necroma will be back in the UK in June:

Prepare. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #25: Communion

Do you understand how hard it was to not share Oshi’s glory over the last couple of days. I promised myself, you’ll do Oshi Digest on Sunday … and then there was no chance; ditto Monday. And now, here we are, and I have a tale!

A few days ago, a mystery occurrence:

Where was Oshi? While the official explanation on her behalf was that she was feeling unwell, the reality is far darker. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #24: Royalty

My goodness, people, would you just look at Oshi?

That’s the last thing you see before you entire existence — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — is shattered into infinitesimal shards. Fun! Continue reading

Oshi Digest #23: Idol

What the hell happened here!

I’m sorry, Rei, but you cannot oshi. Only Oshi gets to oshi that way. (Also Oshi pulls off Rei at least as well as Rei.)

But man, did Oshi have herself a week or what? Continue reading

Oshi Digest #22: Birth

Today is Oshi’s birthday! How considerate of her to mark the occasion on the old Julian calendar when she first assumed human form and turned that poor conjurer into red mist, and then to remain with us long enough for the calendrical reforms of Pope Gregory and the emergence of modernity, whereupon idol provided an outlet for some of her more … creative interests. Happy 1,863rd birthday, Eternal Oshi! Send her a birthday message!

Also, “STRANGE AEONS” is on the way. I have very nice things to say about it. The physical release date and MV to support it are imminent, but not yet arrived; in the meantime, look at these photos of Oshi!

Continue reading

Oshi Digest #21: Day in the Life

For this week’s Oshi Digest, Oshi agreed* to allow me to follow her around for the better part of a day so as to give you, the reader, a better opportunity to see how it is that the literal idol undead conduct their business.

Here’s how oshi creates her signature look:

It starts with someone else’s face, then makeup …

The result? Continue reading