BiSH’s ‘Orchestra,’ Live, with an Orchestra

Well, not exactly an orchestra, but a whole bunch of strings on stage at the Less Than SEX tour pre-final the other day.

Momoko’s real commitment to not actually singing live is becoming legendary

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BiSH’s ‘Orchestra’ MV Is Here and It Is Glorious

They made me do it!* BiSH, hot off the one-day, cheap-AF pre-release of KiLLER BiSH on iTunes, just released their first music video to promote the album, and it is a stunner, a tale of young forbidden love.

That’s “Orchestra” (“オーケストラ”), a song I left out of my review because it didn’t have a nice place to fit — it’s a very nice song, and in that mold of label-friendly-but-still-BiSH-enough songs that they’ve basically being doing since the “OTNK” single.

Between this and the previews they published the other day, if you haven’t had a chance to hear KiLLER BiSH yet, are you yet convinced that you should get it on the official release date? You should be.

*I made it three full days and about seven hours on the #BiXchallenge. According to a very generalized look back at Facebook, I’ve gone as long as nine full days without mentioning any BiX constituents, which may or may not be actually true because I wasn’t counting mentions in other posts. I am apparently a hopeless fanboy and owe Kris Hostead a Coke.


BiSH Is Going to Perform with an Orchestra

BiSH is great. I had to remind myself of that. Because when their I saw that their “big announcement” was this …

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