The WACK Expo Fallout: We Are All Incredibly Easy Marks

I didn’t watch the WACK Expo. After the thing had been announced, and the overall shape of the auditions made, it was pretty obvious how the whole shebang would be conducted and concluded, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I allowed myself to selectively enjoy the auditions from extra-afar, taking it all in via Twitter and the occasional side conversation; once my girl Trivago was finally, mercifully euthanized, I didn’t care enough to even do that.

When I woke up today, the event was all in the past. Things had been done, reactions had, tears shed, etc. Was Twitter buzzing? It sure was! Were the takes flying? They sure were!

And all according to plan. Like any good wota, this is our moment to MIX, to respond to the ainote, to play our part in the interactive ritual that is being an idol fan. We happily separate ourselves from our money to experience closely controlled environments of put-on cruelty and manicured triumphs. We call out the things that are bad or stupid, and hand over cash, attention and appearances of generalized support in exchange. We are all incredibly easy marks.

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Hanako-san, Please

Nobody, least of all the poor saps featured in the video below, is prepared for what Hanako-san (precisely, the 14th Generation Hanako of the Toilet!) is about to unleash upon the world.

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I Review Things: Kaqriyo Terror Architect | “Cultural Mixing”

Hey, it’s a not-NECRONOMIDOL review! Yeah, that promise to write up some things in the queue, that didn’t pan out — I’m busy! — but, as soon as I saw that it was coming to Spotify, I knew that I wanted to hit up the latest from Codomomental’s latest. It only took six full listens to get here!

I’m going to preface this with: If you like your idol safe and predictable or on-brand, stay the heck away from Kaqriyo Terror Architect. On to the review! Continue reading

Let’s Do This, sugartrap

For shame to all of you clowns (that’s right, clowns!) who didn’t support sugartrap in the Corenament. I’ve been digging them pretty much since the first time I heard them — not as hard-edged as others, nor trying so hard to be hard-edged while still easily being quite noisy and earnest. Who doesn’t like that?

Anyway, maybe this can help to wake you up to them:

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Stealthy Stealthy, Kakuriyo

Gee thanks, Kaqriyo Terror Architect, for revealing in the dead of night, right when I was wrapping up my review of the album that you just released internationally on multiple streaming and download platforms, that (probably) the MV to promote the same was going to be released in the morning. Glad I put in the work!

I finally feel like I get the concept that Kakuriyo as going for in that whole Cultural Mixing thing; how awkward!

I don’t have a ton to say about this because I want to save it for the thing that I already put a butt-ton of time into writing, but: Hey, that’s pretty good, and guess what, it’s not even close to the best thing on the album. You should go listen to it! Continue reading

You’re Too Good for This World, BILLIE IDLE; Please Save It

Hey, thanks for rebooting on me, phone. If Uipon hadn’t coyly suggested that something was going to happen, I’d have never known that we were going to be presented with as a sure a live-revitalizer as you’re ever going to get. From single out next week:

Of course Noni plays the sax

Someday, BILLIE IDLE will get the respect they deserve for their music and MVs. “Why Maniac,” you say, “BILLIE IDLE is quite popular!” And that’s true, but it’s also not true enough; while they’re not here trying to shift too many paradigms or experiment, BILLIE IDLE does one thing better than anybody: Full-on acceleratrix punk rock that oozes attitude on a spectrum somewhere between fun and MOAR FUN, shared with a no-frills look — it’s the members and the music that matter, not the presentation — and wrapped in a style that really is uniquely theirs.

And that’s before taking the cartoon aspect into account! If there’s anything wrong with many BILLIE IDLE MVs, it’s that they deprive the world of more direct encounters with the members, a crime in its own right even without allowing for the necessary genuflections before Head Goddess in Charge First Summer Uika. Not dissimilarly to Bill and Ted, these are talents and personalities whose true power needs to be harnessed for the elusive goals of human equality and world peace. Maybe some of their celebrity friends can step up and start getting the word out.

You do have to wonder how long they can keep this up. There aren’t a ton of idols who stay active well into their 20s, and Uipon’s inching ever closer to 30. Maybe that’s why they seem hellbent on scaring the crap out of me every few months.

It’s Not Too Late to Download There There Theres’ ‘SOIL’

I’m so sorry for missing this one yesterday, but the powers that be at Aqbi are giving us all a chance at a free OTOTOY download of the latest single, or I guess just the A-side because that’s all that OTOTOY will let me download. Regardless!

That new logo though

Yes, it’s available for sale, and with all of the rest of the record as well, on Friday, so you might want to grab this track now. And by “might,” I mean “yes.” Continue reading

You Guys Are Going to Like Shihatsumachi Underground

And in continuing this year’s commitment to being more exploratory and supportive of new idol units, let’s — oh, thanks Mr. Viz for doing all of the homework for me:

Also, what a look

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Let’s Drive Home a Wonderful Day with Banana Monkeys


Forget it, it’s too nice outside to want to keep spring-feeling idol all bottled up. And it is Sunday, so:


If two people are pinging you with a thing, it must be good! Continue reading

Still up to the Task have Fun

All right, that title’s terrible. But do you know what isn’t terrible, ever? Task have Fun.

Borrowing liberally from Vanilla Beans, I see

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