A NEVE SLIDE DOWN Mini-Album, You Say?

Well that’s a nice surprise. Thanks, NEVE SLIDE DOWN! Via the PassCode Facebook group, it’s the little sister unit stepping out a little bit now that people are starting to recover from the “MISS UNLIMITED” release and are jonesing for even more poppy digital hardcore in their lives:

That’s Not My Real Name is such a silly title. Who goes around using a pseudonym all the time, anyway?

There’s even stuff that we haven’t heard before in there! With such highly topical titles as “Selfie”! I kid because I want to love. Continue reading


YSM vs. NSD: Who Ya Got?!

Update: We have a winner!

Congratulations, NEVE SLIDE DOWN. In the minds of the readers of Homicidols.com (12 of them!), you’re going to win this battle against your future best frenemies in Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Savor victory while it lasts!

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You Might Like NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s 4th Track the Most

It was just yesterday and the release of “WENDY” on the NSD website that I wondered if a record of some sort might be coming soon; now I’m wondering if NEVE SLIDE DOWN is just going to keep releasing until a full album’s worth of material is online.

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NEVE SLIDE DOWN Snuck a Third Song by Us: Check out ‘WENDY’

A lot of excitement has been built up by PassCode sister group NEVE SLIDE DOWN since they released MVs for two very cool songs, “Let me out” and “City Lights” in the span of a week. But they weren’t done messing with our heads, apparently:

H/t to @idolisshit for the tip!

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Check out the 2nd MV from NEVE SLIDE DOWN

Last week’s first look at NEVE SLIDE DOWN was pretty fun, and they’re following up pretty quickly here with “City Lights.”

You might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve stumbled upon previously unreleased PassCode, and you in fact may have, as this is their official sister group with the same producer, composer, etc. Continue reading


NEVE SLIDE DOWN: PassCode Has a Sister Group, and They’re Good!

This is kind of incredible: PassCode’s team just sent another heavy EDM unit into the world:

Are they any good? Continue reading