Oshi Digest #35: Ars

Did you know that Oshi has a great appreciation for the visual arts?


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And especially as they relate to Necroma?

Oshi is, of course, her own work of art: Continue reading

Oshi Digest #34: Ours

Because people are tasteless savages, Oshi unfortunately did not ultimately win Tokyo Idol Queen:

You’re gosh darn right, Oshi. You are the Queen, and no amount of wota treason can change that. You earned it! Continue reading

Oshi Digest #33: Fool

How beloved is Oshi? Not long after effectively begging herself out of the Corenament, living dead girl Hanako-san is still showing off those custom Sari buttons that she made:

This Oshi Digest is about Oshi’s very good April Fools’ Day joke. Presented without additional commentary! Continue reading

Oshi Digest #32: Rani

We should all be supporting Oshi! But how! Frankly, I’m not completely sure. I believe that it involves acquiring this magazine, which doe a solo song by Oshi, but is also no longer available via Necroma Bandcamp, so you’re on your own. Nonetheless, because she is the Queen of the Scene, and because she is the actual queen of idol, she deserves the support.

This is why you will vote for her:

And: Continue reading

Oshi Digest #31: Gastronational

Oshi returned from her vital alliance-seeking mission vacation to India with what seems to be a newfound appreciation for food things; being a great fan of South Asian cuisine, I understand the feeling:

More notably, though, and hinted at in the above, is Oshi’s embrace of communication in English: Continue reading

Oshi Digest #30: Namaste

Oshi’s mission, which is also our mission, took an interesting turn last week when photos began to emerge of our very own Queen of the Scene venturing far beyond the borders of Japan to another land, mingling with new people and exploring secrets that are yet to be revealed:

While the exact nature of Oshi’s mission to the subcontinent is beyond mortal comprehension at the moment, a far more pressing question emerged: Would we see Sari in a sari? Continue reading

Oshi Digest #29: Pantheon

Oshi, I am so sorry for having not had a great opportunity to do the Digest these last few days. Please, when the time that we agreed to does come, make my departure from this earthly plane as agonizing as possible.

I thought it was interesting that, over the past week, most of what Oshi has been up to has been a general rubbing of shoulders with other idol deities, creating several situations in which I just could not even.

For instance:

August, meet October

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Oshi Digest #28: Melody


I know that we all want it to be another new track for NECRONOMIDOL, but let’s be frank — we all know that it’s cover for a summoning ritual that can only be discerned by human minds if you play the entirety of “STRANGE AEONS” backwards, on vinyl, which you will protest is impossible as there is not only not a vinyl release yet, but the single came in two versions and the only way to have all tracks in one place is to do the digital download. THIS IS PRECISELY THE CHALLENGE! It is also why Oshi is incredibly disappointed in our efforts so far; there will be suffering. Sweet, glorious suffering. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #27: Vamp

Shame and an eternity of agonizing pain be upon you if you have somehow missed Oshi’s amazing solo work from her “birthday” celebration:

Fun fact: After 1,000 views of this video, 666 randomly selected initiates will bodily descend into the darkest hell!

I warned you people; Oshi, and Necroma with her, are on a vital mission, and we are in the process of being enlisted to the cause. Show this video to everybody you can, and share the dark gospel of NECRONOMIDOL, for the day is fast approaching when no amount of resurrected corpses will be enough to save the world from the extradimensional horrors that await just on the other side of the rapidly thinning veil. Deep within the song, within each look and gesture and note, are instructions from Oshi on how we must proceed. Make haste! Continue reading

News Brief: American Music Festival Makes Incredible Mistake

[Baltimore, Md., USA]
Following the announcement that GODFLESH will be replacing My Dying Bride as headliner of the annual extreme metal smorgasbord that is Maryland Deathfest, festival co-founder Ryan Taylor released a follow-up statement.

“Evan [Harting, fellow co-founder] messaged me a few hours after tickets went on sale to let me know that we’d somehow missed out on two up-and-coming Japanese acts. NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream have been making such huge waves all around the world, and they’re perfect for MDF, and I completely dropped the ball.

“Such an oversight. I mean, we’ve included Melt Banana; what the hell was I thinking.”

When reached for additional comment, the incredibly intelligent MDF coordinator, who is almost as tasteful as he is attractive, said, “The thing is, if I’d known about the sick dual vocals in ‘Love is a maiden’s cry’ or the chilly black bleakness of ‘ITHAQUA’ before, I’d have reached out months and months ago.

“The concept of MDF is simple: to bring to the United States the best and most extreme bands the underground has to offer. MDF is a showcase of what extreme music, both new and old, is capable of. With an emphasis on diversity, the festival brings together the very best death metal, grindcore, doom, thrash, hardcore, black metal, and experimental bands from all around the world. The diversity of the lineup is only surpassed by the diversity of MDF’s rabid fan base.

“Unfortunately, this year’s lineup is set, so NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream will just have to wait until 2019. And what’s this about a Hanako-san?”

Harting, who could previously be heard bellowing his drunken sorrow in the background, jumped onto the line. “HOMICIDOLS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, apparently referencing Homicidols.com, the additionally apparent source of his learning of NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream.

Representatives of NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream could not be reached for comment by press time.