Let’s Talk About “Art-Idols”

One of the more enjoyable and exciting things in the bold new world of non-traditional idols is the continuing openness of personal self-expression nurtured into the performers. While there’s always been a creative streak within the scene even in it’s more “commercial” days, I really started to take notice of this new emergence of experimentation with the debut of Maison book girl in 2014…

Those first press photos of Koshouji Megumi’s post-BiS group, with their modernist fashion style and aesthetic, seized my attention immediately, and I’ve never gotten that impression out of my mind since. With MBG and other bold new groups taking the stage, the “alt” prefix started being applied to this emerging trend, but to me, I saw their efforts as being more about personal expression and a desire to take idol from a product market into high art. To this day, I refer to Maison book girl as an art project, and their genre as being “Art-Idol.”  Continue reading

Oshi Digest #6: Occulted

The big tour final at LIQUID is just a week away. Do you think that Oshi is excited?

Excited, or possibly desiring to drag the band to hell. Could be either! Continue reading

Here’s All of the Hours of the Necroma 24

Time to fess up: I watched maybe 20 entire minutes of NECRONOMIDOL’s pre-tour final 24-hour smorgasbord of … things. I wanted to do more, honestly, but time and whatnot, and the #ネクロ魔密着24時 hashtag was fun to check in on regardless. LIQUIDROOM OR DIE was a nice wink at Big Idol Gimmick and clearly fun for everybody involved.

So if you wanted to watch it, the entire stream (minus only those little breaks) is still available:

Because YouTube made everything weird when they redesigned the interface, I can’t figure out how to just embed the playlist

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Oshi Digest #5: Creativity

The Official Oshi of Homicidols.com has an important announcement:


IT’S TRUE! How exciting. Such a fan would make quite a gift for the Maniac in your life! Continue reading

Inside the Mind of NECRONOMIDOL – Interview with Richard Wilson — Straight From Japan

As soon as Terry mentioned it, I had a feeling that this direct connection with Ricky Wilson himself was going to be a good time. Ever wondered about the relationship between this bugfuck of a film, RHYMEBERRY and “DAWNSLAYER”? Read on!

With the recent release of NECRONOMIDOL’s new single “DAWNSLAYER” we decided it would be a good time to have a chat with Richard (Ricky) Wilson, the man behind the group. He was very gracious in providing us with some of his time and answering a wide variety of questions about both himself and NECRONOMIDOL.

via Inside the mind of NECRONOMIDOL – Interview with Richard Wilson — Straight From Japan

Necroma Can Get in on the 24-hour Game, Too

This slipped through the cracks for me the other day; if I hadn’t be oshi-ing yesterday, I’d have missed it again:

To prep for their tour-ending one-man at LIQUIDROOM, Necroma’s going to do the 24-hour thing, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. I believe that we may be able to view remotely? Ricky, if you’re out there, please illuminate us as to exactly what’s going to happen during those 24 hours. We know that the only one of the members who actually needs human sleep is Rei, but how do you fill that space in time? Continue reading

Oshi Digest #4: Kaleidoscope

Before we begin, does anybody want to hazard a guess as to what’s going to happen at the SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE tour final?

In a weirdly off year with only a few dominant moments, it’s been Necroma’s time to shine (well, shine as much as a total void of goodness and light can shine); it’d be fitting for them to close things out with their biggest move yet. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #3: Impressions

Oshi would like it very much if you’d watch the “DAWNSLAYER” MV, please and thanks:

It’s a great record that you should buy!

What else did Sari get herself into this week? Continue reading

The ‘DAWNSLAYER’ MV Has Arrived!

And without further ado:

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Oshi Digest #2: Sensu

Welcome to the Oshi Digest! Sari, the macabre painted demon of NECRONOMIDOL, was the winner of Queen of the Scene, thereby elevating her to the status of Official Oshi of Homicidols.com, a crown she will wear until she’s dethroned. Good luck, mere mortals!

Did you know that oshi is kind of a goofball sometimes?

She can also kick back like none other:

But she does have that uncanny, otherworldly, somewhat unsettlingly vampiric elegance at all times:

I think something happened with oshi’s rumored-but-like-never-consummated project with the epic Utane Yuki of PSYBOU KANOJO/Nameless fame:

You see tea; I see a witch’s altar:

Remember, children, that oshi owns your soul: