Oshi Digest #14: Hilarity

Oshi makes really pfunny jokes!

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Oshi Digest #13: Good Luck

There is nothing more important right now than this:

I have only one request, and it’s that Oshi not dress in LuLaRoe when she’s in my country. Otherwise, she should feel free to murder any and every thing she likes! Continue reading

You’re Damn Right That the New Necroma Vinyl Is Boss as Hell

How could it be any other way?

So yeah, it’s basically NECRONOMIDOL Week, which is both a great and deeply disturbing thing when it’s realized, but come on: U.S. tour, fan club, VIP stuff … and OH LOOK IT’S A NEW VINYL RELEASE!

That’s a lot of pressure, Specific, even in French. Yeah, I said I’d review the thing, what of it? I AM UNCORRUPTIBLE! But let’s not kid around, this thing’s gonna be awesome. Continue reading

Here Are All of the Additional Ways to Honor Our Dark Overlords

Now that the tour is not just official and real and possibly proof that we’ve been living in a Bizarro World dimension for the past year or so, NECRONOMIDOL wants to make very special* connections with you.

The most special of all? Worship and interface from afar!

Like any proper initiatory order, HOBD comes with degrees of membership — and just like the Masons or Scientologists, your degree comes down to how much you’re willing to pay! I don’t think that Ricky would appreciate my organizing a few shared accounts to get full access to all of the goods (which would of course then wind up elsewhere online before you can say “Necroma”), so I’ll refrain from that. It’s more than we get from being an international Ultramarine!

Also, for those of you/us who’ll be taking in Necroma’s black invasion of North America, the VIP ticket info is available. John with the goods: Continue reading

Necroma Makes It Terrifyingly Real, So Get Planning

Because your soul belongs to Oshi, remember?

Well, friends, the day has (gulp) finally arrived, and NECRONOMIDOL’s arrival on U.S. shores is not only definitely happening, but now thoroughly planned, and also barely a month away. Details are after the jump; first, feast your senses upon this video message from the members:

I understood Himari when she said “America”

This one’s personal, for what it’s worth. I don’t know how many folks read Colin’s old HuffPost piece on the idols set to break through to international audiences (in 2015!), making that heady jump from Babymetal to lots of great other stuff, but my dude even then was repping hard for Necroma, and they were still mere toddlers in the grand scheme of things. I had the same thought, though, that the darkness girls would catch on like a plague if given a chance to do so, and everything about Homicidols.com was ultimately about them and a handful of other projects (some of which have only come into existence since!), trying to help to build interest and support and bring them to this country. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #12: Just Seven More Weeks Til Christmas

There is no need to do anything else with the Oshi Digest, because Oshi trumped all this week:

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Oshi Digest #11: Cinematic

In this very special edition of Oshi Digest, we tell a story using only images culled from the eternal life of Oshi

I first appeared at the school festival💃🌹 #musabi#artfestival

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❤️🐇❤️ #cinnamonrolls

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💎🎰🚬🎰💎 #tokyofashion #shironuri

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Oshi Digest #10: Invitation

I cannot believe that I might get a chance to meet Oshi live and in-Transdimensional Undead Demigod. What an incredible privilege, even if the rumors are true (they are not; Oshi doesn’t wear makeup). There hasn’t been an official-official announcement yet, but I’ve been assured that one is forthcoming. I can also imagine that Oshi is absolutely brimming with anticipation of devouring so very many souls.

Look at this goddess:

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The Sum of All Fears: NECRONOMIDOL in the United States

Years-long droughts. Catastrophic wildfires. City-leveling earthquakes. Kaiju-jaeger battles. Ever-present threats of falling into the sea. Apocalypses that reshape entire continents. Smashmouth. Harvey Weinstein. These threats loom over the daily lives of the residents of the U.S. West Coast, often becoming all too real.

And NECRONOMIDOL hasn’t even gotten there yet.

Yes, friends, it’s likely old news for many of you by now, or maybe some of you are still emerging from shock, or maybe even others will need for you to revive them, guy, so go help your buddy, but Necroma is coming to the United States, confirmed by the Big Man himself (Ricky, that is, not the Abrahamic conception of deity), apparently to prove that there is no good or mercy in the universe, as the unofficial Year of the Natural Disaster is now going to have to contend with the physical arrival of the Darkness Girls. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #9: Choreo

Ordinarily, this is all of the Oshi you humanoids should need:

However, Oshi is more than just fashion; Oshi is also love:

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