There’s a New NEMLESSS EP, and Of Course It’s Amazing

So it figures that, right after declaring Utane Yuki’s Nemlesss EP BOSSSRUSH to be my favorite of that type of release of 2017, she’d go ahead and put out a follow-up, right? Well, it also figures that I completely missed that Chris very enthusiastically shared that news with me, but I was paying zero attention and had no idea until, well, just the other day.

But here’s the trailer!

It’s so weird and chaotic!

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Take a Nameless Start to Tuesday

Man, you guys, a ton of stuff happened yesterday. New idols, new stuff from old idols, still waiting for new stuff from less-old idols … plenty! One of my personal favorites, though and of course, comes courtesy of the former PSYBOU KANOJO performer Utane Yuki for her Nameless project:

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More Nameless Madness

A few weeks ago, former PSYBOU KANOJO chaotician-in-chief Utane Yuki released some tracks as what I’m going to insist on calling Nameless even if it’s just a clever thing she’s doing while working on a full-time name, and that was a lot of stupid fun and made me feel good.

Well, she did it again yesterday:

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Yuki Is Back. Hold on to Your Butts.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy. A well-cooked meal; the cats sleeping peacefully; enough idol news to make my job easy; etc. Or, you know, one of my all-time favorite performers coming back and doing almost exactly what I wish she were doing!

Yesterday, for the Monday Match Game, we took a look back at PSYBOU KANOJO, now defunct for almost a year. The idol in that case, named Utane Yuki, was almost uniquely suited for the sonic blasts she sang and shouted and danced over, and her sudden departure from PK was genuinely sad (thought it did eventually lead to us getting DAIDAIDAI, so silver linings and all that).

But Yuki’s back!

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