Thanks, GANG PARADE, Now My Brain Is Bleeding

GANG PARADE is killing it; it is known. Also known — that this song was recalling a little bit more of the earlier days of the group, more Pla2me than anything. It got the Soundcloud release treatment a little while back, and most folks took it as a net positive anyway, and were excited for the “BREAKING THE ROAD” A-side (which is excellent).

Whether an MV was inevitable, that’s debatable, but seeing it leaves me contemplating the inevitability of death and why I need to medicate less when gross bugs are going around the office:

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I’m Refraining from a Barry Bonds Joke: Meet Asterisk

All right, all right, I feel like it’s necessary to play some catch-up after flubbing the entire weekend and Monday (except Oshi Worship), so bear with me on … wait, there are still a ton of new idols to get out there? Let’s do it!

I thought it was funny that, on the same day that I hit publish on that whole PassCode thing, this suddenly kind-of-active unit came across the airwaves:

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Once You’ve Gone Bed In, You’ll Never Go Back

Well, well, I figured that since Maniac managed to be successfully pushed into featuring NEO JAPONISM on this here site, it was worth nagging him like the bratty child I am into covering another saving grace of the idol world. I ultimately failed.

Well, if you’re gonna be that way, I guess I’m now the WACK meme correspondent, the Up Up Girls correspondent, and the Bed In correspondent. Good luck on hearing anything about them, I forget about Up Up Girls news all the time.

So, who are exactly Bed In?

Goddesses, that’s who

The way I like to describe Masukodera Kaori and Chusonji Mai is that they’re like the fun boozy aunts of the idol world; a little older, a little raunchier, but everyone loves them.

Seriously, you probably already recognize them just because your faves have hung out with them at some point.



Or more like, have been squished by their cleavage at some point.

Self-proclaimed “Sexy Underground Idols” (though they’ve since had their major debut), Bed In’s two main gimmicks are their blatant sex appeal and their walking homages to the Bubble Era of 80s-90s Japan. And what happens when you combine those two things? Something so beautifully camp and trashy that it sends waves of joy the likes scientists have been trying to find for decades.

Of course, Kaori’s powerful vocals and Mai’s wonderful guitar playing also helps in that regard.

Ever since I discovered them I’ve wanted Bed In to become more well-known among western idol fans, so why not start with Homicidols? Whenever I’ve tweeted about them, I usually get responses like “Oh, it’s those girls! I keep seeing [Insert WACK idol here] with them!” and they deserve so much more recognition than that. While they may be a different kind of loud than a lot of the other girls we cover, they’re so much fun to watch and listening to them makes me feel ready to go to a stanky nightclub and slap a middle-aged pervert with my handbag.

But what does Maniac have to say about them? Come on dude, I’m not letting you get off that easy.

Look, if there’s one thing that this site has always embraced, it’s free-wheeling, joyous trash idols. I tried to think of a parallel that more people might know about, and other than Peak 80s-90s Madonna, I keep getting stuck on that weird point in history when Debbie Gibson was performing with the Circle Jerks, which gives her a single degree of separation from Pour Lui and BiS 3.0, which means that she’s practically already been given a Bed In boob squish. So there!

And with that, go follow their Twitter, get excited whenever your oshi tweets a photo with them and remember, they literally use phalluses as their idol penlight of choice (seriously, look at any pic from their lives. Unless you’re a child. I don’t want us to get sued).

Idol Death Ska, You Say?

Would it be rude of me to say that Candye Syrup gets a weird automatic reaction from me? And by “automatic reaction,” I mean “how a person reacts when someone runs up to you with a weird look on their face and saying ‘Dude, smell this.'” It’s kind of a crapshoot! They’ve managed to hit material so far out of the park that Frank Thomas would be impressed, and they’ve struck out in ways that would make Mark Reynolds blush*. So imagine my initial excitement over seeing that an MV (!) for a song called “IDOL DEATH SKA !?” (!) was out and ready for me, and how that excitement was immediately followed by the same face that idols make when they reach into the Mystery Box that, at best, has a frog in it.

I am unfamiliar with the band Castaway and its guitarist, Yossy, who wrote this song, but I saw the words “melodic” and “punk” put together in such a way that the first was meant to modify the second, and it made sense even before I’d made it past the first few bars. It helps to be prepared, you know? Continue reading

The Darkness of the Idol World … with Desu.Rabbits!

When last we saw Desu.Rabbits, they were planning a new single with some very interesting art. Yesterday, the MV landed … or should I say MVs! There are two of them! It’s … the title is really long but about the very title of this post, coming at you in two versions!

Dark version:

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For Real, It’s Not Too Late To Get on the Dots Bandwagon

Late-night Dots surprise! Hot on the heels of the release of their first real-deal album, the enigmatic collective of singularities who may or may not be actual humans dropped the MV that I was hoping for weeks ago, but I am not going to complain because Dots!

I don’t do a lot of vocaloid, but this reminds me of a particularly well-known Hatsune Miku number. There are a lot of little moves in the song that you could drop into a lot of modern and post-rock tunes, but those vocals … it’s not something that the average Westerner is just going to pick up and appreciate, because the phrasing in the sounds is kind of alien, but your student of, say, Baroque-era church music might find it a little bit familiar. It’s just so dang smart!

This is the kind of thing that happens when you bring in the kind of rather effusive and revealing songwriting talent that has been providing tracks for the least understood project in idol; it’s also what happens in idol, because if a manager takes the music itself seriously, they can go well outsides the constraints of the group itself for contributions to the sound, and more and more talented musicians are willing to write and record for and with idols.

By the way, the album? It’s really good. I started a review, had to pull away from it, some stuff happened and then it wasn’t timely anymore, so it’s gone. But: The only knock that I had on it was that it’s missing some variety — at once point, I realized that I was several tracks away from where I’d started, and I’ll be darned if I could say what happened on the way there. With full attention, the situation was rectified (and enjoyed!), but yeah, that’s my note.

SAKA-SAMA’s First MV Is Another Trip to Dreamland

Man, when this thing came across the feed on Friday, I almost couldn’t wait to share it. I’ve been in long-distance gawky love with SAKA-SAMA ever since they first started to pollute Trash-Up!!’s stages with their signature style of post-rock weirdness, and I harbored hope that, like a few others before them, they’d be able to take their excellence and ball it up and use it in exchange to make for a breakthrough moment of some sort.

And, at last, the MV:

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Well That’s an Interesting Turn from mistress, Ain’t It?

So … did you hear that mistress dropped an MV yesterday? Like, opinions were pretty torn on the whole BiSH offering (I thought it was sweet), but man, folks were all kinds of up and down on mistress.

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Let’s Just Let That Sudden BiSH MV Speak for Itself

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Damn, RABBITS Lab Is Starting 2018 Right

I was starting to feel kind of bad, you guys. I was. If you crank back the Wayback Machine to lo about June, I was having a little bit of a RABBITS Lab moment — weird little solo idol project with odd bunny theme and genuinely strange videos. Then said bunny went ahead and had her debut live, and … and I was somewhat unkind.

Since then, just about all we’ve seen from RABBITS Lab HQ has been weird video game play-through videos. I wondered if, much like THE WiLD TRUMPS, RABBITS Lab had effectively been abandoned, the Twitter account being a place for bored manager-sans to play. And then, from nowhere, this happened:

That’s good hustle!

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