I’m Kind of in Love with Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders

This is one that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, gang, but I’m really glad that I finally did.

A little while back, Pure Idol Heart shared this one with me for I think like the third time, I guess possibly a little annoyed that I hadn’t responded before. But don’t blame me! There’s a lot of idol and only so much stuff to take in at once. However, what it was was Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, 新しい学校のリーダーズ, Leaders of the New School (Twitter), and it was really interesting and I bookmarked everything that they had and then … nada, because while I’m more than willing to share new stuff with you guys via proxy if it’s from a known entity (like BiS!), I felt like I was doing everybody a disservice by relying on dumb ol’ YouTube and its region blocking.

Thank goodness for Viz Major, then.

新しい学校のリーダーズ (ATARASHII GAKKOU NO LEADERS) /「毒花… by idolvizion

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Aphrodite’s ‘My Sweet Bach’ Video, Now in Full

Ah, it finally happened: Aphrodite, a project that I remain convinced could become a thing, had teased us with “My Sweet Bach” before, but they pushed out the full version yesterday:

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Damn, There’s Even More Fresh Band ja Naimon!

Holy shit, you guys, I was into the last video from Banmon!, but I’m extremely into “FAN+TIC”:

Thanks, Terry!

The whole song is denpa-good, but I’m thriving on just playing that opening over and over. Continue reading


I’m Definitely Feeling Banmon!’s New Single

If Band ja Naimon! wants to keep cranking out this kind of energy, I’m going to keep trying to get people into them:

As with last time, I never fail to be energized by the sheer mania of denpa song; even when the actual BPM is somewhere within the realms of reason, the level of frenetic that this music can accomplish is really something else. It’s like what would would have happened had the punk desire to go simpler, faster and purer had instead been the province of early electronic composers. It’s just such a ridiculous good time. Continue reading


We Should All Be Watching That Poppy

What happens when you combine the blandest possible pop culture, celebrity worship, the Internet hive mind, conspiracy theory and post-Warhol meta art with clear influences from and references to idol?

That Poppy.

“Maniac,” you say, “that’s just a standard American pop song. What’s the big deal?”


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Here’s PassCode’s Full ‘bite the bullet’ MV

This is nice! I was hoping for something new/ish from one of the bigger players in the scene today, just to keep things interesting if nothing else, and PassCode, bless your heart, you delivered.

Because this is via Facebook, there’s none of the region blocking of the YouTube version, which I’m sure is also nice:

Thanks, John

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This Is the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Used … And That’s notall!

I kinda sorta promised the Tokyo Candoll winner, and I am a Maniac of my word if nothing else, so:

What did the winners sound like? If you’re in France at the time of Japan Expo and not possessed by demonic forces following Necroma’s medieval live, and you happened by the Expo, would you go see the idols and be pleased, or would you scoff and be like THIS AIN’T SOMETHING ENOUGH FOR ME, which is often a fair opinion to have, even with idols, but also, it’s idols.

Anyway! Attenuated run-ons and strawmen aside, here are your Tokyo Candoll winners, notall (Twitter):

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The BiS ‘SOCiALiSM’ Video Has Arrived!

Oh man, you guys, we’re a little bit closer to BiS being BiS-like again!*

BiS-新生アイドル研究会 /「SOCiALiSM」[OFFiCiAL ViDEO… by idolvizion

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You Guys Have All Seen the New PREDIANNA by Now, Right?

For those of you who already had a chance to see (and hear!) this sucker, my apologies for being late to the party. I’d actually normally just slip something like this toward the Weekeder on account of my being so late to it, but it’s the kind of thing that I want to have as a standalone post because people looking around for loud idols deserve to walk right into something this loud:

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What the Hell Just Happened?

I’d seen this PV making the rounds since yesterday, and I just now got a chance to take a look. What.

This is Mikazuki Maria, and it’s arguably the greatest troll job, on-point commentary or messed up cultural salvo in a good long while:

I’m not going to type the words for the title of this song onto my website!

Drinkin’ booze, smokin’ cigarettes, singin’ all kawaii … and if the title means what I think it means, calling out a bunch of old perverts (or perhaps establishing herself as one of said old perverts!). All shot as simply as possible, involving only simple props and probably edited in iMovie or something.

I mean it when I say that the first thing that I thought about in hearing the song was OG Ladybaby, or maybe current Ladybaby, I’m not sure. Quite death poppy, though, and I kept expecting to hear a harsh male vocal out of nowhere, possibly just an emphatic.

Her first single was a total ear-blisterer:

I must know more about this girl.

Oh, and happy Sunday.