Life Ain’t So Sweet Now: Is This Mugen Regina Thing Finally Resolved?

For being among the most scenester of all metal idol formations, Mugen Regina has managed to keep the drama moving at a fever pitch lately.

Just in the time that I’ve been following them, they went from a quartet to a trio, re-added a fourth member (Zaki), lost their center (Megumi), had their stablemates in Haloperi Doll decide to break up, had their leader (Ayame) go on hiatus for health reasons, poached Haloperi Doll’s leader An’z to fill in for Ayame, had An’z disappear from Twitter for a day, and now: Continue reading


Hey, How’s That Reconfigured Mugen Regina Looking?

I’d honestly hate to be in Life Is Sweet Music or Luna Factory management right now; shifting sands and uncertain futures may interest some, and they have their place (like on TV), but I’d be wetting myself over every new text message that I got from one of my groups’ members right now.

The show must go on, though, and going on it is; here’s post-everything Mugen Regina from tonight’s live:

So after all of that fallout, Haloperi Doll v. 2 has about two weeks to live, and Mugen Regina is moving on without their long-time center or their long-time leader but with their sister group’s center in the leader’s position and maybe as a permanent thing now even after the real leader returns, based on this?


Actually, No, Haloperi Doll Is Done

If you look at the comments on the earlier post about Mugen Regina, there was some light speculation as to whether Haloperi Doll might not necessarily survive this little shakeup completely intact, that An’z might be stretched too thin, etc.

As it turns out, Haloperi Doll 2nd gen is in its last month:

If you read the announcement (or have Phillter read it to you, because it’s in another language), it’s basically this: Despite the forward momentum of late, Tsubaki and Cellen were both graduation-minded, and there may be some kind of issue with Tsubaki in that she may be done already and won’t be taking part in a fan activity in a couple of weeks. The whole thing wraps up on July 5. Continue reading


When Leaders Go Down, Leaders Step Up

I’m late to report on this, but here’s the deal:

Suzuki Ayame, the leader (and last original member?) of Mugen Regina is yet another idol with health issues. Rather than outright quit, though, she’s taking a break. Continue reading


A Surprise That Makes a Ton of Sense: Haruno Megumi Has Gone Solo

When Megumi left Mugen Regina, the timing was such that I thought it was a mutual parting of ways; Mugen Regina has this whole fantasy / melodic metal thing going on, and Megumi’s gravure career had just gotten a big jolt from a DVD release, so clashing images and I don’t understand Japan etc. whatever.

So imagine my surprise when Soundcloud pinged me all of 10 minutes ago with a new track from Life Is Sweet Music: Continue reading


Mugen Regina’s Next Step

Now a week removed from Haruno Megumi’s graduation (which was ultimately kind of a quiet affair, compared to Ringo Kusakabe‘s), Mugen Regina has apparently been hard at work for the next phase:

“Many announcements” is nice. Probably something recorded, no? Or another new member? Their best work to date was always as a quartet. Tour that goes further afield than Osaka? They did preview some new stuff just last week.

Their profile has been updated, possibly only temporarily.


Mugen Regina Is Disgorging New Music, Video

Is that kind of gross? I was trying to think of a suitably metal way of saying “releasing in earnest” that didn’t sound sexual.

Anyway! Mugen Regina, one of my personal underappreciated gems that few others seem to care much about (screw you guys!), made a mini-tour to Osaka last week and may still be there, but the important thing is that they have released … Continue reading


This Is Bad News: Haruno Megumi Leaving Mugen Regina

I follow something like 500 idols and managers and the like on Twitter. Literally for “work.” I can’t understand more than the tiniest shred of what gets tweeted, but I know by now to look for three things: Images/videos, or URLs for them; the letters “MV”; and dates. So when I saw this date this morning:

Continue reading


Something Metal This Way Comes

I’d been seeing this going back almost two weeks now, originally thinking that it was mostly connected to Parallel‘s anniversary show: A whole lot of love between Lyric Holic, agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina, Tsuki to Taiyou and NEXT Shoujo Jiken (and sometimes including Parallel).

What it was actually building toward is/was called Lyric Holic Revue, and from what I can gather it looks less like a revue and more like a jamboree. Look at this lineup: Continue reading


Mugen Regina Added a New Member

In one of those great instances of why actually being able to read Japanese would be super cool, Mugen Regina’s official account today tweeted out:

Continue reading