Life after Death for BRGH’s Mizuho

Not even a week ago, Bellring Girls Heart held their final appearance (as Bellring Girls Heart). Tears were shed. Two long-time members, Ayano and Mizuho, were graduating, Ayano to pursue a solo career (which should be interesting) and Mizuho to retire from entertainment; an idol and Bellheart member since she was 15, she felt it was time to move on with her life’s work. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

And then, in the most punk rock thing possible, Mizuho showed up yesterday as a member of wrestling/rock/idol/band thing Natsu no Mamono:

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May the Rest of Your Fourth Be So Underwhelming

I know that Bellring Girls Heart is kind of a minority favorite around here, and that’s okay — if you don’t like their de-tuned post-Beatles mod-like Britpop stylings, that’s your loss.

Personally, I like everything this twisted murder of crows does, including this playlist: Continue reading