We May Be Able to Watch the Babymetal Tokyo Dome Shows Anyway

Well if this isn’t an interesting piece of news:

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The International Grows: ‘Metal Resistance’ in French Magazine ‘Coyote’

Courtesy of our friend Pascal, here’s a review of Metal Resistance in the French J-culture magazine Coyote:

Scan of a review of Babymetal's Metal Resistance written in the French J-culture magazine Coyote

Pascal’s translation:

Musical phenomenon, to some, just a curiosity to others, Babymetal represents the unnatural union of J-Pop and extreme metal ! ie three kawaï female singers performing bouncy melodies over sharp riffs, furious blast-beats and salient electro sounds provided by a harsh metal band ! As amazing as it seems, this system goes full speed, and this second album, in its way of exploring different styles (heavy, thrash, black, speed), is terribly efficient – despite a few errors of taste and an inevitably too clean production.

When Pascal shared this, his comments were interesting and on point: It’s weird how this review isn’t just late to the party in how it exists, but in how it seems to barely understand this whole “baby metal” thing that just so happened to be in France for the third year in a row; like, do you want to review the album in context? discuss the actual cultural phenomenon? anything? The last time our kind of idols appeared in Coyote, the context felt right; not so here.

There might be a point here about how things like this show that our Babybubble might actually have more fixed walls than we think, that every Late Show or Golden Gods appearance is countered by the raw cultural weight of so many other things enjoyed in preference by several hundred more people, and that, for every what feels like a step forward for the hard side of idol in the West, there’s still a massive amount of ignorance and even hostility.

There also might be a point here about lazy writers, short-sighted editors and/or the restrictions of print formats.

Either way.

I Get into Arguments: Maniac vs. Alex Shenmue

It is the Official Policy of Homicidols.com* that Babymetal is cool and good. Metal Resistance is not a perfect album, but it is a very good one, and even the parts of it that I was most critical of initially are winning me over.

Alex Shenmue, the big brain behind his self-named blog, was one of the very few reviewers of Metal Resistance to give the record a not-good score, and one of the even fewer to do it with, like, reasons and stuff.

Despite being mistaken and wrong and probably someone who steals candy from children, Alex is clearly an intelligent human, and he proved that by accepting my challenge to a debate of sorts:

We reviewed one another’s reviews. I formulated very smart and good arguments; I think Alex may still be trying to cope with the depth of self-loathing he must feel to be so bitter and angry, as he was unable to convert being smart to having good arguments, and the only logical conclusion thereupon is that he has lost the capacity to think.

Anyway, we had some fun assaulting one another’s opinions. Check it out!  Continue reading

I Review Things: Babymetal | “METAL RESISTANCE”

Disclaimer: I wasn’t going to write this review. I have a much more interesting concept for Babymetal and Metal Resistance that I’m working on with another writer, but the more I listened to this album, the more I felt that there were things that needed to be addressed; and, for what it’s worth, That Other Thing will be a lot better for me having done this first. So.

On to the review!
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Watch Babymetal’s Live Video for ‘The One’

Screw it. Not even Babymetal is interested in honoring exclusive release deals anymore.

I’ll be nice and honor the “exclusive” opportunity for Billboard. Click this and go watch the video on their page.

What a chorus.

What the ‘KARATE’ Video Says about the Future of Babymetal & Idol Metal

Have you seen Babymetal’s “KARATE” video yet?

Now you have.

When it comes to a cultural touchstone like Babymetal, there’s no such thing as “just a video,” and I can’t imagine a more “just a video” than “KARATE.” But it says an incredible amount about where Babymetal is now, where they’re going as a performing entity and what the future of what we call homicidols might be challenged to be. Continue reading

Babymetal’s ‘KARATE’ Video Is Metal as Hell

Much to the surprise of I think a lot of people, after announcing that their video for “KARATE” would be released as a Music Choice exclusive tomorrow, Babymetal management either didn’t know which day was which or Music Choice just sucks at embargoing content, because a whole bunch of people are watching this video and you can too (if you have the right cable subscription)! it’s already up on official YouTube.  Continue reading

From the Mouth of the Master: Kobametal on Babymetal’s “Metal Resistance”

I don’t need to say a whole lot about this: Metal Resistance is coming in just two short weeks, it’s all over the rock media right now, and most reviews to date have used words like “game-changer” and “stunning” and things that I can’t actually write using Latin characters because the language of the Elder Gods is too complex for mere humans to reckon.

Here’s the messenger of the Fox God himself, Kobametal, being interviewed about the album and what we can expect. Go read it. (via Babymetal Newswire)

Babymetal May Have Just Killed a Bunch of People

I thought this as a ridiculous gimmick at first. Oh, just download the app and point at the image, and I bet it’s like one of those Magic Eye things and it’ll tell me to buy Metal Resistance and I’ll be like “I already did buy it. When is your video coming out?”

But seriously, do what this says if you can:

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To Answer Questions about a Certain Video That’s Floating Around

I got kind of excited, too, but:

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. I’m sure that’s true for you, but there’s no way that all of the people who come into contact with it will, so at least have the good sense to keep it private or inside a closed circle.
  4. Maybe. There have been previous leaks that felt a little on the official side.
  5. Absolutely not, unless ^ is obvious.