Damn, Everything That merry merli Does Is Gold, Possibly Also Red, Definitely Black

Speaking of darkness idols, arguably the most gothic of all continue to be at the top of their game and eminently impressive. Here’s the latest from merry merli (for whom I continue to not be good enough) and their work with Harajuku maven Aoki Misako:

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I Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough for merry merli

The year is rapidly coming to an end, and I find myself thinking more, and more frequently, about the year that was. It wasn’t great! Last year was an embarrassment of riches, from individual songs to full albums to huge moments, whereas this year’s had a fraction of that on pretty much all counts (unless it’s NECRONOMIDOL-related, apparently). One thing that I really do feel good about, though, is merry merli. No, not their debut — at least, I don’t think they debuted this year — but how they never fail to put me into this glorious post-rock mental place.

At last glance, they were working with Aoki Misako on an album and tour (a tea party tour), and it was cool. And now there’s a trailer for it! Continue reading

Did You Catch the Latest from merry merli?

You guys know I like sleeper somewhat recent debutantes merry merli. I don’t always get it, but what they’ve put out so far has been cool and smart and with just enough edge to keep me paying attention. Low-key compelling material will get you far, kids!

This latest video of theirs is from a couple of days ago, and I originally put it into the Weekender as a cautionary tale (i.e., never assume that an idol group is going to keep doing any one thing, especially when that one thing and their visual style kind of clash), but it’s interesting enough and has enough of a story behind it that I wanted to pull it back out … for funsies:

It’s a like yume-kawaii Maison Book Girl!

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There’s Something Hauntingly Romantic about merry merli

I have a big-ass event to run for work today and wasn’t sure if I’d get much of a chance to really do much, you guys, so I figured instead that a little Indie Idol Wednesday double feature might be in order.

Remember merry merli? I sure as hell do; they were a surprisingly good time for a unit that just kind of bopped into existence without so much as an excuse me, and with slightly higher production values than we usually see (though not much more exposure, fwiw). Like immediately subsequently to that discovery, they generated another MV preview and even something of an updated look, and I’m not going to go so far out on a limb as to suggest that this “rocks” per se, but it feels kind of evil and has a sufficiently diabolical name (“Lorelei of the Meridian”! It’s practically Masonic!) that hell, have a listen: Continue reading

You Guys Might Dig This merry merli Song

Have I ever mentioned the Japanese Idol MV Twitter account? While I do like to rely on friends and a few notable denizens of the underground when I’m looking for new and/or interesting things, the criminally underappreciated Japanese Idol MV account manages to find and then pass out to the wider world all kinds of stuff. Yeah, a good bit of it’s from idols who left their homi at home, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff, period.

And sometimes the twain shall meet!

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