Do You Want More Accessible Idol Merch?

Hello friends! You like idols, right? And you like idol merch, too, probably? But you don’t like how much of an expensive pain in the junk it is to acquire idol merch from Japan, do you?

I mean, some of you might be weird enough to get some kind of weird sex high from adding fee on top of time to your merch orders, but I think the vast majority of folks would prefer to:

  • Have an easier way to get idol merch
  • Have a(n arguably) cheaper way to get idol merch
  • Have a faster way to get idol merch

Fortunately, the anguished cries of gaijin wota have been heard by the fine people at Chaotic Harmony, who have been doing this kind of thing for a while with visual kei acts. They’re interested in meeting some of that Western market demand for loud, good, cool idols, too, but they need to hear from you all about what your interests and needs and whatnot are. Fortunately, they put together a survey! Continue reading


Being a Babymetal Fan Is Basically an Insult at This Point

By which, I don’t mean that “you’re a Babymetal fan” is an insult, but that living life as a Babymetal fan means constantly being insulted by Babymetal’s management.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Fox Day countdown was an announcement about the next phase of the Metal Resistance (going on quite a few years now, gang):

And something about seven new (dark!) spirits:

The smart money so far seems to be on the seven spirits being the band (fair enough), though some people are speculating about new members, new units, and so on. This is the stock in trade of Babymetal fans, in fact — if we ain’t speculatin’, we ain’t happy. Continue reading


(Pre-)Buy PassCode, (Maybe) Win (Signed) Poster

A very special delivery from PassCode HQ:

I am yet to win this despite twice trying in the past, though I do not suspect that it’s rigged against anybody other than me. Good luck, Hackers! Unless you live in North America, in which case you need to wait a few more days!


This Insane Babymetal Merch Might Actually Be Worth the Price Tag

I was going to post this yesterday with an “angery reacts only!” attitude, but kind of came around on it:

If you follow the link, you’ll see that the merch on issue is a five-DVD set from each of the Fox God Festival shows held quasi-recently, plus the mask accompanying each (hand-made! painted with the blood of slain angels!), for right around $500 US (not including shipping, or potentially customs, and you still need to be of THE ONE to get into a lottery to be among the lucky 500 to buy it, etc.).

What a deal! Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 39: Flaunted

Have you joined the fan club yet? They’d like for you to:

Oh, and also that several-times-teased announcement will happen tonight for most of us (noon in Japan):

Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 33: Brevity

Fridays are looking like pretty dull days in 100 Days of Tsurezureville.

The Codomo family all got fancy new merch shops!

(here’s Zenkimi’s, too) Continue reading


Rumor Has It That You Can Buy This Hanako-san Shirt Online

Just passing along info:

You can order from here, allegedly. I cannot vouch for that, nor that there is, in fact, international shipping, but it’s worth looking into if you’ve not only always wanted a Hanako-san T-shirt, but wanted a Hanako-san T-shirt that depicts here as one of the Garbage Pail Kid. Continue reading


PassCode’s Member-designed Merch Really Makes Me Wonder about Them

Okay, first and foremost, this all is in fact pretty cool:

HOWEVER. Continue reading


The Third Contest Begins

The first two contests are now CLOSED; only the below is currently open. I’ll get up a voting post for the others by evening time.

This is how you create an account and log in. WordPress will give you options; never listen to a CMS.

PassCode’s Nao said that she wants a world where there aren’t idol fans and band fans, but music fans. And it is the Official Policy of to agree with that sentiment. In fact, idols and bands should work together as often as possible and make beautiful things happen. To that end:

I Want to Look Like a Babymetal Roadie Prize Pack

In honor of Babymetal’s collaboration with Rob Halford, what’s your ideal scenario of idols joining legends of metal — or punk or hardcore or really anything — on stage? Taking a page from the Homicidol Mashup, use your image editing software of choice to create the image that best tells the story of our favorite kinds of idols joining with real legends of rock for a mind-blowing combo shot. Is it a still from an epic concert stage? A promo poster? Album art? A candid or even modeled photo? Let your imagination do the walking and your skills do the talking.

Submissions now open!

Submissions open June 21-27
Voting opens June 28


Babymetal Trio Noir T-shirt from the 2016 World Tour Bad-as-fuck Babymetal Metal Resistance jacket
This trippy The One-style shirt from the 2016 World tour, size XL This boss jacket, size XL

Do You Have What It Takes to Win One of These Babymetal Prize Packs?

Because I’m an idiot sometimes, I got crossed up on when the last two contests were going to run, so the third is opening a day late; accordingly, the final two are both being pushed back a day.

We are loved. Through the extreme generosity of a very cool friend of the site who has asked to remain anonymous, a substantial bundle of Babymetal merch has fallen into my hands with the purpose of spreading the love far and wide. And sure, I could just give it away, but where’s the fun in that?

So here’s the deal: Beginning today, we’re going to have ourselves a series of contests, with a neat-o prize pack available to the winner of each. There’ll be a submission period followed by voting by the readership; yep, though I’d love to be the sole arbiter of what’s greatest, it’s your peers who will be the judges.

The general rules are simple: Create (or share what you’ve already created, if applicable) the required deliverable for each contest and post it in its respective thread on the forums within the submission period, and then voting will follow. If your creation wins, I’ll ship your prize to you. Particular considerations for each contest are in the descriptions below; unless otherwise noted, there’s no cap on an individual’s submissions.

The first two contests are currently open — hop to it! Continue reading