Oh What the Stupid Flipping Hell? Co3’s Now a Literal Loose End

By which I mean, Cococo, accidentally sidewise kinda-Homioshi of former 100 Days focus Yukueshirezutsurezure, the infamous Co-cubed, is leaving the group:

Oct. 9 one-man will be her swan song. This is what I get for going to bed early for once. Hell almighty. Continue reading

Watanabe, Puppetmaster

I was hoping that BiS’s announced announcement this morning was going to be an MV or update on the new single or whatever, but it’s not one of those at all:

Auditions. Continue reading

Yuna Is Ill; PassCode Will Forge On

And in one of the scariest curveballs that I’ve seen since I got into idol:

I did miss it, Brian and Rain, so thank you

The gist: Imada Yuna, who didn’t invent harsh vocals in idol but did manage to become the arguable popular standard bearer of the type, the bad-attitude id that forms almost an entire leg of PassCode all her own, had been unwell, and a medical examination turned up an ovarian cyst. She powered on for a while, but now the plan is for hospitalization and treatment and rest. She’ll be out a while, until the ZENITH tour officially kicks off on Nov. 10. Continue reading

What the Flippin’ Heck, Checkmate?

And in news of another nice loud idol project that’s dropping members, I know that some of you guys saw earlier this week that RINA was out of Checkmate:

I was leaving it as a Weekender item until Philippe brought it up and prompted me to look at their official Twitter to see if anything else was cooking, and they at the very least provide a taste of what the group now sounds like as a trio:

And, hey look, November!

I like when idols are irrepressible.

REGiNA KiSS: What Is Going On? — Straight From Japan

Well. Because REGiNA KiSS is everybody’s favorite thing, I’m sure that you’re all on tenterhooks about this sudden, shocking change in the lineup that seems to have no explanation deeper than “idol.” John on the case!

This will be pretty short as I don’t have much on it. It seems that some time between August 31st and September 3rd, REGiNA KiSS went from three members down to two. It all seems so very strange to me, and I only noticed it because I wanted to watch their new video again.

via REGiNA KiSS: What Is Going On? — Straight From Japan

What the Flippin’ Heck, DISDOL?

Doop-dee-doop, strollin’ through Twitter … hello, what’s this?

Well shut the front door! Continue reading



Okay! Continue reading

Bring on the APOKALIPPPS

Edit: Not enough P!

Finally! Pure Idol Heart shared the original preview for this new project a couple of weeks back, and I literally forgot about it until it came back up this morning because they finally made their debut.


I have no idea what they’re like — loud, doomy, art-hellish — but I know that I want them to be on every idol bill until the end of time. Continue reading

Avandoned Is Taking a Break

As befits the world’s biggest Avandoned fan, Brian shared this a couple of days ago with a small tear and a hopeful smile:

Kotao being a high school senior (presumably), she’d like to be able to focus on her college entrance exams. Ordinarily? That’s terrible news! For everybody but Kotao! But this is easily the first official hiatus announcement that made glad to see it. Continue reading

Did YAMIAME Just Break up on Stage?

Hold up. I had this whole thing planned for some recent live video from the crying-in-the-rain idols, and just wanted to get a little bit of extra context (like maybe some good stuff from the one-man they had tonight), and boom:

And while I struggled with “wait, dissolving it all now and that’s it or what?”, they blamed it on Arisa and Reira : Continue reading