What the Crap, You Guys? Marbles Broke Up

You all should just be thankful that I walked myself back from a “lost your Marbles” pun

This is dumb, bad news, you guys. Remember Marbles? Remember how it was like “oh neat, hardstyle idols, one of a kind!” and there was much praise? Well, on that original post, this happened:

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This is awful.

TY, Phillter

Shiori and Kyuri are going to begin solo careers from here on, and the majesty of heavy metal idol from Ehime is no more. I imagine that official statements from the members will be forthcoming, but so far it’s just little apology tweets and ever-idol pledges to do their best. Continue reading


Under Beasty Gives a Great Example of How to Show off New Members

When Pure Idol Heart mentioned yesterday that the much-beloved-of-indie-fans Under Beasty was “reborn” (on the perfect weekend for it, natch), a whole mess of thoughts entered my head:

  • New concept?
  • New look?
  • Yua was going to step up to a full-sized fedora?

None of the above! Instead, what we got was something that I’m currently manipulating in order to get you to click the Read More! Continue reading


Alloy’s Steps Forward: One Single, Two Members

Oh, and this goes on the Thursday Hurtsday train, too, probably — certifiably loud inheritors of the actual petit pas! legacy because they’re from the same family and until like two weeks ago even had an old member Alloy* are going to release their first single:

I’m always amused when musicians release a single well after having put out something else, album or EP or something; it’s not, but it sounds to my brain like a weird step down

Along with that is the anticipated partial member overhaul: Continue reading


It’s the New Aphrodite in Action

I’ve been feeling a little up and down about what to do with Indie Idol Wednesday, you guys, because a lot of things are possible to do, but a lot of it would just be coming back to things we’ve look at recently, or there are (this happens a lot!) new things that I’d rather show off in a different context, so what’s a Maniac to do?

Why, what about looking up a somewhat familiar face that’s going through some changes, and give them a little featured spot.

So! Remember Aphrodite? Pure Idol Heart was where I first heard about this project, now in like its 78th iteration, having employed everything from underground veterans to straight-up pro gravure models; the one constant has been that they’re interesting, for lack of a better word. Continue reading


Grab Some Tissues for THE SPUNKY’s Actual Final Live

So I kinda messed this up a couple of weeks ago by being too lazy to check the calendar on my own site (fight me), and what we saw before was THE SPUNKY’s last live on their original home turf in Nagoya. This past weekend, though, they had themselves their actual final live, in Tokyo, and of course it was a tear-jerker because what kind of animal are you if you can’t get a little emotional over an idol’s last live?

Thanks for the tip on the video, Jim!

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A Kimi to Boku Teaser, and a Surprising Familiar Face

I’m feeling pretty good about Kimi to Boku, Sometimes Melancholic and their slow burn back to being noticeable and worth more attention. For instance, give this teaser a listen, and tell me that you don’t want to hear the whole thing:

Heavy! And also, holy smokes, how many members do they have now, and —

What the hell? Is that — ? Continue reading


Tsuji Airi Is Leaving DISDOL

I never know how many of you guys dig on DISDOL, but they’re among my personal guilty pleasures, and I’ve always enjoyed the big heavy sounds in their music and the fact that they have like 73 members* and the slightly badass way they present themselves.

A few months back, their old leader, Takahashi Natsumi, who graduated to focus on her gravure and solo musical careers, putting … Tsuji Airi in charge. But now:

You don’t have to read it; it’s sad

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Did You Want to Meet the New Members of BiS?

There was a time, maybe about six or so months ago, when I would’ve considered new members of BiS to be an almost sacred development — you, young lady/ies, is/are stepping into a legendary space, and you need to respect it and work hard and live up to a legacy blah blah blah.

Finally having had a chance to witness the workings of WACK in the post-Yokohama era, I feel pretty confident in saying that, past importance and contributions aside, BiS may be a little wackier (/dying) than other idol groups, but that aura is reduced to maybe a light magenta now instead of the fiery blazing red that I always associated with them.

Anyway, the way that membership is handled is a big part of that, as for instance these two newbies were kind of randomly tacked on for reasons unknown to me after the auditions and exhibition last week plus change, and now they’re official enough to be on Twitter:

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Indie Idol Wednesday Is Feeling Really Indie Today

I thought that I’d take a minute on a fairly quiet-feeling Indie Idol Wednesday to self-indulgently update the unfeeling public on two projects that I happen to be very pro on.

First up! Good ol’ SHiX, who were the official least valuable players of the Corenament by dint of getting like two votes in the entire conference tourney section. When last we say them, they were a duo and rather adventurous, but still like … idol’s a tough business, you know? Even getting to stick as an indie can be hard.

So good on them for adding a butt-ton of members and rolling with a bunch of new music that will hopefully make its way online soon.

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