And Thus Ends DISDOL

It happened so quietly that it wasn’t until Idolatry hit me up the other night that I had any idea that things were amiss:

Yup. DISDOL called it a wrap. Or, more specifically, called it an end to idol and the full transmogrification into bandhood. Continue reading

Say Goodbye to PiGU

Frick and frack, you guys. I’ve largely been spared the personal worst of disbandments so far, but along comes the demise of one of my favorite Osaka groups. PiGU, one of the neatest of rock idols (regardless of the flavor they embraced at any moment), are being brought to an end by POP iD:

I’ll just go ahead and let Chris explain it all: Continue reading

The MOMOLAND Saga Ends in Withdrawal

For the last couple of days, folks around the Idolsphere have been quite concerned regarding the whereabouts of BiS member Momo, who had disappeared from public view after apparently being seen getting on an airplane. Because it’s BiS and therefore WACK, and because it’s potentially serious business, I wasn’t going to immediately suspend justifiable disbelief and run with it, but it turns out that Momo did in fact go AWOL, and has in fact withdrawn from the group:

Fatigue. Understandable. Good luck to you, Momo!

Get a Gander at These New CHICKEBLO Songs

The last time that Daichi graced us with the developing musical repertoire of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL, reviews were a little mixed, mostly because people wondered what was the point of this thing when 2& was still in existence and Daichi and Saki were known to still be working together.* For these two songs (plus lyrics!) dropped yesterday, you may … well, I guess it depends on your perspective.

Here’s the one that I liked:

This is for your more mellow moods: Continue reading

DAIDAIDAI Is Getting an Overhaul

DAIDAIDAI! Everybody should have a DAIDAIDAI in their idol life — that is, not a hard oshi situation, but a project that you totally love and respect and can put some emotional investment into without going over the top, because it’s just not that kind of project. Instead, you play their music as an accompaniment to life and quietly covet their merch. I put them down as one of my sleeper candidates for a big 2018 (because see above), and here they are at the onset of April giving the world a little peek at their plans:

Continue reading

Living Dead I Dolls Will Rise Again

Ah, the heady days of mid-late 2016, when every new idol whatever was ripe for exaggerated excitement, a world of possibilities. Look, somewhat loud stuff! Also idols! Nothing could be better!

We have learned better since then. Though there are always exceptions, and we are incredibly easy marks for whatever poorly shined bauble is dangled in front of our ever-shortening attention spans, it takes more than just showing up to take the majority of fans from acknowledgement to acceptance to love.

But back in 2016, like a shout in the dark did Living Dead I Dolls enter the world. They were a short step up the quality ladder from most of the metal-oriented idol acts, and the members did solid work, and things went pretty well for about a year. Then poof! Like so many fleeting things in idol, fleeted and frittered away.

And then late last night: Continue reading

The WACK Expo Fallout: We Are All Incredibly Easy Marks

I didn’t watch the WACK Expo. After the thing had been announced, and the overall shape of the auditions made, it was pretty obvious how the whole shebang would be conducted and concluded, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I allowed myself to selectively enjoy the auditions from extra-afar, taking it all in via Twitter and the occasional side conversation; once my girl Trivago was finally, mercifully euthanized, I didn’t care enough to even do that.

When I woke up today, the event was all in the past. Things had been done, reactions had, tears shed, etc. Was Twitter buzzing? It sure was! Were the takes flying? They sure were!

And all according to plan. Like any good wota, this is our moment to MIX, to respond to the ainote, to play our part in the interactive ritual that is being an idol fan. We happily separate ourselves from our money to experience closely controlled environments of put-on cruelty and manicured triumphs. We call out the things that are bad or stupid, and hand over cash, attention and appearances of generalized support in exchange. We are all incredibly easy marks.

Anyway, what happened: Continue reading

Maboroshi Karen GeNE Is Evolving

Does that pun work? I feel like it works, but in a really cerebral less ha-ha kind of way. Leave me alone.

Anyway! A little while back, Krv informed me that a long-time presence in the chika scene, Maboroshi Karen GeNE, was being disbanded. Boo, quoth I, as Mabokare have always been good if not as out-and-out noticeable as one might like. Which happens! There are a lot of idols, and even good stuff and projects that you enjoy can get a little lost in the shuffle. But, Krv continued, Mabokare as we knew it was going to go away, but more in the way that a particular species of lizards got left on an island and evolved a completely new way of eating within a handful of generations, that kind of way.

That’s a long way of saying that Mabokare is soon to be no more, and instead:

How new is a unit when it’s old members with a new name? Well, I mean, we already have PINKYCASE to demonstrate that new is nonetheless new! And the new unit is still so wedded to the old identity that not only are they almost totally literally called The Idol Formerly Known as Maboroshi Karen GeNE, but they’re just continuing straight on with the old brand while I guess they figure out exactly what new steps look like:

More obviously to come, but don’t you just love it when idols go “naw, we’re not actually done yet” and just keep on truckin’? We find out full next steps no later than April 14!

Bonnou Paradox Holds One-man, Loses One (wo)Man, Releases MV

It’s usually March 15 that folks prefer to hold in infamy, but sure, three days later is fine too.

Bonnou Paradox, who are as close to vintage Guso Drop as you’re going to find in idol these days, very enthusiastically held themselves a one-man yesterday. It was kind of a big moment for them! It was their first, it was their unofficial kick-off into the never-dull Tokyo Candoll competition, and it was going to be a culmination of things, with a real-deal MV release to coincide and, I’m guessing, kick-start a deliberate campaign to emerge from the ever-churning chika maelstrom.

Here’s that MV, btw.

Though everybody’s trying to sound like PassCode anymore

Say, why are there only four members in that video? Continue reading

What’s New, Wagamama Rakia?

It’s been a nice refreshing breath lately for Wagamama Rakia, who’ve always been good but haven’t always been noticeable (despite this, they weren’t even considered for the Corenament!). On the strength of their good year so far, I started to follow them more closely, with payoff. New things are afoot!

To recap: They have themselves an anniversary live coming up in June, but are also embarking on a two-man tour (neat!) and … are adding a fourth member! And also continue to be loud and increasingly interesting. Let’s keep our eyes open.