Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me There Was a New MAPLEZ MV?

Jeez Louise, you guys, you’re supposed to tell me when Hiroshima’s own loudols (I love that word) release something new. This is their seventh(!) single, due for release on Tuesday.

Honestly, I’d love to know who wrote this, because it sounds so much like a heavied-up version of a down-catalog Sakura Gakuin song that I’m surprised that it isn’t a down-catalog Sakura Gakuin song. Continue reading


Prep for TIF: MAPLEZ Live Set

We had a lot of fun with the live sets for petit pas! and Full Power Girls R yesterday; now it’s time to get the MAPLEZ treatment:

I’m particularly fond of how (not here, but Twitter and stuff) they call their CLUB QUATTRO tour “RUMBLING, PULSATION.” That describes MAPLEZ pretty accurately, I’d say.

It’s gonna be a really cool weekend, you guys.


This MAPLEZ Song Is Proof That You Can Write Almost Anything for Idols

@anagramhound on Twitter shared this out earlier today, and I wanted to give it a good listen because the discovery of MAPLEZ was a pretty good time, and okay!

So basically: Digital hardcore, power metal, electropop, house … and idol pop with a breakdown as outro? And it works?

All in a day’s work, apparently.