You Won’t Believe What Was Said During Maniac Night on A-to-J’s Podcast

Are you ready for three hours of chatter about idols? For Friday the 13th, the smart and cool team at A-to-J Connections had yours truly on as a guest. We talked dark idols, everything from Kamen Joshi to Yukueshirezutsurezure (hear it said out loud!) and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da to Necronomidol. And then the conversation kept going for a good while after!

A-to-J is something that you should look at. You should visit their site and attend their events. These are good ideas.

Bad ideas are: Making fun of Maniac’s voice, making fun of Maniac’s broken driver that prevented webcam operation, making fun of Maniac’s opinions, making fun of Maniac.


Hey You Guys! I’m Gonna Be on TV!

Kind of!

For reasons unbeknownst probably even to them, the fine humans over at A-to-J Connections have invited yours truly to participate in their podcast tonight.

You should be afraid, dog!

Tune in for awkward real-time puns, rampant mispronunciations and so, so many swears in addition to whatever else A-to-J wants to talk about. I will everything in my power to keep the conversation focused entirely on the most obscure things possible.