Malcolm Mask McLaren Barefaced and Live for ‘like this sneakers’

Ahh, Malcolm Mask McLaren, you are so good at moving these releases out in little bunches. Just last week we had “Just Believe”; this time around, we get “like this sneakers,” which I’m sure is new to just about everybody except for you lucky dogs who were in Japan the last couple of months, and that title, I think I know what they’re saying, but I’m also having a lot of fun with it. Almost as much fun as the song! See how I did that?

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Just Believe in Malcolm Mask McLaren

See what I did there?

The mostly malliterative mistresses of melodic hardcore, Malcolm Mask McLaren, made good on their promise to go bare-faced on stage from now on and showed the world that they are not, in fact, terrible swamp monsters by releasing this live video of “Just Believe.”

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Masks Off! Malcom Mask McLaren Makes Me Malliterative Mometimes

What a terrible title, but I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway! I was flipping through the ol’ Twitter last night and remembered a disconcerting-looking tweet from MMM’s Mone several days ago, and thought I’d check in:

To newer people: When an idol tweets out images of written text, it is almost always a bad thing.

In addition to their second one-man held roughly 30 hours ago to celebrate their anniversary, they were holding a follow-up show “tonight” (now like four hours ago) to celebrate Nao’s birthday. How nice! Except that Nao’s tweets, when run through Twitter’s Bing translator that is mostly garbage, kept saying “thank you” (of course) and “departure” (NOOO!). Continue reading


Malcolm Mask McLaren’s ‘myself’ MV Moves Me

The world sucks right now. I mean, it sucks most of the time, but things are rather magnified. So thanks, MMM, for giving us a song that sounds a little like how a lot of people feel, but has just enough bounce in it to remind you, hey, it’s Friday, and there are idols who wear surgical masks and are named after the Sex Pistols’ manager and it’s amazing how far drones can extend your filming budget:

Somebody needs to remind Nao that “always on” means you have to at least pretend for the camera

I’ll always appreciate MMM’s commitment to their “melodic hardcore” thing by putting an actual bottom on what could be reductive pop punk pablum.

If there’s any truth to this allegation that the masks may come off, I’m going to be very upset.


Just Another Live Clip of Malcolm Mask McLaren

Their birthday is coming up in a couple of months or so, so I have the feeling that Malcolm Mask McLaren will be putting out a meaningful release soon.

In the meantime, we get these occasional clips via Twitter:


While We’re Enjoying Live Music, Here’s Malcolm Mask McLaren

It’s only 30 seconds. It’s also an excuse to bring them up again.

Their first anniversary one-man is still a while away, in September, but I’m holding out hope that there’ll be another release before then. The EP they released in the spring was cool.


It’s Monday: More Malcolm Mask McLaren

I could get used to this.

“Climbing Girl”(?) has a nice throwback feel to it, doesn’t it, like if one of Rancid’s ska-inflected creations were covered by somebody like Minor Threat.

If MMM wants to just keep throwing out new live video every Monday, I see no reason to stop promoting that.


More New Malcolm Mask McLaren

Here’s a nice Monday morning kickstarter: MMM, still basking in the afterglow of their successful Melodic Hardcore One-man, have put out another pro-shot live video from the show:

Which do you prefer, this or “ROX”? I’ll do anything for a good (or even a bad!) breakdown, so my preference is easy.

I don’t want to overstate it, but I think Malcolm Mask McLaren might be making a little bit of a move.


I Like Everything Malcolm Mask McLaren’s Doing Here

MMM are having a hell of a week. Almost like they planned it …

When last we met our masked punkers, they were a duo climbing the club ladder. As of this past Monday, no more!

That’s Nao. Nao had her first appearance the other night at Malcolm Mask McLaren‘s “Melodic Hardcore One-man.” Also having its first appearance there? Their new single, “ROX.”

So why not both at the same time?

Watch out for this one. They seem to keep getting bigger venues and sharing stages with bigger idols.


Oscar Snubs Are Dumb; Start Monday with a Bang

I almost forgot about the Oscars. I lived and worked in and around Hollywood for four years, but I’m mostly removed from that now and the Academy Awards themselves just weren’t ever that big a draw. So of course I spent most of the morning going “oh, right, Chris Rock and stuff. Stacey Dash what?”

The idolverse started off last week quietly, too, only to build and build and build, so there’s hope yet for this Monday morning, but I’ll tell you that, other than Lolisyn’s finale or prepping for Adopt-an-Idol, this is the most exciting thing going:

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