So, So Much Lyrics

You know how you always wish you could find translated lyrics for your favorite BiSH or You’ll Melt More! or Babymetal or Bellring Girls Heart songs, but searches tend to come up empty or go no further than turning Japanese kana into romaji? Fret no more!

At least somewhat! I subscribed a while back to Misa-chan’s J-pop Blog, and, while Misa-chan is really only one person and there’s a lot of music to get through when your theme is J-pop, she genuinely cranks out content and sometimes aligns with our interests.

Here are some of the groups on the hard side of idol that she’s translated for her site: Continue reading


Guso Drop Has Found a Great Way to Share Lyrics with You

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Update: Our friend Jul gives us a link to live video!

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A Stupid Amount of BiSH Stuff

I don’t even know what to believe anymore. Continue reading


More Newish Guso Drop

I like that the Gusos have been in the news (comparatively) a lot lately. The reasons aren’t always great, but maybe it puts the Shion business into perspective. Anyway:

They’ve had this track posted for a while, but now it has vocals … and member-coded lyrics so you can making it up in your head!

Anna time!

They do have kind of a big show coming up, so these partial releases make sense. Get hype!


Adopt-An-Idol Update: We Have Lyrics!

Still no actual vocals, and as we learned earlier, they’re probably no closer to a debut, but PoroPoro Baroque, our Adopt-An-Idol for the pilot version of the project, is nonetheless making progress.

Check it:

I asked on Twitter, and may as well ask here, too–anybody with some translating skill want to take a stab at it?

Just so that nobody forgets, those lyrics are going with this instrumental:


You Can Now See Translated and Romaji-fied Necronomidol Lyrics

Don’t start posting lyrics. You’ll start to succumb to the pressure to keep posting lyrics and then you’ll just be a weird lyrics site and not everybody has translated lyrics and you’ll look like a doofus and don’t post lyrics you’re j

Do you ever sit around, listening to idols sing, and wonder what they’re actually singing about? Of course you do. It’s very unlikely that you’d be looking at this site if you didn’t. Well, add TWO more resources to your list (or three, I guess?), as Necronomidol‘s lyrics are beginning to make their way online in a way that people who can’t read Japanese scripts will find accessible, even literate! Continue reading