This Post Is Just a Butt-ton of Living Dead I Dolls Stuff

Going all the way back to the beginning with Living Dead I Dolls, I had this bizarrely unfocused lack of an idea of what they’d look/sound/perform like, and the early demo material only helped out a little bit. But now look! They put out some official live video, and now they’re getting onto Soundcloud. Specifically, it’s “It’s show time!”, the Satomi version thereof, in honor of the young lady’s birthday.

But then they apparently allowed some lucky jamoke to record at Satomi’s birthday live yesterday, and OF COURSE that video immediately found its way to YouTube: Continue reading


Living Dead I Dolls Finally Graced Us with Some Live Video

Well, this whole thing started off with me going to share this post from John, but then suddenly there was a whole lot of video and there was another Straight from Japan joint and I couldn’t cleanly consolidate them so … one post!

Living Dead I Dolls! Getting a little invested in their debut was fun a few months back, and then they debuted and then nothing. I mean, yeah, they were doing lots of shows, but it was a video-less existence, and what they sounded/performed like was kind of a pain.

And then: Yesterday.

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Day of the Living Dead I Dolls Demo

I guess I could only take the Romero reference so far with this one, huh?

Nonetheless! Living Dead I Dolls are still a little bit away from their debut, but they have a look and they have music, and cross your fingers and throw salt over your shoulder and spit into the wind and/or whatever it is your do to ward off the evil dead, because:

Thank the gods. Continue reading


There Are Two New Living Dead I Dolls

So while it seems like idols are dropping left and right at times, there are also enough debuts percolating around to keep things interesting. And remember how Living Dead I Dolls popped up a while ago and it was like, oh great! More new idols of the living dead?

Well, there are going to be even more new idols of the living dead!

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Get a Load of Living Dead I Dolls, You Guys

I swear it, we’re living in some kind of golden age anymore. It’s not so much yet to see, but would give this snip a listen?

Welcome, friends, to Living Dead I Dolls. Continue reading