Day of the Living Dead I Dolls Demo

I guess I could only take the Romero reference so far with this one, huh?

Nonetheless! Living Dead I Dolls are still a little bit away from their debut, but they have a look and they have music, and cross your fingers and throw salt over your shoulder and spit into the wind and/or whatever it is your do to ward off the evil dead, because:

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There Are Two New Living Dead I Dolls

So while it seems like idols are dropping left and right at times, there are also enough debuts percolating around to keep things interesting. And remember how Living Dead I Dolls popped up a while ago and it was like, oh great! More new idols of the living dead?

Well, there are going to be even more new idols of the living dead!

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Get a Load of Living Dead I Dolls, You Guys

I swear it, we’re living in some kind of golden age anymore. It’s not so much yet to see, but would give this snip a listen?

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