Ahead of Their One-man, Checkmate Debuted a New Song

There was actually even more nice-and-loudol music to bump into this week, and it’s even new in this case! Checkmate, who are cool as hell and really need to get a bump somehow, tweeted out this clip the other day, and I got really excited … and then kind of forgot about it for a minute because Daichi, but, here you go! Debuted live over the weekend, “KSGK”:

I love when songs are titled with initials; it could mean anything!

That’s not quite as furiously loud and gnarly and hate-filled as you can often get with Checkmate, but it’s still pretty on point in an idol-meets-punk kind of way. I’d have liked maybe one growl here or there, but you take what you’re given sometimes.

Checkmate’s first one-man is Friday. May the gods help us all.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute Continues to Pump out New Music

It kind of isn’t fair that the perfect modern idols, who are even more perfect 10 months on than I ever could have guessed, take every new milestone (a great EP! another gorgeous video!) like it’s a challenge and immediately start to work new material into their lives. This is “Holy Grail”:

TY Viz Major!

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We Return to WTF Tuesday with a Very Special Message: OBEY

Take a journey with me, friends, and understand that our guide is none other than Takahashi Natsumi, former leader of DISDOL and current solo idol. It is a journey through … actually, I’m not sure. Just a little unsettled though!

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Task Have Fun Is Very Aptly Named

It was only a matter of time before I finally (finally!) got around to one of idol’s most infectious guilty pleasures. I of course refer to Task Have Fun (Twitter); let’s begin our journey with a certain little video that had a very hot minute a few months ago:

I mean, it’s a legit Video of the Year candidate

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Emomomomo, the Virtual Reality Experience

Happy Monday, you goofballs! I’m in a pretty good mood, all things considered, because there’s very exciting news coming up in a little while, plus hopefully the most productive day I’ll have at work all year (that sounds gross, but it’s true), which will itself be followed by one of the most interesting things ever done for this site, and you all will get to be the beneficiaries a little bit down the road.

But first, I come bearing idols. Specifically, Hissatsu Emomomomo, who you may recall. They took on the unique challenge of doing a VR video that … well, the music is nice and clear at least:

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And Here’s Harajuku Monogatari

Among the various goodies to come out of TIF this year, as happens every year, was (at least for me) Harajuku Monogatari (Twitter), who our good friend Mr. Viz Major added to the Megathread, only for that video to be stricken from existence by the copyright gods. But for the brief time that it was posted and alive, I took advantage and thought, oh yeah, this is the good stuff.

So instead of the Viz’s contribution, here’s a different nice clip:

Back on the TIF Aftermath post, I likened them to a more accessible C-Style crossed with Shunkashuto; I think that’s fairly accurate. Continue reading

A TIF Aftermath Post Because Why Not

The Tokyo Idol Festival has officially ended, and bizarrely quietly; I’m sure that attending it was amazing, but gaijin access was curtailed this year, which is dumb, but did contribute to some really nice adds in the Megathread (thanks guy!).

Best Job by Old Favorites

There are a few sets that I haven’t seen yet, but I was (just like normal) moved like an easily manipulated man baby by There There Theres, who historically (as Bellring Girls Heart) always seemed to make the venue theirs and never missed a beat. They were right on point with that this year, too.

If “Asthma” doesn’t move you, you aren’t human

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In Completely Unrelated News, Here’s yandoll’s One-man

I love referrals! This one was kind of funny, because I mentioned yandoll in passing a few days ago (re: groups with very tall members), and I noticed that I hadn’t done a single yandoll post in a few months at least, which is a shame because, while they kind of suck at getting stuff onto YouTube despite performing pretty regularly, I do like to keep them in the Idols for Quarterly Check-ins category at the very least.

Anyway, Norem, who you may know, hit me up yesterday with this video from yandoll’s second one-man last month:

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You Wanted More GARUDA Live This Morning, Didn’t You?

Hey gang! You remember GARUDA, right? The please-let-it-be-so industrial+metal solo idol? Some videos this morning:

Boy, that sounds familiar!

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We’ve Never Talked about Eren-chan. Let’s Fix That.

You know, I love referrals. Like this!

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