Hell, Why Not More yandoll One-man?

Good morning! Given what all I saw trickling through the interwebs over the past couple of days, I had a feeling that this was going to be a very repeaty kind of day, going back to recently familiar wells, and I was kind of right! They say that you shouldn’t return to the scene of a crime, but they also say that you shouldn’t go swimming for an hour after eating, which is total malarkey, so what do they know, really?

Anyway, it was basically yesterday when we looked at yandoll doing legit one-man activity at their one-man, which was kind of cool and unique (read: “yandoll”), and this is at least some of the rest of the set: Continue reading

Would You Like to See 360 Video of Strawberry Painkiller?

The correct answer is, “Yes, Maniac, I would, for I have come to love Strawberry Painkiller nearly as much as you do.” Well done!

Yes, I love Strawberry Painkiller, and while the project doesn’t get out as much material for public consumption as one might hope, there are thankfully fans who can help to bridge the gap. In this case, this YouTuber very helpfully (and inexplicably — seriously, how?) shot and uploaded a pair of 360-degree videos from a live about a month back:

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Kamen Joshi’s ‘Personia’ Is Awesome Live

Or maybe I’m just mesmerized by the visuals.

Our old pal Char T Saki dropped this by the forums yesterday (yes, the forums are still a thing, that’s two references in three days), and while “Personia,” Kamen Joshi’s most recent single release, isn’t unknown to us, you may get as big a kick out of this live performance, which I will remind you is a live performance and not a CGI-heavy MV: Continue reading

I Am Intrigued by This New One from HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI

A conversation with Krv the other day got me wondering about soon-to-be-former Guso Drop sister group HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, who hadn’t added anything to Soundcloud in a while and seem to fly below the radar more than they should, possibly just on account of the tumult around A-minor, still being pretty new, etc.

I didn’t actually follow up on the thought right away; rather, Twitter made the connection for me:

Gee, that’s a nice song. I wonder what it’s about — the last time Himegoto put out a nice-sounding song, it turned out to be not nice at all! If only there were a way to tell– Continue reading

Here’s All of the Hours of the Necroma 24

Time to fess up: I watched maybe 20 entire minutes of NECRONOMIDOL’s pre-tour final 24-hour smorgasbord of … things. I wanted to do more, honestly, but time and whatnot, and the #ネクロ魔密着24時 hashtag was fun to check in on regardless. LIQUIDROOM OR DIE was a nice wink at Big Idol Gimmick and clearly fun for everybody involved.

So if you wanted to watch it, the entire stream (minus only those little breaks) is still available:

Because YouTube made everything weird when they redesigned the interface, I can’t figure out how to just embed the playlist

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Oh, So This Is What Happened to Jeanne Maria

So while cruising around Twitter the other day, looking for some Weekender material, I was reminded of Some Idols We’ve Looked at Before and happened to check up on Maria, which seems to be in some flux but does still exit. Okay good! But what about another group, similarly named, who are also Some Idols We’ve Looked at Before but not often, actually — Jeanne Maria.

Besides showing up for a minute in the Corenament, Jeanne Maria has appeared all of twice. Not really something to concern oneself with! But I do like to keep up, just out of a sense of pride maybe, or because idol is ultimately terminal for the people involved and there’s something validating in knowing how and when and why a group met its fate.

So I went looking. Nothing really on Twitter, other searches in other places mostly turning up old material. Nothing new! So what happened?

Serendipity, my friends. Serendipity happened. Continue reading

So Diamondollfy Kind of Killed This One

I was aware of this video, in fact aware of the song itself because I let it play in the background, and had no idea that it was Diamondollfy until I came back to it to do the post. Yeah, they’ve been a more impressive unit lately, but this song about gambling — which I also didn’t know until I looked because *surprise!* it’s a lyric video — is a) actually pretty good! and b) presumably a metaphor about risks and indulgence:

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Would You Like to Help Fullfull Pocket Plan Their Set?

Kinda needed this one after that other business

This is such a cool promotion! Fullfull Pocket, who are plenty of fun if you’re willing to give some rather tradols a try,

Basically, for their regular lives beginning Oct. 9, fans are invited to submit their personal Fullfull Pocket top 10; management will turn the aggregate into a list of what the fans writ large want to hear, and then the members decide the set list. Neat! Continue reading

I Am So Conflicted about Seeing Cure at Tower

Well, here’s something that I literally never expected to see. Cure, to promote the release of their first album after a couple of years of tearing up the Osaka chika scene and two massive lineup changes in the span of like four months, did the Tower Records thing, and it’s surprisingly glorious:

Thanks PIH!

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Did You Want to See Desu.Rabbits’ One-man?

Of course you did!

I thought I’d take a look at what all Desu.Rabbits were up to after doing that other bunny thing, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve been slowly releasing tidbits of their first one-man. It’s a live digest, but hell, it’s in four parts, that’s enough video to be many idols’ entire performance month:

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