You May Already Know, But Here Are the Ladybaby Single Details

I was so proud of myself yesterday for having caught this one on a random Twitter pass-through and not already seeing it added elsewhere. It’s details on The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby’s major label single!

I was so proud that I put it away for a little while. “Something to add over the weekend,” I thought!

You know what? Screw you guys. If you want the details in English, you’ll only tangentially get them from me. Continue reading


The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby Might Be a Big Deal

Ever since Ladybeard rather unceremoniously left Ladybaby, thereby taking away what was for many the most interesting part of the group, there’s been ardent speculation from viewers pro and con about whether the big live planned for Sept. 17 (that’s yesterday, you jamokes) was going to be the beginning of the end or a new beginning, period (that whole “we’re releasing a best-of” thing complicated it somewhat).

After yesterday’s show, I think they’ll be fine. Continue reading


The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby Has a Message for You

Death of Death Pop Sunday continues with this little promo spot from the continuing members of Ladybaby, aka the Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby, who are speculated to no longer be called anything related to Ladybaby after their re-debut show, Let’s Go Crazy, coming up on the 17th.

I have no idea what they’re saying!

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Are You Ready for New Ladybaby?

You might be! And feel free to hate me for getting you to click on a post that has nothing to do with new music (well …) and everything to do with a new era for Ladybaby.


Can I just say that those new headshots are amazing? It’s like they’re trying to figure out how, and how much, to fuck you up.
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Two Members of Ladybaby Walked into a TV Studio …

Ladybaby is officially on hiatus, but Rie and Rei are still doing work together, in this case as hosts of this, uh, show with another weird adult man. Like, a lot of the stuff I watch is kind of weird because I can’t understand what’s being said and the context is missing, etc., but this is weird, period.

So enjoy!

Thanks a lot, Pure Idol Heart, for inadvertently getting me to actually watch this entire bizarre segment.
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Ladybaby Holds First One-man, Announces Album, Takes Break

Sorry, I still kind of smirk to myself because a couple of good songs aside, I still have issues with Ladybaby. Nonetheless, they’re still chugging after what could have easily been a one-and-done scenario, and at the very least building toward something. So.

Here are the completely empty preliminary album details.

Does anybody else think that Ladybaby’s management is doing with TGU what Babymetal’s does with Team Rock?


2016 Homicidols Corenament: DEATH POP DEATHMATCH

Congratulations to Deathrabbits!

The final-final stage of setting our bracket is determining the winner of our equivalent of a play-in game. Death pop, with its very narrow set of idol groups, turned out to be the perfect candidate. So who’s it gonna be, LADYBABY or DEATHRABBITS? Continue reading


I Admit Things: I Actually Like Ladybaby’s New Song IMMEDIATELY UPDATED: Both Songs!

Have a listen:

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GuDro Proclaims Selves Most Heaviest, Will Now Fight It out in this Poll

All right, you bunch of poll crashers, this thing is now closed. Check out the results!

In what appears to be a reaction to BiSH management banning lifting and some other wota activity at their shows, Guso Drop has flat-out declared that not only will they do no such thing, but they are “most heavy idol in the world.”

Yurapiko’s smile does kind of take the edge off the attitude in that photo, however.

That’s a bold claim! Hardcore-as-hell or not, Guso Drop, you can’t just say something like that without objection. This must be settled by blood, or an Internet poll at the very least. Continue reading


Ladybaby Will Continue to Amuse Some, Oppress Me

Because I’ve promised to at least pretend to have some objectivity on this site, I was actually looking for a snip of video that I spied earlier on Twitter when … hey! Ladybaby has a third single coming out (April 13) before their first Japanese “one-man live” (April 15). (I think it’s their first; correct me if I’m wrong.)

this is ordinarily where I’d post a photo or video or something, but look at the header image, which I stole from Twitter Continue reading