Mark Your Calendars for Ladybaby’s New Single, Cuz That’s about All We Know

I actually kind of chuckled at this at first because, after Jordan shared it, practically zero information showed up online. Yes, there’s the CDJapan listing … with a date. That’s it! No title, no hint of number of tracks, just April 12.

Even the official announcement is wonderfully subdued:

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The Tragedy and Triumph of Kuromiya Rei

Note: If you want to get a handle on everything that happened with this story, why I added the point below, read the comments.

This is something that people need to take in.

今日は誕生日でした〜〜( ; ; ) 自分の誕生日はあまり好きじゃないし大勢に祝われるのも好きじゃないけど、心の底からうれしかった こうやってまたみんなとライブができる幸せを一人一人が見せてくれる表情も言葉も感情も汚い部分をクソ愛してると思った、私はジュニアアイドルというジャンルの中にいてロボットみたいに感情を殺していた。世間一般からしたらアウトだしアンチだって多いし誰にも世間からも受け入れられない事を分かってる。でもそれを理由にファンの人が気を使ったり人気がない理由にしたくなかった、比べられてもいいし自分のこと別に可愛いとか思ってないですからね、そもそも^それでも昔のことを後悔していないし、隠す気もない、勝手にみんなが他人の過去を気にしてるだけでしょ〜〜( ; ; ) 自分の人生も真っ当に生きれない人たちが自分より弱い人をみて自分より無能だわって勝手に思って安心してるだけだね^^その人たちからすれば私はクソだし無能ですね。正直しにて〜〜まじで死ぬ絶対死んでやるから!!!死ぬ!って思って生きてる!秘密ね!笑 まあ世間という小さい世界では受け入れられない(受け入れて欲しくない)クソですけど、それを受け入れてくれた君が一人一人がクソ好き。 しかもメジャーデビューって…ヤバすぎだね( ; ; ) なんかあんまりこういうこと書くとアイドル感あるし清楚感出るからめっちゃ嫌なんであんまり書かないですけど、感情が爆発寸前なので書いた( ; ; ) 正直、忘れられたくないのに絶対忘れられちゃう気がして怖い、忘れられるのは死ぬことと同じだからね〜〜、まあとりあえず16歳になって今まで以上に自分のことを考えてくれる人や関わってくれる人が増えて嬉しいです〜〜( ; ; )少しでも返せるように精一杯生きます〜〜ありがとう〜〜( ; ; )

If you can’t Japanese, Viz Major provided a translation (with extra clarification in the comments) [Viz Major’s post was taken down; a translation appears in the comments]. This is important stuff.

The girl in the picture is Kuromiya Rei, mostly known for her work in Ladybaby but also of Miss iD and Brats fame. She shared this photo as a celebration of her 16th birthday. The image belies real emotional damage being worked out by a young woman who’s been an object of sexploitation since she started modeling at an age in the single digits. Her history has been covered here and extensively gone over all over the J-music world. It in no way should be considered an indictment of Rei, but of the adults who exploited and failed her.

There’s a lot of pain in her message, and the emotional and psychological damage are written plainly on her face, but she also shows hope and happiness with where she is now.

Editing to clarify: The updated translation paints a different picture of Rei’s current state; she is happy with where she is now, and doesn’t feel dead inside the way she did before. Her biggest issue is the mounds of haterade from people who want to hold her responsible for the choices made for her by her parents and agents when she was a child. Basically everybody that I just mentioned who isn’t named Rei should be thrown off a bridge.

Returning to original: Her story is working toward a much happier ending than I’m sure she sometimes feels. Continue reading


Get Your First Look & Listen at the New Ladybaby’s Debut Video

As you may recall, Ladybaby underwent something of a reboot lately, being rechristened as the Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby and signing with major label King Records. Their first single (see the tweet) is due at the end of the month, and people have been anticipating some kind of pre-release that would give us a chance to react to what’s become of one of 2015’s most talked-about debuts.

I didn’t see this come out, but Pure Idol Heart provides:

This is the short version? Jesus.

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You May Already Know, But Here Are the Ladybaby Single Details

I was so proud of myself yesterday for having caught this one on a random Twitter pass-through and not already seeing it added elsewhere. It’s details on The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby’s major label single!

I was so proud that I put it away for a little while. “Something to add over the weekend,” I thought!

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The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby Might Be a Big Deal

Ever since Ladybeard rather unceremoniously left Ladybaby, thereby taking away what was for many the most interesting part of the group, there’s been ardent speculation from viewers pro and con about whether the big live planned for Sept. 17 (that’s yesterday, you jamokes) was going to be the beginning of the end or a new beginning, period (that whole “we’re releasing a best-of” thing complicated it somewhat).

After yesterday’s show, I think they’ll be fine. Continue reading


The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby Has a Message for You

Death of Death Pop Sunday continues with this little promo spot from the continuing members of Ladybaby, aka the Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby, who are speculated to no longer be called anything related to Ladybaby after their re-debut show, Let’s Go Crazy, coming up on the 17th.

I have no idea what they’re saying!

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Are You Ready for New Ladybaby?

You might be! And feel free to hate me for getting you to click on a post that has nothing to do with new music (well …) and everything to do with a new era for Ladybaby.


Can I just say that those new headshots are amazing? It’s like they’re trying to figure out how, and how much, to fuck you up.
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Two Members of Ladybaby Walked into a TV Studio …

Ladybaby is officially on hiatus, but Rie and Rei are still doing work together, in this case as hosts of this, uh, show with another weird adult man. Like, a lot of the stuff I watch is kind of weird because I can’t understand what’s being said and the context is missing, etc., but this is weird, period.

So enjoy!

Thanks a lot, Pure Idol Heart, for inadvertently getting me to actually watch this entire bizarre segment.
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Ladybaby Holds First One-man, Announces Album, Takes Break

Sorry, I still kind of smirk to myself because a couple of good songs aside, I still have issues with Ladybaby. Nonetheless, they’re still chugging after what could have easily been a one-and-done scenario, and at the very least building toward something. So.

Here are the completely empty preliminary album details.

Does anybody else think that Ladybaby’s management is doing with TGU what Babymetal’s does with Team Rock?


2016 Homicidols Corenament: DEATH POP DEATHMATCH

Congratulations to Deathrabbits!

The final-final stage of setting our bracket is determining the winner of our equivalent of a play-in game. Death pop, with its very narrow set of idol groups, turned out to be the perfect candidate. So who’s it gonna be, LADYBABY or DEATHRABBITS? Continue reading