This Friday Fun Will Make It All Better

First of all, I’d like to issue a formal apology on behalf of us here at Homicidols (but mainly me); when I originally started last week’s #WorstReasonsToGraduate fun, it was mostly to air my grievances with the fact that my Hello! Project oshi (and to a lesser extent my AqbiRec oshi) was leaving us. Little did I know that by doing so, I unintentionally cursed BiS and now Pour Lui is jumping ship and … look, I need a sit-down. It’s only a week into 2018 and I’m already losing three of my oshis. 2018 already sucks. Sorry for making the queen of WACK graduate.

Ugh. This week’s summary is going to be bittersweet.

So if I’m capable of bringing such a curse, I can at least use my power for something good, right? Please? I hope I can bring some positive changes to idol for once.

So this week’s hashtag is #Change1ThingImproveAnIdol.

What one thing could that be? Well, it’s all up to you. Could be a name, could be a member, could be the girls of Negicco actually becoming part-onion, you decide what one positive change you’d make! And maybe next week, instead of a tragic graduation announcement, we’ll get the news that CoCoCo is back in Tsurezure. Fingers crossed guys!

(Oh, and by the way, don’t think I missed that sweet #YuraSmile namedrop at the BURST GIRLS debut. I was practically bouncing in my seat when that happened!)

Ha-has in the Heartbreak for This Week’s Friday Fun

Oh no! I thought it was much earlier in the week than it actually was and now I’ve got to pull something out of thin air! Or, I could be lazy and let #2018IdolPredictions go on another week, but is that cheap? But last week’s predictions were really really good!

Now, let’s see… what recent events in idol have been on my mind that I can exploit for a weekend hashtag?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’re likely aware of the latest idol loss that has gotten me freaking out even more than the SiScourse, even more than Guso Drop ruining Splatoon 2 release day; My Hello! Project kamioshi, ANGERME space queen Aikawa Maho, who previously cameoed in past Homicidols articles, has officially graduated after a year of being on sick leave for panic disorder. I am not okay. How can I make this fun?

Let’s come up with stupid reasons for an idol to graduate or disband! Continue reading

The Friday Fun Is a Crystal Ball

Hi everyone! How was your Holidays? It was so hectic on my end that I almost forgot to write this week’s Fun!

On with last week’s festive fun!

I am so learning how to knit to make that bootleg Pour Lui sweater, try and stop me.

2017 is nearly over, the Best Of 2017 festivities have been wrapped up, and I’ve been looking forward to this Fun for over a year. Yeah, it’s an obvious rehash of #2017IdolPredictions and #StateOfIdol2020, but you know what? I love those prediction-themed Funs. We can get some really hilarious entries, and as it turns out, those kinds of fun bring in people from all ends of the idol fandom. It’s almost like a holiday family reunion of its own, if the Hello! Project and 48g fandoms were your aunt and uncle, Stardust and iDOL Street were your cousins, Showa idol fans were your grandparents and whatever non-Homicidol underground group fandom exists at the moment is your distant cousin’s new husband who’ll probably get cheated on once 2018 hits. Of course I’m going to make this an annual thing! Continue reading

Take a Few Minutes from Your Sloth and Gluttony for This Festive Friday Fun

Happy Holidays, nerds! Have you been good this year? Maybe Santa-san bring you all the Tommy Wiseau tat you desire, or whoever else showed up in last week’s #IdolMerchForWesternCelebs!!

This weekend, it’s finally Christmas! And amongst other things like “Why did I agree to do all the baking this year??” “Are these presents any good?” “My tree still doesn’t have any lights!” I have Christmas jumpers on the mind. Mainly because I need a cute yet baggy jumper to hide my Halloween-Early Christmas weight gain so certain relatives don’t make me feel bad for eating more pigs in blankets than I probably should, but also, look who just came out with a new Christmas jumper! Only our old friends Babymetal!

Personally, I preferred their old Christmas sweater; it was adorable and much more festive, but this  would have been perfectly adequate for hiding my Santa belly had it not been for the fact that I don’t have £60 right now. Continue reading

Think of All the Money on Duty Charges This Friday Fun Could Save You

Hello again! Already halfway through December! Make sure you’ve cast your votes and opinions for Best Of 2017 if you haven’t already! Your wota points depend on it! And once you’ve done that, take a good look at last week’s Fun!

Its another one of those nights where I’m up at stupid o’clock looking at idol merch I can’t afford. And I thought, “there’s really some types of tat that’s really heavily associated with idol, huh?” I’m talking muffler towels, penlights, bromide photos, those figure plate things. Sure, you can sometimes see this type of loot in other fandoms such as anime, K-Pop and the like, but let’s be real here; most of you associate such items with idols.

So it got me thinking, what would happen if other celebrities got merchandise like what you’d find at an idol show? Continue reading

Pre-tales from the BURST GIRLS Debut

The post-Guso project calling itself BURST GIRL/S (I can’t get the nomenclature right) is hurtling, dare I say barreling toward its debut, and they’ve been making details known for the last little while. Why do I bring this up now? Because I can and I’m amused, and I want to have more of their tag in my library prior to the actual debut because SEO, bitches!

Anyway! Their Jan. 7 debut show is like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, minus the important-but-heavy-handed racial commentary and sheer magnetism of Sidney Poitier, and in fact nothing like that classic film at all save for my desire to use the title as a device!

That’s a pretty good lineup! Also, what an honor for BBTS and Candye Syrup; it’s not quite stepping up onto a ZEPP stage, but you could ask for much worse exposure to the people who are mostly likely to be your #Fans4Evar. That’s going to be a very loud show! Continue reading

The Friday Fun for Correcting Incorrect Corrections

Hi all! Well, on with the intro, let’s take a look at last week’s… um, what was the theme of last week’s Friday Fun again?

Jeez, I really need to get some sleep for once…

I was having some fun a few days back seeing what would happen if I typed WACK names into my phone and how my autocorrect would interpret them: Continue reading

Friday Fun: Resurrection

What a week I’ve had. Maniac suspended me from the site for gaining a whole 5 grams, he even took my laptop away from me under the guise that it had broken! Then he started a search for other UK-based writers who are also Hello! Project fans who also like bad puns! It wasn’t until the other contributors for this site staged a 15-minute “squat-in” that I was finally allowed back! Screw you, Maniac! Hahahaha!

Cue the Twitter feed!

I’m writing this at 2:00 a.m. on a Friday morning last-second, I have no good ideas. Shouldn’t you all be debating something about the Best Of 2017? So I’m going to be lazy and take my surprise comeback as inspiration; who do you actually want to come back? Continue reading

The Friday Fun of Questionable Choices

Hi everyone, it’s Friday again! Have you been doing your work on the Best Of 2017 nominations?
Speaking of nominations, last week I asked for some alternative idol campaign posters and send some appreciation to WACK/Miss ID runner up, Aono. I think those two hashtags meant there was a lot less entries than normal, but hey, we still got a couple!

This is hashtag I’d been considering ever since seeing a tweet by Homicidols friend and podcast-man @Ramenshuriken a while back, of which I can no longer find but it was along the lines of “lol wtf predia?” Continue reading

Kerrie Is Thankful for Up Up Girls Pro-Wrestling

You know, for someone who is supposed to be the official Up Up Girls correspondent for this here site, Up Up Girls news sure does slip under the net for me. Or perhaps wrestling ring in this case.

You might recall a while back that rock-hard-abs-and-edm idols Up Up Girls were recruiting pro-wrestlers to join their ranks and some time ago the winners were finally announced. Continue reading