Just a Random Collection of Words in the Friday Fun

What was last week’s theme? Oh, right. There’s been so little word on what happened to Yuimetal that I was beginning to think nothing was wrong and she just never existed.

We need to talk about BiSH. Continue reading

Adventures in Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon #5

Previously On Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon
With the help of her mum, Pour Lui successfully re-kidnaps her former prisoners, tries to poison Megumi, and the shocking revelation that she is actually a witch!

Episode 23: Brand New YouTube Shit

Puu becomes poo!

Puu becomes poo!

P̰̝̘Ù̡̱̭̲̖̻͎Ú̝͚̞̣̱ͅ ̛̗̟̗̫B̼͞͞E̛̲̱̳̖͈̯̯͘̕ͅC̴̦̥̤͔͇͚̤͟O͙̼͙̤̲̘͇̩ͅM̶̘̲̯͎̤̀E̼̬͜S͖͇͡ ҉͍̲͖̣͉͖̥P̼̺̤̥̯͚̖̥͞͝O͎͎̭̱̤͖̜O̡͓͇͘͝

Episode 24: Buzzing Mama

In this heartwarming Mother’s Day special, Pour Lui buys Mama Lui a vibrator, makes her brother watch and is consequently grounded until June 6.

Episode 25: Filler Episode

With Megumi having fled to the UK and Saki now on the rebound with Haruna Bacchiin, Pour Lui gathers the remaining prisoners to reminisce about that time she made a supervillain costume and fans meme’d her.

Episode 26: Happy Nonday

Pour Lui did not give Nozomi a massager for her birthday, despite what that unsubtle crotch shot at the beginning might have led you to believe. At least Puu doesn’t just have a box full of sex toys lying around in case she needs to give someone a present. At least there’s that.

Episode 27: Drone Warfare

What’s that noise?

Could it be? The demons have finally come to take the Pouverlord away!!!

Or it could just be a drone, but I like my idea better.

Will Pour Lui ever learn how to use a drone correctly? Or will she be dragged into hell first?
Will Michel receive a vibrator from Lui as a wedding gift?

To be continued? Yes!

Puu’s Youtube Rival Of The Week

Since a lot of idols are setting up their own YouTube dungeons, I thought I’d have a little feature highlighting what YouTube idols have been uploading recently. And in celebration of Pour Lui’s addition to Billie Idle, this week we’ve got former Billie Idle sweetheart Yasui Yuuhi (Now going by the identity Mahiruno Yuzuko) showing us how she does her makeup. Subscribe to her, she deserves it!

Let the Friday Fun Get to the Bottom of Things

Screw the Avengers, I want to see every single one of these epic crossovers that you all came up with last week!

Look, you all know what’s been going on with Babymetal the past couple of weeks. I was actually expecting some real news on Yui other than “she’s gone because of storyline reasons,” but nope. Babymetal management is trolling the entire fandom at this point and I don’t even know if that was really their intention! Continue reading

Maison Book Girl: What Would You Like to Know?

Hello friends! You may be aware that Maison Book Girl will be performing a few shows in the UK next week/end. If you didn’t, here:

Buy tickets!

Official Homicidols.com United Kingdom Okay Really Just England Idol-meeting Correspondent Kerrie and I are working on firming up booking for a sit-down with MBG. How cool will that be? Continue reading

In Which the Friday Fun Fights Intergalactic Genocide

How did you enjoy possibly the worst Friday Fun I ever came up with?

You know, this line from last week’s Friday Fun post was supposed to be just a one-off remark:

Make Idol Is Dead: Infinity War starring all of WACK plz

But then I was like “Ah, screw it. My Friday Fun queue is running out and there’s already a ton of Infinity War memes all over Twitter anyway, might as well take advantage while it’s actually relevant.” Continue reading

Adventures in Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon #4

Previously On Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon
Everyone spent the entire week trapped in the Ototoy Dungeon until Tentenko finally let them go.
With Momoland out of the picture, Kamiya Saki has finally joined the chaos.

Episode 18: Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

The morning after the previous episode, Pour Lui wakes up, alone in her bedroom. Well, not completely alone.

“Get up you lazybones, it’s almost midday!”

“But muuuuum,” whines Pour Lui, rubbing her eyes. Did she just dream the entire Ototoy Dungeon arc? Where is everyone?

Mama Lui explains to her daughter that, while arguing with Megumi over the upcoming UK trip, everyone else just up and left, including Koshouji herself, leaving Pour Lui arguing with the wall until she eventually just passed out from ranting.

“Megumi told me where you were, so I signed her Dungeon Leave permission forms on your behalf. She’s a nice girl, that Megumi. Why don’t you join her idol group instead of sitting at home making these silly YouTube videos?”

Pour Lui was fuming. Everyone was gone! Who can she bully for YouTube views now? “Mum!” she demanded. “To the dungeon! I have a plan to get everyone back! But first, we need to make a supervillain costume!”

“Why don’t you get a real job?” Mama Lui sobbed.

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Is There Idol Truth to the Friday Fun’s Urban Legends?

Nobody died! Wow!

This one is probably going to be definitely outdated again, because I’ve been basically writing a whole batch of Friday Fun posts milking the April Fools train because god help me if I enter another drought right now, then Maniac asked me to push this one back for the K-Pop thing and yeah. But to explain this, let’s take a step into my old friends in the Hello! Project fandom, shall we? Yes, yes, I know.

It all started with a mysterious account by the name of hp_predict…

And it ended with this:

And I was like “we need more creepypastas in the alt-idol fandom.”

Sorted! Continue reading

The Friday Fun: As Accurate as Nostradamus

It’s been a few weeks between writing that previous Friday Fun and this one being published. Did we finally get some interesting news out of Babymetal for once, or have we just gotten more #MundaneBabymetalAnnouncements?

I originally had a much, much worse Friday Fun idea queued up, but then a fresh pile of Twitter discourse entrapped us all, and Maniac demoted me to his ghostwriter this week, so now that idea is lying in a trash can for when I inevitably run out of actual funny(ish) suggestions.

So, let’s talk about K-Pop.

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It’d Be Boring If It Weren’t the Friday Fun

Pour Lui, look what we’ve done for you! So many fresh ideas for your channel! Now can I design t-shirts for your inevitable YouTuber merch store? Pleeeeaase?

I am so, so thankful for April Fools Day. It’s been what, almost a month since it happened, and it’s still fueling ideas for Friday Funs. I love this time of the year for bringing me out of the drought I had going for months! I want a fool for every month.

Of course, for Babymetal fans, April Fools Day is also Fox Day, the day for many goodies and announcements, and boy, did we get one heck of an announcement this year: Continue reading

Adventures in Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon #2

Previously on Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon:
BYS totally isn’t an April Fools joke.
First Summer Uika forms a bitch alliance with her former captor and Michibayashi Rio to seduce their rivals.
Where’s Kamiya Saki? Hell if I know.
Nobody can escape the YouTube Dungeon, especially not Koshouji Megumi.

Or at least, that’s my interpretation. If you hadn’t guessed from the previous trainwreck, this whole column is just me watching the BYS vlogs with my very limited Japanese and trying to form some kind of coherent story behind them. And failing. But hey, you don’t have to read this! On with the continuation of this gripping tale:

Episode 9: A Very Special Blossom

In a rare bout of kindness, Pour Lui takes her captives Megumi and Tentenko out to see the cherry blossoms. Oh wait, looks like she was just using them as her hapless servants to leech food from the unsuspecting public! Screw grocery shopping, am I right? Continue reading