Homicidols.com’s First Published Retractions Are for the Friday Fun #IncorrectIdolQuotes

What do you mean it’s Friday already!? There hasn’t even been an oshi graduation toda– oh, oh wait. Sorry, Brian.

ANYWAY, did you see my appearance on A-to-J’s podcast this week? Also, BiS League started! Let us look at your predictions?

In a fandom where half of us have no idea what our faves are talking about, it’s very easy for them to be misquoted on certain topics. Which means its also easy to make up fake quotes for shits and giggles and possibly confuse a bunch of people! Observe: Continue reading

The Friday Fun Closest to an Actual Idol Fantasy League

Ohohohohohoho oh lordy! Last week, in the midst of oshi-loss, Supreme Nothing kindly took the reigns with his own dealio. Then right as I was starting to feel better one of my all-time non-Homicidol oshis had her own little announcement to make! HAHAHAHA, I don’t feel anything any more! (At least, not until Coco decides her time is up, which considering my luck with oshis this year will probably already have been announced 5 minutes before this post goes up)

Anyway, Supreme Nothing, why don’t you summarize last week’s Fun while I rip out my tear ducts!

Thank you Kerrie! Well, truth be told, “Idoween” wasn’t exactly the highest trending Friday Fun hashtag ever, it was kinda just me, Andrew, and Salem the Black Cat playing along. (sad trombone) But that’s okay cause for one thing, not every edition of the Fun needs to break the internet, and second, Salem is a funny-as-heck cat that never fails to crack me up. He would definitely win the #Idoween hashtag award if there was such a thing….

…and Andrew  shared some great costumes I overlooked!

Y’know, I always enjoy checking in every Friday to see what kind of wackiness (or WACKness) that Kerrie’s come up with, and now I feel like I appreciate how much work she puts into these hashtag fandom projects even more!  (Here’s where I cue up Carly Simon’s James Bond theme from the 80’s….  “Nooooobody does it better…..”) 

Thanks as always, Kerrie, back to you!!

Aaah, that’s better. Where were we? Oh right. Well, what else other than every idol I ever loved jumping ship, let’s see… -paper shuffles- Ah, right, the BiS League thing. That’s certainly a thing nobody ever wanted yet still gets forced upon us! Might as well make the best out of a bad situation (lord knows I’ve been doing it a lot lately). Continue reading

The Friday Fun That Makes You Wake up Screaming

How is it Friday already? I could have sworn it was only Wednesday. Oh well, let’s get on with it. Last week I wanted to see your beautiful T-shirt designs! Here’s some of the best ones.

It’s my favourite time of year again, good old Halloween! Now, you should already know by now to have “SAMHAIN” on repeat until November, but is that really enough idol spooks? Of course not, it’s Homicidols! So, we’re bringing back an old favourite for you all, partly because I’m lazy, partly because, it went so well the past couple of times, might as well make it tradition. Continue reading

A Friday Fun You’ll Have to Explain to Your Friends

Last week, while I was trying to catch up on sleep, you shared your own sleeping experiences!

How long has it been since we made fun of Watanabe?

I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY! Look, I know it’s overdone to hell but come on now! Dude just had a fashion show! It… well, at least Coco looked beautiful as always.

Check out this review, guys

Anyway, now we’re on the subject of t-shirts, Continue reading

Kerrie Reviews Things Sleepily: THE BANANA MONKEYS | “Goodbye, Hello”

Guys, I’m a dum-dum. Now, if you’ve been following this website for any period of time you’ll already know that, but seriously, I’m a dum-dum. Over an entire month since I announced this release (among other things) and still I waited, impatiently. “Aagh, when will they hurry up and start selling this EP somewhere other than their live shows? It’s not even on their website!”. Then reader and Friday Fun regular Chris dropped a bombshell on me:

“Why don’t you just get it on Ototoy you cretin?”

Ototoy. Of course.

Surprise surprise, there it was. Right there. The “September 10th” release date almost taunting me.

Well, whatever, this isn’t the first sleepy review I’ve written long after the actual release date. Actually, I don’t think any of my reviews so far have been on time. Kind of a downside of being sleepy, you see. Tiredness slows you down. And, on two days without sleep, I think now’s a better time than any to get this month-old draft out of the way. Continue reading

Can Inception Be a Friday Fun?

Huh? What’s that? Uh…


Look guys, I’m gonna be frank with you. I’m exhausted. A lot of stuff has happened this week, personally. I don’t think I’ve slept in 3 days. And while that’s good for writing nonsensical album reviews that turn into terrible fanfiction (stay tuned!), it’s not that good for much else. Originally I was just going to unload this week’s Fun onto some other poor sap while I get some needed shut-eye, but instead, I’m going for an even lazier option, aka, digging through the Friday Fun archives for stuff we’ve already done but hopefully long enough that nobody really cares. Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Foley Artists

Kerrie was so excited to get to her theme for this week that she skipped right over last week’s top tweets; that, or she wanted to avoid the curses. Me, I love a good curse. Well done by all!


Are you prepared for the most important (former) idol release of 2018? No, I’m not talking about Yoshizawa Hitomi’s release from prison (too soon?)


It’s no secret I love Tentenko. One of my favourite OG BiS girls, I bought her UK debut on vinyl even though I don’t even have a record player to listen to it on. Whether or not she still counts as an idol is a whole other debate but she’s very important to us here at Homicidols.com and even in her post-BiS career she embodies many of the idol traits we love; cute, outgoing and a total oddball. Continue reading

A Friday Fun to Ruin Venture Capital

Last week, you all watched some videos! Let’s see how spicy it got.

Funny enough, the inspiration for this week’s Fun is a response to a Fun a couple of weeks back! Cheers, Brian!

Tell me more indeed, Bucho. Continue reading

A Friday Fun That’s an Editor’s Worst Nightmare

So, what are you watching this weekend? I’ll be watching the newest season of Bojack Horseman on Netflix, but honestly, I’d rather be watching these reality shows:

Speaking of watching stuff, have you noticed that some foreign-language videos on YouTube have an auto-translate feature? It’s true!

Unfortunately, as frequent Friday Fun inspiration and totally legit WACK insider @SalemBlack4ever has noticed, it … still needs a bit of improvement. Continue reading

Kerrie Reviews Things Sleepily: Wagamama Kiite | ‘for my Dear’

Let me tell you a story, while I’m still awake and waiting for my CD to arrive in the mail. A story that starts in early 2017. It was the beginning of the first WACK audition (y’know, the one that brought us Momoland, Pan Luna Leafy and EMPiRE? Yeah, that one) and the happy (but not for long) campers were gradually being revealed on Twitter. The first girl to be shown was “Cent Chihiro Tatta”.

I thought “She’s really pretty, I wonder how well she’ll do?”, as Watanabe continued to reveal more auditionees. One of the next girls to catch my eye was Michihayashi Rio. I thought “Wow! She’s adorable in that sort-of awkward way I love! I hope we get to see more of her!”

More and more audition profiles started, a few more girls caught my eye, I was excited for what’s to come. But then everyone I was rooting for failed the audition anyway, I was bitter, yadda yadda. Eventually, I found out one of the girls I really liked had gone on to do Miss iD and I was happy again. But I was still, in the back of my mind, wondered, “Whatever came of those other audition girls I liked?”

Fast forward to July 2018, in the WACK Discord, where the subject of Wagamama Kiite?? came up. “Hey, did you know a couple of the girls from the 2017 WACK audition are in this group?”

I looked them up and there they were! Tatta (now Moe) and Shirio (now Asaka)!

I was hyped! More girls from the audition out there doing new things! I vowed, “I was rooting for Asaka in the auditions, I’ll root for her in her new career too!” and went on to order their debut EP, “for my Dear”, which only just arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Anyway, Kiite have a new single out next month, so what better time to review their first release while horribly sleep-deprived? Other than when it actually came out, I mean. Continue reading