This Thursday Hurts Day Goes out to the Ides of March

I missed Indie Idol Wednesday yesterday, shame on me, but Twitter & Friends provided even more bad news from the world of idol, and of course that happened on the day that Caesar was stabbed to death by a combination of trusted friends and bitter enemies. History!

And that’s what a pair of idol projects are now, unfortunately. No, I’m not referring to the soon-to-die Hauptharmonie (my soul will never recover), but to one group that I used to think had a real chance to do something, and another that seemed like they were right on the cusp and in fact had been active and stuff lately. They’re dead/dying.

First up, Koisuru Beat. I really only got to look at them once, and almost a year ago at that, but had recently learned that they’d had some management/membership issues of their own and were operating as a solo effort. Well, they won’t be operating as anything anymore:

And this literally three days after calling for auditions. Rough one, and it’s a shame how these things shake out, but getting any real longevity in idol is basically a miracle, anyway, so hopefully the past unpleasantness doesn’t leave the ex-members without positive experiences and a chance to keep idoling if they want to.

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Kawaii Will Eventually Consume Us All: Check out Panda Mic

I’m kind of taking a flyer on the name of the group based on what makes sense to me; don’t blame me for being wrong for once!

If you’re into art-pop kinds of idol, you may be aware of a group called SiAM&POPTUNe, who do some really nice music.

This is not about SiAM&POPTUNe, but what looks like a sister unit of girls young enough to make RIOT BABY feel a little senior. Yes, friends, I give you Panda Mic!

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I Felt Like PiGU This Morning, So Here You Go

The presence of the WTF every Tuesday has led to a bit of mid-early-week malaise on ol’ Maniac’s part, gang, and I felt like I could use something of a pick-me-up anyway, and do you know what tends to do the job? Well-composed idol pop punk!

And may the gods bless this YouTuber, too, for always recording PiGU lives and always uploading them in a heartbeat

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Here’s a Nice Chunk of Live Minna no Kodomo-chan

Man, do you guys remember Everybody’s Children and their awesome debut MV? I had seen some renewed chatter around them lately, Facebook and otherwise, and then the Supreme Nothing himself went plumbing and turned up this awesome chunk of live video:

Well, you mostly hear wota, but still

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RIOT BABY Is a Riot, Baby

I’m so sorry

Man you guys, just when I thought it was safe to relax for a minute and settle into whatever kind of normal being a fan of idols really allows you to have, along comes … well, RIOT BABY:

Also follow them on Twitter!

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Welcome Back, Tokyo Rockets

Well look who’s getting a serious restart! Party Rockets GT sister group Tokyo Rockets, who once upon a time felt like they’d be part of the Next Wave of Heavy Idols(TM) but then kind of went kersplat, and the last meaningful blip from them was the old leader’s graduation.

Well, amigos, it’s looking like a new day is dawning in Tokyo Rockets ville.

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PiGU’s Rino Is Graduating

I’ve taken to sticking graduation announcements into the Weekender, the exception being cases where either I personally really like somebody, the group is fairly prominent, I am being paid etc. In this case, this is a very sad announcement!

In short: Coming up on March 20 will be a final one-man live for one of the PiGU old guard; it isn’t the end of PiGU, fortunately, but it’s still a farewell for a girl who stuck with her group through thick and thin. Continue reading


Let’s Celebrate Thursday Hurtsday with Party Rockets GT

Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write, but you gotta give credit where it’s due, and there aren’t a whole lot of idol projects that can do dirrrrrrty rock ‘n’ roll quite as well as Party Rockets GT:

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It’s Time for the Quarterly Check-in on 30Posse

One of my favorite games to play would be called Say What Are Idols Doing Because There Isn’t Enough Else Happening. There’s a short list of acts to use in those instances — usually because they don’t do a whole lot compared to others — and right smack in the middle of that list is 30Posse.

There is what I said about them once upon a time. This is the thing about their recent membership update, which is important in the vaguest of ways because it puts this video into context, and … here’s a live set of 30Posse’s.

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A Day at POP iD with PiGU

I had been sitting on this little video for about a week, and then was going to hold it longer for reasons explained below, but the other teenie pop punk idol news of the day is awful, and I thought, Who better to be the balm right now?

Have you ever wondered what shows at POP iD are like? Like, PiGU isn’t going to suddenly stop being extremely idol and performing for like 30 minutes max; there’s got to be other stuff going on.

Well, now we know some of it!

I had at least three moments where I stopped trying to understand

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