This JyuJyu Story Is So Stupid

To be filed under “Items That Maybe Should Be in the Weekender But Naw” comes this tale that I just now removed from said Weekender because I was looking at it and thinking to myself, nothing about this makes me think that it’s either that big a deal nor not a deal at all, and sometimes stupid things need to be demonstrated as being stupid.

So the story, such as it is, is encapsulated in a very low-key way in this blog post from the Cursed Idols:

tl;dr version: Chunpi was quietly carrying on a relationship of some sort with some fan, against the rules, and was caught and apologized in that unique way that only idols can and cleared up with the fan that this totes wasn’t romance bro and everybody walks away feeling just fine, with producer-san vowing to keep a tighter leash on things. Continue reading

The New JyuJyu Could Stop You Dead

Golden Week isn’t actually over yet, and though there are some things to be expected very soon from some big-time idols, it’s safe to say that the real rush of the week is just about over. JyuJyu’s going to be wrapping it up, in fact, with a one-man on Sunday, their fourth. And at that show, in addition to this grim spectacle, they’ll be rolling out this new one:

It’s funny, I was reading the Hammer’s review of the new Dimmu Borgir just before I came back to listen to this again, and now I’m like, this is what Dimmu Borgir would sound like if there were idols involved. Continue reading

Didju View the New JyuJyu To-do?

Don’t do it, Maniac. Resist!


Seriously though, did you get caught up on the latest from the cursed idols? They’ll never top the absolute reduction of disaster that was “Noroi Hajime”, but there is no better JyuJyu than menacing, otherworldly, possibly undead JyuJyu, and that’s exactly what we got!

Yes, the pitch-perfect choral melody and fantastic use of blue notes make this a JyuJyu song, but it’s one of the very best pieces yet released this year, a simultaneous MV and song rankings topper. I just wish that I understood how XiDEA approaches JyuJyu’s management, because this isn’t a new piece in the sense that it’s happening now or soon, but “new” in the sense that it was on the album that they released more than two months ago (which was already very well promoted!). Maybe it’s to promote their spring/summer schedule? Celebrate the big win in Tokyo Idol Queen?

I also don’t really care! Please just keep doing these only-you things, JyuJyu, and all cognitive challenges will be forgiven.

JyuJyu: Here’s Your Nightmare after Christmas

Hey, I’m still feeling like I don’t want to do very much today, but let’s get the next year’s idol festivities off to a great start by … starting a week early with what might be the darkest release of the year, i.e., JyuJyu’s upcoming album. This builds on the earlier thing about downloading the re-recordings. But John has the rest of the details now.

You all know how I love my dark themed idols, so I was extra excited to hear that JyuJyu was releasing a new mini album. As a matter of fact I was so excited that I ordered it even before I wrote this piece. Lets see what we will be getting from the cursed quartet.

via JyuJyu Announce Upcoming Release — Straight From Japan

You Should Download These Songs

What a treat! In addition to my nigh-week-long sojourn in the perpetual throes of Day Job nearing its merciful end, there are two great idol projects with completely free(!) new(ish!!) downloads(!!!) to snag and enjoy like the absurd indulgences that they are.

First up! Yanakoto Sotto Mute, whose one-man the other day was probably a completely epochal occurrence that I, of course, did not attend on account of being tied not just to the United States, but the National Capital Region because boring reasons. Nonetheless, the echoes show … you know? I think it’d be keen if one of you guys scored a bunch of holographic technology, and also really high-end streaming equipment, and just streamed my favorite lives to the comfort of my living room, a life-sized Nadeshiko in among the detritus of a life spent doing little of what it’d like to be doing.

Oh yeah, the song:

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This Is How JyuJyu Can Get You into the Spirit

I’m trying to remember if the dregs of last year were as busy as these last couple of weeks have been. I do remember a lot of scheduled releases in November and December, but whether there were so many small releases from established idol projects, and this like live video jetsam, I’m drawing a blank and also being way too lazy to check, because Sunday.

This does bring us to cursed idols JyuJyu, who have great music and often great videos to support it but release so blessed little of it in a way that I can get it. Their last MV got a mixed reception, but what they’ve been doing live lately is … warming? warming hearts, or at least winning points:

Thank you Mr. Viz

I always love how much darkness mileage can be gained by working smarter, not harder. Hell, I’d get rid of the guitar solos — it’s not like the choreo depends on having that bridge, you know? — and just leave those icy cold verses a little more room to work with. I don’t know how I’d describe a tune like this to another person as anything other than “JyuJyu music,” but it’s taking me to the same places that blackened things usually do, and those are the best places. All I’m really asking for are clean recordings.

Also, go ahead and give me an example of an idol unit that does a better job of storytelling with its choreography. It could take you a while!

JyuJyu, I Love You, You Should Do More Video Stuff

I kind of hate myself for being a day late on the latest from the cursed idols, JyuJyu, especially given the day that I had yesterday, but such is life.

Anyway, with only this much more ado: JyuJyu dropped a new song while in their Halloween costumes! Yay!

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This JyuJyu Set Works So Well in Context

And after following that earlier bit of gothy metal idol stuff, it only makes sense to keep with the theme and enjoy this rather artistic live from JyuJyu:

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There Are Many New Things about JyuJyu in These Videos

Good morning my friends! Please tell me that you’re down with JyuJyu, the cursed idols and their gloomy, doomy, murder-spree presentation. If you aren’t, why, what’s that matter; if you are, I hope you’re as excited to see their new stuff as I am.

Yes, JyuJyu was included in the Megathread, so “new” in this case doesn’t completely apply when it comes to the people, but look, here are two live videos from last week, featuring the new quartet lineup and a pair of new songs:

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Warp Your Reality with JyuJyu’s New MV

I love this exact time of the year, with idols getting their spring releases out there and infesting YouTube with all kinds of madness.

Case in point, JyuJyu with the lead track off of their “black thread” single; we’ve heard the song before, and it’s fun, but the video’s one Lament Configuration or VHS tape short of taking us completely into a nightmare realm:

Thanks again, Terry!

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