This JyuJyu Set Works So Well in Context

And after following that earlier bit of gothy metal idol stuff, it only makes sense to keep with the theme and enjoy this rather artistic live from JyuJyu:

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There Are Many New Things about JyuJyu in These Videos

Good morning my friends! Please tell me that you’re down with JyuJyu, the cursed idols and their gloomy, doomy, murder-spree presentation. If you aren’t, why, what’s that matter; if you are, I hope you’re as excited to see their new stuff as I am.

Yes, JyuJyu was included in the Megathread, so “new” in this case doesn’t completely apply when it comes to the people, but look, here are two live videos from last week, featuring the new quartet lineup and a pair of new songs:

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Warp Your Reality with JyuJyu’s New MV

I love this exact time of the year, with idols getting their spring releases out there and infesting YouTube with all kinds of madness.

Case in point, JyuJyu with the lead track off of their “black thread” single; we’ve heard the song before, and it’s fun, but the video’s one Lament Configuration or VHS tape short of taking us completely into a nightmare realm:

Thanks again, Terry!

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Get Yourself a Listen to All of JyuJyu’s New Single

If you’re into the doomier, gloomier side of idol (like I’m sure you are!), you probably have a net positive view of the cursed idols in JyuJyu (so cursed that their awesome video last year didn’t win anything!). If any part of the above is untrue in your case, have you been drinking?

JyuJyu dropped the remainder of their “Black Thread” single onto Soundcloud today, and I am ready:

TY, Terry!

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Get Your Preview of the New JyuJyu Single

It feels like only yesterday that we got to look in on the creepiest, cursiest idols in the business, JyuJyu, but now their new single, “Black Thread,” is only a month away, and the details (remix!) and art are here for us:

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Heaven Help Us All: JyuJyu’s Got Plans

About a week ago, I had tweeted pure, raw excitement over this event — JyuJyu! Necroma! Uh, Dance for Philosophy! And others!(?) — that was going to be all incredibly dark and spooky and ARE YOU UNMOVED BY THE FACT THAT THIS COULD HAPPEN?

Anyway, it ain’t much, but JyuJyu unleashed a pair of new songs onto the world and announced their first one-man (with this lineup, at least). May all gods dark and terrible protect us.

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Mondays Are Stupid, So Here’s JyuJyu at Idol Koushien

I may have failed to get everything together for us to enjoy from last week’s Idol Koushien event, but plenty of other people have delivered. This is one of the stages that I definitely wanted to catch and didn’t: The living curses in JyuJyu:

じゅじゅ / Jyu Jyu「アイドル甲子園2017 in 赤坂BLITZ」Idol… by idolvizion

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JyuJyu’s New MV Is Suitably Horrifying

I was completely asleep on JyuJyu’s new single, for shame, and of course this all dovetails with Halloween.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be haunted, stalked and murdered by human curses, and film the entire thing? Get a gander at “Noroi Hajime”:

My guy Pure Idol Heart provides!

Idol nightmare, indeed!

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JyuJyu Went to Taiwan and Will Make a DVD out of It

Let me just say how glad I am that JyuJyu is back in full swing and keeping me interested, because everything about this little bit of video is right up my alley.

It’s not a trailer, per se, but some footage of the JyuJyu members during their time in Taiwan, with the group’s trademark dark-as-hell music playing softly in the background. What a mood-setter! Reminds me of when I was 22 and would put on Slipknot when I’d have lady friends over.

Also? Drinking beer? DOUBLE-FISTING beer? You’re too much, JyuJyu.

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Well, JyuJyu’s New Single Looks Terrifying

I always feel like a doofus for having come onto JyuJyu so relatively late in the game — they weren’t on my radar when I started to build this site, and I only caught up to them well after the original group looked to be dying, but they added two members over the summer and played JAM and … well, given that they’re literally cursed and all, I can say without equivocation that their first release as a reconfigured demon unit looks like the stuff of nightmares.

h/t Straight from Japan for the original tip

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