And, Finally, Jekyll and Hyde Anew

Man, John isn’t kidding about it being forever since there was another going on with Jekyll and Hyde, a significantly underrated and underappreciated unit out of Akiba. It’s not that they aren’t constantly performing and releasing live video and stuff — it’s that, well, it’s the same stuff on long-term repeat. Not a bad formula in the scene, but tough for filthy gaijin like us to connect with.

I guess they did something new! Take it away, John:

I have not talked about Jekyll and Hyde for quite some time, like 18 months. They are not one of the acts that folks think about when talking about non traditional idols. How about a look at these song samples mentioned in the title.

via Jekyll and Hyde Have Some New Songs To Sample — Straight From Japan

The Duality of Idol: Jekyll and Hyde

While we continue to prep for Halloween, it’s no surprise that the world of idol is in no way short of appropriately themed performers. But for every on-the-nose-we-are-zombies-okay, you get something as — well, I was going to say “refined,” but let’s go with “higher concept” — higher concept as Jekyll and Hyde (Twitter).

Disclosure: I in no way understand the photography on their website

Cute by day, violent by night. Exactly half of that describes me in particular!


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