The Whole World (okay, a few other people) Is Excited about Dots

They’re constantly pumping out video content, so I’m sure that I’m timing it wrong again on the enigmatic Dots (or ………, as they prefer to be called), but I’m completely in love with all of this.

First, they kind of have a physical release!

That’s a CD that comes (I think; the listing is weird) with the latest issue of what would probably be my favorite magazine in the world if I could get it, Trash-Up!!, the publication of the promotion company / indie label that launches a lot of really cool idol projects. They’re even kind of helping to launch Dots! Think about buying it! Actually, see below in the comments, this is how you buy that disk, and it is pretty darn loaded!

It actually gets even better, though: Continue reading


This Script Is Familiar: GANG PARADE in Transition Interviews

I think we all remember the SiS interview with Billboard. So much excitement! So much possibility! And then, well, one of the front-runners for Letdown of the Year.

But before Operation Save Our SiS could even get off the ground, the three SiS members who hadn’t yet taken a blood oath against Watanabe were unveiled as the newest members of the suddenly-in-a-ton-of-crap GANG PARADE, and “copacetic” was a word that we could have probably used because it accurately describes that whole thing.

So. Hey look! GANG PARADE being interviewed by Billboard, featuring the former members of SiS!

Translate on your own, gang. Parade.

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Inside the Homicidol Mind: The Unassuming Heart of BiSH

Hot off the heels of those great interviews with Aina and liNGliNG, the same translator (who you should follow and praise) provides another IDOL AND READ sit-down with a BiSH member, in this case maybe the greatest enigma of all, Momoko GUMi Company.

From afar, she’s the tiny blonde girl with the bowl cut who can barely be bothered to lip-sync and always winds up being the butt of Watanabe’s cruelty. But what about on the inside? What would possess a total newbie to want to join BiSH? What was it like to join an idol group laden with talent? Who is she closest to? What is it that she’s writing about in her songs, and why are those songs always so good? Continue reading


Inside the Homicidol Mind: Don’t Fear the liNGliNG

After that really interesting, at-times-heartbreaking interview with Aina the End, the IDOL AND READ features on the BiSH members (and others!) have taken on a kind of urgency as must-read items.

As for liNGliNG, objectively one of the weirdest-seeming people in idol? What makes her tick? Who are her favorite idols? What about BiS vs. BiSH? The stage performance? Continue reading


Inside the Homicidol Mind: The End Is Nigh

So BiSH is kind of on fire lately; have they even had a hiccup in their 19-month existence? And as we’ve seen around the release of KiLLER BiSH, they’re a big-ass deal now.

Befitting of idols, the personalities involved are attractive in their own right. The Captain, Chitti; Atsuko and her goofy prickliness; liNGliNG and the collection of human ears she keeps in her purse being legitimately strange; and, of course, the group’s center and one of the true power voices in idol, #THEENDER, Aina the End.

Ever wonder where her career really got started? How she feels about Chitti and the others? What about BiS? The most recent edition of IDOL AND READ went there. Continue reading


Idols Fangirl as Hard as We Do

All apologies to the author (our friend @weeaboowitch), but I, Maniac, am going to intervene just a little bit and write an extra intro.

Kerrie’s piece is on Pour Lui’s enormous musical crush on one of the most idol things to ever idol, Morning Musume, and somewhat additionally on Oomori Seiko, who you either know and love or are about to meet. Given additional context, Michishige Sayumi, a long-time member of Morning Musume and one of the group’s former leaders, blogged today for the first time in two years, and idol Twitter lost its collective shit. Sayumi is even a big focus of the below. I hold this up for you to look at if you’re not as acquainted with idol culture — this is idol culture, and it’s hard to avoid in Japan even if you want to; it’s so pervasive that it even sucks in people dedicated to annihilating idol culture, as Kerrie point out. Plus, there’s a lot of mutual love on our side of the fence; Ai from Malcolm Mask McLaren, for instance, loves PassCode and PIIIIIIIN and Fruitpochette so much that she lists them in her Twitter bio. /Manic

For Pour Lui fans out there, Henkka at lovingly translated an interview with her and sort-of anti-idol singer-songwriter Oomori Seiko from the Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK that came out around 2013. Continue reading


SiS Speaks! Tons of Photos and Fresh Interview from the Sister/Rivals

See comments below for context and a fantastic joke, but it appears that Bug Me ultimately did decide that she didn’t want to be a part of this and, well.

This is fun and cool! SiS, aka all of the BiS auditioners who didn’t make the cut with the exception of two, are still definitely going to be a thing, and that thing is an official sister / rival group, and they’ve been teasing all kinds of fun stuff about their name (mostly) as their debut approaches:

Junnosuke is RUDE.

They’re also at the very least a serious point of interest, as Billboard Japan sat down with them for a pretty substantial interview: Continue reading


Babymetal and Rob Halford Sat Down for a Chat

You’ve seen them perform together, now see them address a bunch of questions together!

How insightful! The Metal God basically lays it down, Su-metal issues a stock reply to the wrong question (who can blame her?), and look! A person can be a fan of old and new and typical and atypical because … wow, it’s all good music!


New Interview and Video Intro for Yukueshirezutsurezure

First things first, the interview is (of course) in Japanese and not translated like this one, but if anybody who can read it does so and can give an opinion on whether it’s interesting enough to warrant a translation, I’d love that little bit of advice.

Second: Loogit! Real-deal live video of their real human faces!

“Kokoko desu” kills me.

They look very different without filters and retouching! Continue reading


Inside the Homicidol Mind: Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da on Idol, Rock and Tears

Just about a year ago, with yami-kawaii becoming a more noticeable trend and idol as diverse as ever, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da charged out of the gate and, on the strength of their second digital single, “ShitEnd | Placebo,” became a group to watch on the hard side of idol.

Their popularity has grown quickly, and with a new single coming up early next week, it seems like a good time to maybe get to know them better. They are, after all, among the more perplexingly enigmatic of idols, a group that embraces the looks and sounds of people who are interpreting “normal” through a shattered psyche; of all the groups doing yami-kawaii, Kiminosei seems the most primed to indulge in some ultraviolence.

But that’s an image, and idol is all about image; what really goes on in the members’ heads? This interview, put through the translation wringer by Phillter, was with Kiminosei and friends, and it reveals as much about how the group thinks as it does how many ex-boyfriends they collectively have stored in a closet somewhere anything else.

Some fun moments: Continue reading