This Friday Fun Is Virtual Insanity

Previously on Friday Funday: Last week was #Deathless4Necroma, which was a lot of fun and we even got noticed and promoted by Ricky himself! Thanks dude! And thanks to everyone who took part.

The week before that, you came up with some wonderful #UpcomingAltIdolEvents that will never be added to the Homicidol calendar but we all got a few laughs out of it, and that’s all that matters, right?

[Maniac: Twitter’s doing that thing where it eats feeds again; just go here to look at the fun stuff]

I really, really want that Koutei Camera Gull album.

This week’s hashtag is similar, but more specific. The context is the Up Up Girls VR app; laughing at Saki’s drunk face was plenty enough entertainment for me, but VR is what all the cool kids are into these days it seems, so I’m sure kissing members of UUG isn’t going to be the last foray into this space-age technology that I remember from the 90s that we’re going to see from idols. So let’s predict the next ones! Continue reading


Your Homicidols Weekender #14

My favorite teaser of the week was this one from You’ll Melt More’s Loneliness and Counterattack EP. Nobody does it better.

Please be from the “loneliness” part of the title …

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Let’s Make the Perfect Valentines for the People We Love

I take no credit for this at all; while doing something Valentines-y had crossed my mind, Brian the Supreme Nothing deserves all the credit in the world for turning it into a workable idea, and of course Kerrie jumped at the opportunity, so here we are

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! How are you going to spend the day of romance? With someone you love? With someone you barely know in the hopes that, hey, at least you get some action amirite? At home with a box of tissues? (I’m doing the latter btw; I’m sick with a flu right now.)

In the spirit of today, we want to see your idol valentines! You’ve seen those cheesy valentine cards with the puns? That, but with idols! It’s easy enough, right?

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What Won’t Idols Do for Attention?

Kerrie’s on a roll, and she even references a game that keeps getting pushed back because of other events; suffice it to say, folks like to have fun, and idol is fun. Take it away, @weeaboowitch.

Hi everyone! Let’s just jump right in; the theme of last week’s party was a controversial one, for sure. I don’t think I’ve quite forgiven Watanabe yet. Maniac is making us do a run so we too can experience the suffering on a much, much more tolerable level, because unlike Watanabe, Maniac isn’t Satan. For extra effect, be sure to live inside your car (or a closet if you don’t drive, I guess) and only eat rice from now until the big day itself!

But back to the point of last weeks gif party, anger really does fuel some quality memes, and last week’s #BetterManagersThanWatanabe event had some excellent responses. We even made it onto other sites!

But the Watanabe-memeing doesn’t stop there. Well, sort of. This is more based around idol in general, but lets face it, most of you will be thinking of BiS in this week’s hashtag party. At least, I sure will. Continue reading


Set Aside a Couple of Hours for This Tuesday’s WTF

I am in no way exaggerating that I had other plans for this week’s look at the weird and violent and weirdly violent things that surround the hard side of idol, and then I got this tweet and thought “Stop everything.” I didn’t take the whole two hours to stop to make this post, and I’ll admit that the oddly porny music playing while the two guys were fighting and one had a baseball bat, that was kind of a weird thing to skip ahead to at one point, but … look, are you interested yet, or not?

Here’s the pitch: At a few different moments, I’ve thought about posting something about Rev. from DVL (for instance, their most recent single), but they’ve never quite crossed the right threshold for me as a group. However, their center, Hashimoto Kanna, being an idol, is also an actor, and this starring spot of hers is called Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation.

Now are you interested? Continue reading


Monday Match Game: A Question of Style

Now that all of our other work is behind us, friends, and we’re firmly into 2017, it’s time to bring back the Monday Match Game. This one is … a little different.

Kawaii. It’s the foundation of the idol look, no matter how it manifests; it can be cool, creepy, goth, brutal, adorable and so on. Really, the only limits on how to express kawaii are the limits on the human imagination. And, as something of a culture unto itself, kawaii has its own subcultures, some of which become fashion-forward trends that manifest on the idol stage.

In this corner, the kawaii of illness and addiction, pale and pastel, self-loathing and society rejection; in the other, fantasies that are just a little bit off, like a dreamscape filled with wonders that melt every time you try to touch them. Two definitive trends in idol enter, but only one will survive! Continue reading


Phillter’s Christmas in Tokyo, Part II

In case you were wondering, it’s perfectly okay to think that Phillter’s a big stupid jerk after reading Part I of his long weekend of a lifetime in Tokyo that he’ll get to repeat because he lives in Japan now. But for real, go look at Part I if you haven’t.

The Christmas Day show. This one was gonna be a doozy. Four band’s whose names I had heard before: one that I knew very well; one that I was interested in learning more about; one I wanted to form an opinion about; and one that I didn’t know much about.

The show was at 1:00 p.m., rather early in the day. I arrived at the Rock Maykan Live House in Meguro a few hours early, as usual, and stood around waiting to be let in. While waiting, I caught a glimpse of a girl wearing a medical mask (a very common sight here) with slightly blue hair (a much, much less common sight) walk up to the venue, look around for a bit, then enter and head to the basement where the live house was. More to come from her later though.

Appropriate attire for the day, don’t you think?

Eventually, others I had seen before showed up, conversations happened, small friendships were started, cultural differences were shared. One thing I’ve learned about the regulars I see at these shows is that they are good people in general. They’ll show you the ropes if you’re lost, help you buy a piece of merch if you don’t quite know what to say, and pick you up off of the floor if you fall in the pits. Foreigner or native, no matter who your favorite groups are, we are all one big family … except always make sure you put your stuff in a coin locker, as you’ll see later. Continue reading


Phillter’s Christmas in Tokyo, Part I

How was everybody’s holiday? I guess Orthodox Christians and people of religious backgrounds with which I am unfamiliar have/may have seasonal holidays left to get through, but most folks have wrapped things up — extra weight! regret! the existential dread of work! Anyway, I hope you had a nice time.

You know who had a nice time? Our man in Japan, Phillter, who headed to Tokyo for a few days and went on an idol odyssey that most of us can only dream about. This is part I; it’s okay to begin to hate the man now.

Some of you may know me from the Hard Idol-verse. I do translations of interviews and reviews when I have the time. In general, I love this genre and want nothing more than to see it flourish and thrive.

For this holiday season, I decided to take a vacation from the sleepy country region of Tokushima, and go to Tokyo for a whirlwind week of Hard Idol concert after Hard Idol concert. I was in Tokyo for five days and went to five live shows, and thus there will be five of these reports. Continue reading


Update from the Front Lines of Ska Idol

This is pretty awesome: In addition to the dope solo skadol project Like, Hate, Love, the … well, the Ska Idol Project has launched a sister group, Snowdrop.

This appears to be what they sound like:

There’s ska, then there’s ska-core, and then there’s … that

Their debut live will be on Jan. 22, which just so happens to be a date of significance. Continue reading


You Don’t Even Need Japanese to Understand This Idol Documentary That’s All in Japanese

This is pretty cool; if you have a little while today or tomorrow or over the weekend or at some point before the heat death of the universe, give this documentary on the idol underground, the people performing and the people who love them a watch:

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