You Are Hereby Invited to More New REGiNA KiSS

I decided to hold on to the most recent REGiNA KiSS MV release for a few days, gang, because I knew — knew — that there’d be at least one another out before iDOL SHREDDER hits the shelves, and that patience was rewarded. You may want to familiarize yourself with the trailer for this album before diving in.

Here’s last week’s full MV entry:

Like, what even is this song? How many substances were in the video director’s system? If iwrestledabearonce had an idol equivalent, this would be it. Such glory. And I’m pleased to say that I’m very, very glad to have waited for the next installment before posting. Continue reading

Here’s That Full REGiNA KiSS Album Trailer

After that first couple of videos, I didn’t reckon that we’d been getting a trailer for IDOL SHREDDER that’s practically the length of many groups’ EPs with almost three weeks left until the album drops, but I’m also not going to complain about a bigger, fuller, better look. Frankly, nobody should!

I don’t have the best track record when it comes to converting other humans to the charms of this very grown-up unit with a very grown-up orientation, but please do, friends, consider it. As “just” idols, REGiNA KiSS was in fact quite good; with the band behind the slightly retooled duo, they mix things up more frequently and take some interesting chances. I’d love for this to wind up on some major streaming services so that folks can get the experience in full.

You’ll Wish You Could Party with REGiNA KiSS

Hey! Are you aware of the fact that REGiNA KiSS is releasing an album, and that album is called IDOL SHREDDER, and that it is coming out next month? You should be, because you read the Weekender like a smart person should, and you saw the news! If that does not describe you, that’s fine, because now you are aware of the fact.

To prep for the incredibly named release, REGiNA KiSS dropped a a video last week, and while you can go ahead and give it a spin, you should know that there is in fact another one, and I have a feeling that things are afoot. Get started:

This one popped up yesterday: Continue reading