Under Beasty Just Did Something That I’ve Never Seen Before

They un-graduated a member:

Nobody suspected a thing:

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Marathons Ain’t Just for WACK Anymore: Check out Spark Road Show

I had been meaning to get to Spark Road Show this week anyway, courtesy of Pure Idol Heart, but then this story happened:

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It’s a Winter Wonder Lander!

Lots of new stuff this week, friends, so much that it’s going to trickle over into next week at least because I’ll be hot gosh-darned if I’m going to do multiple introductions in a single day.

Today’s little discovery? Meet Wonder Lander (Twitter) (Soundcloud!). I’m bringing them into the mix because it’s nice sometimes to have some mom-approved rock songs done by chic idols, sort of like if you had uijin tone it down a little.

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Maybe I Can Get You Guys on the Ophelia 20mg Train, Too

Programming note! After the favorable response to the idea of including WTF content on Tuesdays, I thought it might be fun to do something commemorative on the days of the week that we aren’t already; for the time being (like, until I or you get a better idea), we’ll make Hump Day into Indie Idol Wednesday, when we’ll have a look at somebody cool and good who’s plying her trade powered mostly by her talent, wits and fervent underground wota. First up, my personal favorite of the type.

Ophelia 20mg! If I were ever in Japan for more than a few days, I’d seriously consider traveling to wherever this committed power-voiced solo idol happened to be performing* just to see her do her thing, then shake her hand and tell her that I’m the goofy American who periodically tweets at her, and then I could watch her recoil in horror. Exciting!

This video is a good example of why it’s worth going through your YouTube subscriptions sometimes — you’re not going to see everything on Twitter, son. Continue reading


GRATIA-ALA Is Definitely off to a Strong Start

I was Twitter-diving the other day, kind of killing time between things at work, when one interesting new thing led to another and then I was on YouTube and it was just flash after flash of previously unfamiliar music from idols I’d never heard of and then. Then.

I wasn’t so much blown away as I was subsumed and desperately wanted to know more.

That’s not even idol; it’s like post-idol

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Let’s Have Ourselves a Fresh Visit with Jeanne Maria

You know, I have like 25 drafts of new idols and new stuff from old idols and stuff that isn’t even idols just sitting in my queue, but I thought this morning, hey, let’s check back on some of the stuff we first got a few months ago, maybe introduce some new people to some new stuff.

Hence, here we are. This is Jeanne Maria:

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Q’ulle’s Got the Details on Their Next Single, Big-ass Tour

One of these days, I’m going to make Q’ulle converts of more of you guys; between their slick-dancing live shows, world of individual talent and diverse songwriting, they’re one of the groups that can turn in a killer rock song and then follow it up with a clubby idol ballad sweet enough to rot your teeth.

Anyway, while you’re in the process of coming around and understanding why I encourage everybody to download “ALIVE/SAISEIRON,” you can prep for Q’ulle’s next big step forward. Building on last year’s massive OVER THE HOPE Asia tour and epic finale that saw them announce a new, major label (Avex sub avex rhythmzone), they have their next single coming in April:

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PASSPO, Zombies on a Plane, It’s All Good

PASSPO, who as we discussed previously are cool and good in their own right, have an album coming out next month. People seem to be excited about it! If this is the degree of fun ideas and general “girls rock” goodness wrapped up in it, I bet it’s going to be a pretty good album; for now, a bunch of people over the age of 30 are going to be like “oh, ha, I recognize the things they’re doing here!” and a bunch of people who only remember MTV for Real World/Road Rules Challenge are more “I don’t understand why there are dancing zombies on an airplane.”

Have you met any flight attendants? For people who could easily zone out, they’re the least likely zombies ever

That’s right: The do-it-all PASSPO just did their own tribute to “Thriller.” Continue reading


Exciting Times for Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen

This post started off as a little blurb about Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen having an album coming out soon, a fact completely neglected in that business about their big headliner show. But that’s okay, because what happens when idols have albums to promote?

They do release events at record stores?

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Life after Death for BRGH’s Mizuho

Not even a week ago, Bellring Girls Heart held their final appearance (as Bellring Girls Heart). Tears were shed. Two long-time members, Ayano and Mizuho, were graduating, Ayano to pursue a solo career (which should be interesting) and Mizuho to retire from entertainment; an idol and Bellheart member since she was 15, she felt it was time to move on with her life’s work. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

And then, in the most punk rock thing possible, Mizuho showed up yesterday as a member of wrestling/rock/idol/band thing Natsu no Mamono:

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