Here’s a Reminder That Sugartrap Is Good as Hell

Good morning, you guys! I have a feeling that Toronto’s still feeling the effects of Next Music from Tokyo, which moves on to Montreal tomorrow. I’ve heard nothing but great things, so I’m glad for everybody involved.

Me, being stuck at home, I figured that unspooling some relatively new content was a good idea. Let’s visit more with idols that we don’t hear from often enough!

Take, for example, Sugartrap! Who are good and cool and inexplicably not a ton more popular than they are! They can bring the heat as well as most, with the added bonus of being pretty good performers, too. So how about: Continue reading


Again, It’s Friday, So Look! New STARMARIE Video!

Here we go again! I swear to you, it’s purely coincidence that STARMARIE, who are good and you should be listening to them why aren’t you listening to them BY GOD WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO LISTEN TO THEM, tend to wind up on Friday. Sometimes it’s when they’re uploading, sometimes it’s when there’s a good free spot for them, sometimes it’s … I don’t care.

Listen to this song, would you?

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Damn, There’s Even More Fresh Band ja Naimon!

Holy shit, you guys, I was into the last video from Banmon!, but I’m extremely into “FAN+TIC”:

Thanks, Terry!

The whole song is denpa-good, but I’m thriving on just playing that opening over and over. Continue reading


No, Actually, Now We Can Listen to the New Alloy

This was a fun thing to wake up to! After Alloy kind of head-faked folks the other day with a time-limited live video of their newest material, I was afraid that maybe we wouldn’t get to hear it save for actually going to Tokyo, but this worked out pretty well!

Here are the tracks from their upcoming first single:

This one’s actually from their debut album, but now re-recorded

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Bonnou Paradox Is Good for Indie Idol Wednesday

Good morning, friends! How’s your week going? Mine’s … I’ve had better. It’s good and fun, though, to have some music to listen to and idols to wonder what the hell they’re doing about.

And it’s Indie Idol Wednesday! Kind of my favorite theme of the week, to be honest; it’s not always easy to hit the sweet spot, but the effort’s worth it because the idols are doing their best, as they say. Take, for example, Bonnou Paradox!

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Cat Idols. WTF. Perfect.

You guys. We’ve seen cat girls before, but have we seen actual cat girls? Like, idols who just flat-out say, hi, we’re cats?

Maybe! But this is the best:

Say hi to the Entertainment Cats, Neko Kageki (Twitter). As you may have guessed, they are cats, and they’re perfect for the Tuesday WTF. Continue reading


I’m Definitely Feeling Banmon!’s New Single

If Band ja Naimon! wants to keep cranking out this kind of energy, I’m going to keep trying to get people into them:

As with last time, I never fail to be energized by the sheer mania of denpa song; even when the actual BPM is somewhere within the realms of reason, the level of frenetic that this music can accomplish is really something else. It’s like what would would have happened had the punk desire to go simpler, faster and purer had instead been the province of early electronic composers. It’s just such a ridiculous good time. Continue reading


If You Can Play This Alloy Video, Good for You

Ah, Alloy, the Mave-Ricks project that I not only thought was going to be the direct successor of petit pas! (even had a former member!), but could become kind of a big deal but then basically completely rebooted after just a few months … I’ve never seen them perform until now!

Edit: Oh, okay, Viz Major posted it too, and there was a time limit. Figures!

Seriously though, the title is legit: I couldn’t get the video player to load on my laptop and had to do it on mobile. But it’s okay! Neat song, good performance. They still aren’t industrial like I’ll never stop wishing that they were, but life does go on


It’s a Crappy Day, So Have Some Party Rockets GT

Hey gang! It’s an awfully quiet Thursday, and I’m up to my eyeballs in little domestic and professional matters, so I’m a little out of touch. What I can offer you is a nice little dose of Party Rockets GT!

You may want to skip ahead a good bit to avoid the “START!” video on repeat

They’re doing these record store shows in the run-up to their one-man, is the thing, and I guess releasing all of these videos? Or something like that. Continue reading


This Is the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Used … And That’s notall!

I kinda sorta promised the Tokyo Candoll winner, and I am a Maniac of my word if nothing else, so:

What did the winners sound like? If you’re in France at the time of Japan Expo and not possessed by demonic forces following Necroma’s medieval live, and you happened by the Expo, would you go see the idols and be pleased, or would you scoff and be like THIS AIN’T SOMETHING ENOUGH FOR ME, which is often a fair opinion to have, even with idols, but also, it’s idols.

Anyway! Attenuated run-ons and strawmen aside, here are your Tokyo Candoll winners, notall (Twitter):

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