Man, NECRONOMIDOL’s European Tour Keeps Getting More Interesting

The weirdest stuff happens sometimes, you guys, and in weird clusters.

We’ve known about Necroma hitting France and Italy this summer for a while, and it’s been pretty seriously suspected that there was more in the works than just what we knew. Ricky even kind of hinted at it during a recent twitcast.

So when Terry got wind of a London show (via), the hype machine started to heat up.

Ain’t no hype machine no more!

Get your tickets here!

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Oh, Living Dead I Dolls. Oh!

Sorry, guys, that’s probably not the best reaction to LDID’s little teaser that they put out at noon (Japan noon!) ahead of their show tonight, and I’d have preferred to have something cute (clever-cute, not kawaii-cute) to say about it, but this sucker just keeps growing and flying and then:

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New DISDOL Is Great for Thursday Hurtsday

Gosh darn, you guys, was I aware that DISDOL had a single coming out next week? I feel like I wasn’t — the last thing I remember being aware of was Airi’s graduation after having been an idol for literally half of her life — so this was a nice surprise when Pure Idol Heart waved it at me the other day:

This is actually one of the B-sides, if I’m looking at the info on the single correctly, so interesting that it’s what they’re putting out as a promo. Might there be an MV on the way? It only took forever and a day for them to give us “VICTORIA” last year, after all. Continue reading


Indie Idol Wednesday: Sugar & Solt

This is what happens when you just let genres mix, people! IT’S A TOTAL LOSS OF CULTURE!

As one will, there I was, just minding my own business the other day when friend to us all Pure Idol Heart got into another round of going deep down the indie idol rabbit hole, which of course means plumbing the depths for excellent Indie Idol Wednesday material.

I have to say, Sugar and Solt is a prime candidate:

I likened it to Motorhead goes kawaii; tell me I’m wrong

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I Don’t Know Why You’d Need Any Other Reason to Buy Ishido Natsumi’s New Single

While we’re on a little run of less well-known idols doing great work, let’s pause for a second and take another look at Ishido Natsumi, who I will maintain is not only cool and good, but also one of the least appreciated vocalists in idol, period; this is a preview for her upcoming single, dropping tomorrow:

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Mugen Regina Found a Novel Way to Introduce Their Music

I got a genuine kick out of this, you guys. See, I’ve … look, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I feel invested in all things Mugen Regina, especially since they came back to life. I’ve kept on blast, just waiting for the moment when they put out an MV or something, because I want to revel in that moment (and then blog it to death, because blog).

This isn’t that, yet, but it’s still pretty neat:

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Damn, You Guys, Necroma Had a Week

All right, partly because I feel badly about having missed out on the first of these bits of NECRONOMIDOL news in the first place and also because I wanted to gather a bunch of stuff together, I’m doing this thing a little bit weirdly.

First up! If you haven’t yet seen Necroma’s feature piece from the Bandcamp home page, you really should check it out:

The scene is infused with the playfulness of dance, twinkling piano, and elaborate costumes.

via NECRONOMIDOL and New Directions in Japanese Metal — Bandcamp Daily

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Aphrodite’s ‘My Sweet Bach’ Video, Now in Full

Ah, it finally happened: Aphrodite, a project that I remain convinced could become a thing, had teased us with “My Sweet Bach” before, but they pushed out the full version yesterday:

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Again, It’s Friday, So Look! New STARMARIE Video!

Here we go again! I swear to you, it’s purely coincidence that STARMARIE, who are good and you should be listening to them why aren’t you listening to them BY GOD WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO LISTEN TO THEM, tend to wind up on Friday. Sometimes it’s when they’re uploading, sometimes it’s when there’s a good free spot for them, sometimes it’s … I don’t care.

Listen to this song, would you?

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They Didn’t Win, But Here’s Video of Cure Blasting the Hell out of Tokyo Candoll

As luck would have it, I’ve had a post on the actual winner of Tokyo Candoll on ice for a little while because they-fit-well-enough-I-guess, but this competition to appear at Japan Expo in Paris does a nice job of showcasing idols that fit right in around these parts in general.

Often to terrifying results! For instance, NECRONOMIDOL was in last year and put on a hell of a show, using those undies as a promo, only to be among the several cool idols upset in favor of (blech) safe, inoffensive tradols. I don’t recall Cure being part of the festivities last year, but they made it into the finals that went down just the other day. Here’s their full set:

Nothing says “Send us to Paris” like opening your set with screams

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