Did You Guys Want to See More Babymetal from the Tokyo Dome?

This recording popped up on Reddit last night, with the uploader pulling the ol’ fake-’em-out-with-YouTube-but-it’s-actually-on-Dailymotion trick. I was on the fence about whether to make yet another callback to the Dome, but then figured that it’s been a while since we last really did anything fun with Babymetal, so heck, post the sucker.

As the video stuff indicates, this is “No Rain, No Rainbow,” a song that I loved all the way up until it wound up on Metal Resistance, whereupon I immediately fell out of love with it, but this video got me to love it all over again:

No Rain No Rainbow @ Tokyo Dome by hugo-metal

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Let’s Take a Step Back for Indie Idol Wednesday

Part of the whole reason that I started Indie Idol Wednesday was so that I could have some set-aside space for the lesser known, not-quite-sung idols who actually work pretty hard and have a nice little following, but aren’t part of the usual big-buzz culture that we normally gravitate toward. And back when I started the feature, the other part of doing so was to have an excuse to talk up my girl Ophelia 20mg.

Well, Ophetan went and did something yesterday that I wasn’t sure she’d ever do — she released full-verison PVs for … singles of hers? There had been short versions and sort-of trailers published before, but now they’re full, and … if idorock is a thing, then idometal needs to be, too, because these are all great examples:

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Bringing back the disclaimers! It’s not a secret that I’m a huge mark for NECRONOMIDOL, and that their producer, Ricky Wilson, has been a friend to Homicidols.com in what I hope is a mutually fulfilling relationship; that being said, while I never had much reason to think that DEATHLESS would be anything less than great, I made a strong effort to put the relationship behind me for this sucker; I may love idol and I may love dark idol and I may love NECRONOMIDOL, but we don’t build community trust without honesty, and we don’t make other fans by being sycophants.

So. On to the review!
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Your First Look and Listen at Necroma’s ‘DEATHLESS’ Is Here

Oh, oh my friends, I don’t want to paint everybody’s expectations for NECRONOMIDOL’s DEATHLESS album as being as high as mine, but, if “ITHAQUA” is any indication, it’s going to be the early front-runner for Album of the Year.

I know they’re in Japan, but we’re one fjord and/or burning church away from it being Norway

Man, Necroma’s doing a real number on pretty much everybody else in idol+metal anymore; while others (not named FRUITPOCHETTE or Babymetal, at least) fall into predictable sounds or just plain fail to stay in operation, Necroma’s out here blasting away with the forces of evil. The song I dig; the only thing that could make this video better would be if their final approach to the camera were on the backs of timber wolves and/or polar bears, and/or maybe if they were wielding outlandish bladed weapons.

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Get Yourself a Listen to All of JyuJyu’s New Single

If you’re into the doomier, gloomier side of idol (like I’m sure you are!), you probably have a net positive view of the cursed idols in JyuJyu (so cursed that their awesome video last year didn’t win anything!). If any part of the above is untrue in your case, have you been drinking?

JyuJyu dropped the remainder of their “Black Thread” single onto Soundcloud today, and I am ready:

TY, Terry!

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Let Phantom Voice Get You Going

It suddenly dawns on me that football season is now completely gone for months yet to come, and Sunday just kind of blends into stupid-ass Monday, except this is a holiday weekend in the United States so we can smash two former presidents’ birthdays together and have an excuse to have a federal holiday in February, and Monday feels like Sunday and that would ordinarily be fine except for the fact that it’s an extra day of little to do right in the worst part of the year. So let’s give it a jolt.

Just a few days ago, Phantom Voice (remember them?) dropped some live video from their recent series of one-mans (good for them!). They’re just one-song snips, but worth some time if you feel as butt as I do this morning.

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Living Dead I Dolls Finally Graced Us with Some Live Video

Well, this whole thing started off with me going to share this post from John, but then suddenly there was a whole lot of video and there was another Straight from Japan joint and I couldn’t cleanly consolidate them so … one Homicidols.com post!

Living Dead I Dolls! Getting a little invested in their debut was fun a few months back, and then they debuted and then nothing. I mean, yeah, they were doing lots of shows, but it was a video-less existence, and what they sounded/performed like was kind of a pain.

And then: Yesterday.

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Next Friday, We Go #Deathless4Necroma

Hello everybody! I wanted to share this quick reminder about the next big community idol support project, this time to celebrate NECRONOMIDOL and the release of their DEATHLESS album that I could not be giddier about.

The overall details are here, and right here are the really relevant bits:

  • Friday, Feb. 24
  • Corpse paint and/or spider
  • On your face
  • Snap a selfie (or, gods forbid, a group photo)
  • Update your social profile picks for the day
  • Use #Deathless4Necroma and tag @NECRONOMIDOL on Twitter or Facebook or maybe even Instagram, I dunno
  • And remember to tell your friends!

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For Thursday Hurtsday, Check out Moecore Gakuen

I’m sorry, I love everything about this:

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NEXT Shoujo Jiken Will Stab No More

I’m going to kick off Tuesday (Valentine’s Day!) with sad news for anybody who loves indies, metal, on-stage violence and merry chaos; the project known as NEXT Shoujo Jiken is wrapping up at its third-anniversary one-man* on March 20:

The group’s been Mai plus whichever of her good friends (like Yuri!) was able to join her on stage for a while, but Mai Jiken just put out an album a little while back, and I was hopeful that things could continue. Continue reading