We Return to WTF Tuesday with a Very Special Message: OBEY

Take a journey with me, friends, and understand that our guide is none other than Takahashi Natsumi, former leader of DISDOL and current solo idol. It is a journey through … actually, I’m not sure. Just a little unsettled though!

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Hmm, Babymetal’s All Over Media Right Now

What you’re about to see was all just destined for the Weekender because, like, Babymetal’s cool and fun, but they’re also in this weird kind of cruise control (by big idol standards), which isn’t exactly rare for them, but here we are, almost 18 full months since Metal Resistance, and they’re basically just doing their usual load of live appearances.

I am not in this case going all conspiracy-theory (been there, done that, had fun), but the inveterate gambler in me is starting to wonder if a significant announcement isn’t on the way.

You may have seen this fun video of Head from Korn going full Kami Band during one of the two bands’ dates not long ago:

Aw, they’re metal friends! That’s cool. Old me and current me love the hell out of that! But the most shocking thing of all … well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you: Continue reading

The 12 Stages of Listening to Broken By The Scream

First, feast your ears on this:

Broken By The Scream’s first one-man is coming up in a month. This is a trailer to get you hype. Are you hype? You should be hype. Or perhaps your experience is something like this: Continue reading

It’s Time for Some Fresh RABBITS Lab

So, RABBITS Lab. Remember her/them/whatever? Strange. But new!

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Hurry up and Get in on NATASHA’s ‘VOLCANO’

In case you missed it live over the weekend or just really want to hear the latest from the Avex idols’ supergroup, they added it to Soundcloud just now … for 24 hours. I’ll have to back it up later. In the meantime, enjoy:

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I Am Such a Stan for Hanako-san

Well, guys, you all missed your chance to get a weekly feature out of the pure wicked nihilism that is toilet ghost idol Hanako-san, but that doesn’t mean that her chaotic, idol-worshipped live shows and incredibly loud music aren’t nonetheless amazing and worthy of being held up.

As you know, video of Hanako-san doing her thing, or rips of her recorded tracks, are difficult to find online except for in little snippets on Twitter, usually consisting of -0 quality and/or mostly a bunch of food-related splatter porn, so actual official clips are worth their metaphorical weight in gold.

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You Wanted More GARUDA Live This Morning, Didn’t You?

Hey gang! You remember GARUDA, right? The please-let-it-be-so industrial+metal solo idol? Some videos this morning:

Boy, that sounds familiar!

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ReAlice May Have the Most Idol Name in the History of Idol

Say, remember how we looked at DORCA the other day? This is a sort of sister unit. I played their little demo clip about 20 times and kept waiting for a beat to drop, but such is the nature of teasers. Anyway, there’s something there, and they debuted this past weekend, and now it’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and also their official account has blocked me for some reason, and John already did the heavy lifting, so, John:

As I mentioned on the podcast last Saturday, I had a couple of new groups up my sleeve. I can’t remember if this as one of them I was referring to but they were on the ever growing list of new idols. These girls sound interesting even with the small amount of information available, especially […]

via That Is New To Me: ReAlice — Straight From Japan

Stick a Fork in DEEP GIRL, They’re Done

In a bit of news that honestly shouldn’t surprise anybody, even though it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little sad about it, formerly Potentially the Coolest Thing in Idol and No for Real I’m Still Shaking, It’s That Good, DEEP GIRL, is finally, mercifully being put to bed:

That’s the nice version of the post title, by the way

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Man, Yajima Mai Is Awesome

Another track from BLOODTHIRSTY, for “Incest Taboo” (what) turned into a lyric video. Be still my bleeding heart:

Good get, Mr. Major

Now, in fairness, the question has come up before: Idol or not idol? The fans of hers that I was chatting with a little while ago certainly didn’t object to my use of the nomenclature, and they’d know as well as anybody, but is this a case like SIN ISOMER, where you have a VK-like frontwoman operating as a soloist who connects with bands to back her? I don’t know! But the fact that Maimi does these cool video things with fans, maybe that’s pretty idol. Continue reading