I Review Things: ICE CREAM SUICIDE | “I.S.C.R.E.A.M.”

Cover art for alt-idol denpacore idol group ICE CREAM SUICIDE's debut EP I.S.C.R.E.A.M.

I can’t remember a promised debut that generated more excitement among our little community than ICE CREAM SUICIDE’s. Hell, I was practically beside myself at the thought — between the name and the art and the sophisticated introductory campaign of three groups by a newcomer agency and the inclusion of former Bellheart member Anna-chan, it all seemed like the idol world had heard our pleas and put together a special little project just for us.

And then they had their live debut, and BOY were a lot of people confused. Instead of a -core-riddled harsh idol project speckled with yami-kawaii violence, we got what sounded like a safe, contemporary-standard denpa-style pop song. I remember the Twitter chatter that day: Had we been had? Like, of course denpa makes sense because it’s so hot right now, but where’s the rock? Sanity did ultimately prevail and people seemed to reach a consensus agreement to withhold actual judgment until the debut EP, I.S.C.R.E.A.M., was released.

So what does I.S.C.R.E.A.M. sound like? What does ICE CREAM SUICIDE bring to the world? On to the review! Continue reading


ICE CREAM SUICIDE’s Launch Party Recap

Here’s the show!

ICE CREAM SUICIDE- I.S.C.R.E.A.M by idolvizion

c/o @Kirby_metal & @@d0fph0t0

To the surprise of some but also somewhat obviously in retrospect, ICE CREAM SUICIDE is rocking a denpa style. We’ll see along the way if they have anything else going on, but that’s what we have so far.

It will be 19:00 JST in about 10 minutes, which means that ICE CREAM SUICIDE’s debut party will start and Niconico Douga will have the live broadcast. Continue reading


More Details on ICE CREAM SUICIDE … and Friends!

Based solely on an image, a website and an association that’s now been dead for months, the announcement of ICE CREAM SUICIDE kind of blew the hell up over the last 48 or so hours. And what’s not to be excited about? Between the pastels and the extremely clever wordplay and the “are all of those girls holding guns?” of it all, one would be hard-pressed to not draw conclusions that this might be a project worth keeping tabs on.

And not even 24 hours later …

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I Have Never Been So Optimistic in My Entire Life

You. Guys. The weirdest damn thing came across my Twitter feed last night.

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