Inspiration, Perspiration: The New Homicidols Dot Com

It is never too late in the year to start taking good habits. And this year is no different.

Burnt out by the massive graduations that have befallen our fandom, Team Homicidols was looking for the best way to get those sweet, sweet endorphins to go on with our lives.

From here on out, Homicidols is a fitness-focused website with a theme of idols. Idols’ hard work is nothing if not inspiring, and you need to stay fit to keep these shows going!

Expect apparel reviews, workouts and more!

Let’s get sweating!

Three Years Later, How Is This Still a Thing?

Well, happy birthday to Homicidols Dot Com, I guess! That was yesterday, if you’re keeping score at home, but I wasn’t in the mood to finish this thing that’s been in the works for a few weeks, so let’s do it a day late and pretend it’s because the cake needed to be replaced or something.  Continue reading

Best of 2018 Ballot #2

The only ballot still open is #3!

Second ballot, team, taking us to about the 2/3 point. There were some tough choices and even individual disappointments in the first set, so guess what lies ahead! This is a good group of stuff, though, and what I think some people took to be omissions earlier will start to step forward. Just ask the people of Philadelphia: Trust the process.

So who you gonna vote for? Continue reading

Best of 2018 Ballot #1

Sorry gang, voting on this ballot is closed!

It’s time! It’s time! We got here, friends, and we literally couldn’t have done it without you. After completely crowdfunding the Homicidols Best Of in 2016 and 17 and driving people completely nuts, Kerrie developed a plan to not only better track the best things over the course of the year, but make it easier to drill down to what was the best of the best. And what’s the best of those? We’ll take care of that this week!

Yes, this is the idol awards show that’s pretty much entirely your will. Of course I and Team have independent thoughts, and of course we will share those in due time, but the real awards are the ones that you all, the folks in the community, will elect. Try not to mess it up!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. We’ll run all 17 categories across three different ballots over the course of the week, each ballot staying open for three days
  2. Do try to only submit one ballot per, uh, ballot
  3. Have a favorite? Tell your dang friends to vote!
  4. Or get really wild and tag your favorite idols in a few tweets and see if they mobilize to win!
  5. In the event of a tie, all tie-ers win

And to motivate folks a little bit and make good on a promise that I made a couple of months back, I’m asking (not requiring though!) on each ballot submitted that you share an email address and/or other way of knowing who you are. After all is said and done, I’m going to pull 10 names from all ballots submitted and mail those lucky ducks a … mix tape of sorts. Not like the most valuable thing ever, but maybe something you’ll dig.

Anyway, we have a bunch of Best Of to get through, and time’s a-wastin’. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Consider These Gyu-no Fes Highlights

Haven’t done one of these in a while! In an earlier era, it was commonplace ’round these parts to do video digests from big events — TIF in particular, but @JAM and Idol Koushien and things too — to help folks get better acquainted with names that they may have encountered, or expose theretofore unknown idols to new audiences — and I got away from it because it increasingly seemed like people were coming in with a little more knowledge and a lot more of an idea of what they’re looking for.

Nonetheless, partly because Gyu-no Fes was the first big idol event that I encountered in the first few months of, and partly because I’ve always appreciated it, and even more partly because it’s just really good and cool, here’s a whole mess of video from over the weekend:

Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Plus new “Louvre no sora” at 10:58 or so

Continue reading

Get into the Season with an Idol Advent Calendar

Let’s play a game, shall we? No, not the Friday Fun, though we should all of course play that, especially if it’s Watanabe-related, as doing so gives Garry the vapors. But no, today, I thought that we might all enjoy becoming part of a big ol’ community wide project of appreciation that’s perfect for this time of year and even have a handy-dandy existing model to ride shotgun with.

If you’re Christian, or even just familiar with Christian (and Christian-derived and/or Christian-appropriated) holidays, you know that Christmas is right around the corner. You may also be aware of the church season called Advent, which is basically the equivalent of watching the BiS audition, except that you know who wins before it even starts, and also it’s several weeks long. Many people, in fact, dispense with the liturgical trappings and cut right to the chase, turning Advent into a functional Days in December until Christmas thing. And, because it’s cool and good to find ways to spruce up the holidays despite their high degree of pre-existing spruce, folks often have Advent calendars that, on a daily basis, dispense candy or toys or booze to mark the passage of time until baby Jesus’s birthday.

Basically, Advent calendars are boss as hell, and Things That Are Boss As Hell is a category that includes idols, so it only stood to reason that somebody — in this case, our very own Papermaiden — would find a way to combine the two: Continue reading

Let’s Call It a Joint Gift: Introducing the Homicidols Idol Calendar

About a week ago, Kerrie messaged me with an idea: What about a calendar? I’ll admit that I’d considered it, but figured it was too much of a lift to want to make go. What do you update with? What if you forget something? How much extra work would it be? But our intrepid Weeaboo Witch accepted the challenge of helping out at least, and I did some poking around and, well, here we go (you can also see the calendar in the navigation).

It works like this! I’ll be as attentive as possible to things as I find out about them, and so will Kerrie … and so will you! Yes: While the calendar plug-in I wanted to use didn’t come with a community submission form without paying more money than it’d have been worth, it did come with free HTML fields, and I have a few form builders handy and, yeah.

What’s it for? Continue reading

Get Ready for the Classiest Friday Night You’ve Ever Had

I don’t know what’s happening in California these days, but it’s apparently infecting people’s brain waves. Those silly people at A-to-J Connections are having me on the A-to-J Talks podcast again tonight.

What’ll we be talking about? Continue reading

Calling All Spooky Idol Moments

Hello gang! There’s a completely different gif party planned for tomorrow, but I’ve been remiss in helping Kerrie get the word out about a special Halloween project (in addition to the various other seasonal doodads going on):

So! If you’re on Twitter, tweet spooky, scary, intense, Halloweeny videos to @weeaboowitch (now a very appropriate handle); if you’re not on Twitter, you can add them to the comments here. Continue reading