Let’s Talk the Best Stuff This Year

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Inside the Homicidol Mind: The Unassuming Heart of BiSH

Hot off the heels of those great interviews with Aina and liNGliNG, the same translator (who you should follow and praise) provides another IDOL AND READ sit-down with a BiSH member, in this case maybe the greatest enigma of all, Momoko GUMi Company.

From afar, she’s the tiny blonde girl with the bowl cut who can barely be bothered to lip-sync and always winds up being the butt of Watanabe’s cruelty. But what about on the inside? What would possess a total newbie to want to join BiSH? What was it like to join an idol group laden with talent? Who is she closest to? What is it that she’s writing about in her songs, and why are those songs always so good? Continue reading


Inside the Homicidol Mind: Don’t Fear the liNGliNG

After that really interesting, at-times-heartbreaking interview with Aina the End, the IDOL AND READ features on the BiSH members (and others!) have taken on a kind of urgency as must-read items.

As for liNGliNG, objectively one of the weirdest-seeming people in idol? What makes her tick? Who are her favorite idols? What about BiS vs. BiSH? The stage performance? Continue reading


This Twisted Gif Party Is All about the Perversion

[Maniac: This post is why I don’t give Kerrie self-publishing privileges. Nonetheless, the @weeaboowitch asks, the @weeaboowitch gets.]

Hey everyone, its me again! Where was I last week? I was at Wack HQ pestering Watanabe to make the BiSwagon a reality and turn it into a travelling circus. My Japanese isn’t too great, but I think he said something like “Get the fuck out of here before I release Lui from her idol dungeon!” I think he listened though, because have you heard that circus-y theme of the new BiS song? 😉

Last week Maniac took over in my absence and did a better job than I ever could. Last week he asked you to swap around some idols. Don’t think I wasn’t paying attention. Not only did I relay your ideas to Watanabe before I heard the fearsome growling of a hungry twentysomething idol leader, I came up with a couple of my own, too! Lets see the best of all the submissions!

[Maniac: I won’t even pretend that Kerri’s top entry wasn’t the winner by far.]

Now this week, we’re gonna ask you to turn up that smooth jazz, put on something a little more comfortable and contact your nearest Tenga supplier because this week we’re getting all sick and twisted and erotic in here! Continue reading


Idol Is Art

Here’s another one for you fine people to chew on.

Brian turned me on to this translated blog post at Babymetal Newswire, originally by anime director Yamamoto Yukata, that’s interesting in a lot of ways for its ruminations on the Tokyo Dome performances from an artistic perspective (if you missed Daemon’s Red Night and Black Night dispatches, there’s another chance).

The money quote is Babymetal being at “the forefront of contemporary art,” as the title suggests, but it’s the reason that gets me: While Babymetal may not quite hit all the right notes all the time or be quite as perfect in their stage performance as often seems to be the case, its in the commitment to this thing they’re doing, this creation of personae and acting within them, that makes them perfect idols, and attaining that level of idol is an art in and of itself.

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Let’s Have Some Goofy Fun; Join the Homicidol Gif Party

Kerrie, the @weeaboowitch, is back to usher us into what I hope we can turn into a regular thing: #GIFParty! Start planning now and follow along … and remember Kerrie’s Redbubble store!

Well, I couldn’t really think of a good intro for this, so let’s get right to the point; I’m financially incapable of going to any nightclubs, so let’s throw a gif party!

Gif of Koshouji Megumi sniffing chopsticks to Kamiya Saki's reaction

We’re hoping to maybe make this a weekly thing, but first here’s a little trial run. This weekend, we want you to post as many alternative/rebel idol gifs as possible! If we get enough, then next week we’ll post our favourites.

This week’s theme, appropriately for this first attempt, is getting right to one of the core things of why we love Homicidols; good old-fashioned craziness. Post gifs of your favourite idols being silly, scary, completely ott on Twitter under the hashtag #IdolsGoneWild. Continue reading


A Homicidol Super Group Has Formed: Meet NATASHA

I still can’t believe this, and I just watched Pour Lui sing “primal.” live while all of the other BiS auditioneers watched like awestruck schoolgirls.

Seriously, brace yourselves. This is like the sum of all fears.

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Let’s Mix It up a Little: When Idol Goes Hip-hop

Stop your complaining! These days, if it isn’t BiS/H, it’s Babymetal, with sprinklings of other stuff. It’s not my fault that a whole bunch of the idol world is just doing a bunch of shows and festivals right now, or having heartbreaking last one-mans; if I want to keep things moving, and ON A SUNDAY, I gotta get creative.

This post was inspired by the following message from our good friend and fellow Know Your BiStory conspirator @weeaboowitch:

Yep, we manage to include BiS in everything anymore.

That’s right. It’s time to talk hip-hop idols. Continue reading


So about that Phase II Thing I Keep Referring To

It’s only fair that I let you know why I’m trying to recruit people to help out around here and why I asked you all for a little demographic info and why I keep referring to something that has to happen eventually or the people who make fun of me in various fora will just have even more fuel.

I’ve explained before that this site isn’t a vanity project or “just” a hobby (frankly, the only reason I even care about traffic numbers is because this). I started this because I learned about cool music and wanted to put my professional skills in web management etc. to use in helping other people learn about that cool music.

The site has done a lot better than I thought it would, and our community is a lot bigger than I thought it’d be, and all of that a lot faster than I thought was possible. So good job! Continue reading


Let’s Have Stupid Fun Planning a Tokyo Trip for 2020


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