Invest in Holy Water if You Can: Another Hanako-san Guitar Cover

Just one week left until Halloween! At least once per day, I’m going to do my damnedest* to make sure that something on par with the spirit of the season makes its way onto I mean, yeah, that tends to be the case around here, anyway, and I’ve been pointing out all the spooky/violent/scary/mind-blowing stuff for a good long while, but whatever.

In this case, our friend Santa Sangre returns, having survived the maelstrom that is “Human Die!!”, with another guitar cover of a Hanako-san “classic”:**


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More People Should Do Hanako-san Guitar Covers

I was looking for some Hanako-san video the other night for a completely different reason and stumbled over this fun bit of YouTuber Santa Sangre covering the crap out of “Human Die!!”

Have a blessed Saturday.


Hanako-san Lost Her Head over This Awesome Fan Art

We’re a talented bunch; whether it’s putting together the BiS Audition Hunger Games to imagining the strange dystopia of #StateOfIdol2020, we’re great at turning our love of idols into fun, interesting things. Alula Sumendap, who you may know on Twitter as @babytarantula, is contributing some cool illustration work.

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Yeah, I Think Hanako-san’s Album Might Be Worth It

Possibly the world’s only grindcore idol, Hanako-san, just released her … I don’t know if “much-anticipated” is half as accurate as “dreaded” or “feared,” but it’s out! Her first album! And the early reviews are that it’s basically inexplicable!

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This Means War

So a funny little thing happened today after I posted about Hanako-san:


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Hanako-san Is Amazing

I’m basically just ganking stuff off of Pure Idol Heart left and right anymore, and credit again goes there. Here’s Hanako-san, an absolute terror of a human being, doing her thing like only she can:

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There Is No Hope, Only Pain: Hanako-san Is Releasing a Full Album

I know!

Can I just say that I hope MURDER VCR is the actual name of the record label? Amazing.

It seems like just a couple of months ago (and it was!) that folks almost doubted Hanako-san’s provenance, like she was just this weird underground sideshow who threw things and gave toilet paper as a gift and screamed. OH SO MUCH SCREAMING. Continue reading


OH GOOD: You’ll Actually Be Able to Buy Hanako-san’s Single Thingy

I do actually love her. So this is actually a benefit:

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This Hanako-san Thing Finally Makes Sense

I saw this …

Via Idol 2.0

… and was just going to post it up by itself in a way of artistically expressing, wordlessly but powerfully, how profoundly moving and compelling of introspection Hanako-san truly is, a perfect example of performance art.

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So Did She Kill the Guy?

Take no chances when Hanako-san is around.