Rumor Has It That You Can Buy This Hanako-san Shirt Online

Just passing along info:

You can order from here, allegedly. I cannot vouch for that, nor that there is, in fact, international shipping, but it’s worth looking into if you’ve not only always wanted a Hanako-san T-shirt, but wanted a Hanako-san T-shirt that depicts here as one of the Garbage Pail Kid. Continue reading


Hail to the Victor! The Idol Nightmare Contest Finale

That was fun, and you guys are a little bit concerning! In the end, we almost didn’t have an outright winner, and I was not relishing having to be the deciding vote-caster and was ready to have Mrs. Maniac do the deed instead, but, between emails and PMs (well, one PM) and comments on the original post, we managed to get a little bit of separation.

First, the runners-up!

Third Place

Our very own Weeaboo Witch’s vision of a poop-themed BiSH movie was good and funny!

Second Place

There was a tie here:

I missed that Hanako-san submission earlier and feel kind of bad about it, because it’s really cool, as is this wonderful reimagining of PASSPO as classic horror characters. I’m glad you two tied here instead of for #1!

And the winner is … Continue reading


Invest in Holy Water if You Can: Another Hanako-san Guitar Cover

Just one week left until Halloween! At least once per day, I’m going to do my damnedest* to make sure that something on par with the spirit of the season makes its way onto I mean, yeah, that tends to be the case around here, anyway, and I’ve been pointing out all the spooky/violent/scary/mind-blowing stuff for a good long while, but whatever.

In this case, our friend Santa Sangre returns, having survived the maelstrom that is “Human Die!!”, with another guitar cover of a Hanako-san “classic”:**


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More People Should Do Hanako-san Guitar Covers

I was looking for some Hanako-san video the other night for a completely different reason and stumbled over this fun bit of YouTuber Santa Sangre covering the crap out of “Human Die!!”

Have a blessed Saturday.


Hanako-san Lost Her Head over This Awesome Fan Art

We’re a talented bunch; whether it’s putting together the BiS Audition Hunger Games to imagining the strange dystopia of #StateOfIdol2020, we’re great at turning our love of idols into fun, interesting things. Alula Sumendap, who you may know on Twitter as @babytarantula, is contributing some cool illustration work.

I call her first submission Hanako-san at Her Cutest. Continue reading


Yeah, I Think Hanako-san’s Album Might Be Worth It

Possibly the world’s only grindcore idol, Hanako-san, just released her … I don’t know if “much-anticipated” is half as accurate as “dreaded” or “feared,” but it’s out! Her first album! And the early reviews are that it’s basically inexplicable!

One particularly nice YouTuber snuck a track online. Hold on to your butts. Continue reading


This Means War

So a funny little thing happened today after I posted about Hanako-san:


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Hanako-san Is Amazing

I’m basically just ganking stuff off of Pure Idol Heart left and right anymore, and credit again goes there. Here’s Hanako-san, an absolute terror of a human being, doing her thing like only she can:

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There Is No Hope, Only Pain: Hanako-san Is Releasing a Full Album

I know!

Can I just say that I hope MURDER VCR is the actual name of the record label? Amazing.

It seems like just a couple of months ago (and it was!) that folks almost doubted Hanako-san’s provenance, like she was just this weird underground sideshow who threw things and gave toilet paper as a gift and screamed. OH SO MUCH SCREAMING. Continue reading


OH GOOD: You’ll Actually Be Able to Buy Hanako-san’s Single Thingy

I do actually love her. So this is actually a benefit:

Here’s what it sounds like! Continue reading