All This Talk about Rules: Let’s Consider Guso Drop’s

In case you somehow missed the Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da thing or the Sakura Yuki thing, we’ve been talking about the rules of idol quite a bit lately — what they mean, their effects on the people involved, the ancillary and collateral outcomes, etc.

Never really ones for “normal” when it comes to idol, Guso Drop has rules of their own, distilling the unique will of their producer. They are about what you’d expect:

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A Bunch of Wild Stuff from the Guso Drop Family

This whole business started with this post in the Guso Drop fan group on Facebook:

The whole set is here, and it’s impressive:

Now, I don’t know about anybody else, but the YouTube recommendations with this are like a trip down A-minor Alley: Continue reading


A Look at NEXT Shoujo Jiken’s Launch Party

As we got to see the other day, NEXT Shoujo Jiken’s kind-of-long-awaited first full album, OVER THE NEXT, was released yesterday, and Mai and company held a little release party and live performance at a diskunion store in Shimokitazawa. This is just some of the action:

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Say Hi to the New (& Improved?) Guso Drop

So the queens of underground idolcore, the inimitable Guso Drop, are on the verge of losing their leader. That’s sad. But they also have a fresh new release supported by a raucous video. That’s not sad at all! And they’re also taking the big positive steps toward their own sustainability by rolling out three new members to join in full once Saki transitions out:

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Guso Drop’s New Video Will Light a Fire under Your Ass

It’s here! Guso Drop’s first real video in like forever!

Made you look! That’s actually just video from Anna’s birthday live the other day. Pretty decent cover of “Headbanger!!” at any rate. No, it’s the “Gushin” video that you came for, and it’s the “Gushin” video that you’ll get. Continue reading


Who Wants to See Guso Drop’s New PV?

The correct answer is “I do! I do!” if you’re a fan. And it should be even if you aren’t, because while the pun doesn’t actually make any sense (or even actually be a pun, given that the title is something different), this is exciting-ass stuff:

And speaking of idolcore-as-hell

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Guso Drop to … uh, Drop More Vinyl

I’ll just let John do the heavy lifting:

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Seismic: Saki Is Leaving Guso Drop

The end of the year will be the end of Saki’s time in Guso Drop. The Heaviest Idol in the World is losing its center.

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Thank the Universe for Video of My Favorite Guso Drop Song

Man, ever since I got to enjoy the actual Guso Drop version of “No. 18” on their very good Mushi EP, I’ve been meaning to try to find some live video of it. Fortunately, it showed up on the Guso Drop Facebook group yesterday, thereby saving me the hassle of having to type things into a YouTube search.

Thanks again, Viz!

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What’s Cooking in Guso Drop’s Kitchen?

Guso Drop fans, set your stomachs to churning:

In news so important they made the note in English, Guso Drop will be revealing something of big-ass importance at their second anniversary show next month. Unless the syntax is just that weird and the news is the time and money and 2& stuff. Which would be weird.

Hold on to your butts.