We Keep Losing Idols from Poroporo Baroque

We’ve had some turnover (dramatic at that!) within the original Adopt-An-Idols, Poroporo Baroque, and the hits continue. I’m a little bit late to the party, unfortunately; today was already Mirumo’s last day with the group:

This time, it’s not a whole mess of anger or frustration, but a simple desire to have a bit of life back. She left Osaka to move to Tokyo to be part of this wild idol thing, and she’s lonely and wants to go home (TY Pukovnik Krv & @metalheadxXx). Fair enough! Continue reading



This is a sad, if predictable, end to the whole situation we laid out a couple of weeks ago. Kanna, the active half of BUNNY KISS, tweeted this on Monday:

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Nothing Ever Changes: Aza and Gomochi Are out of Zenkimi

It was all anti-climactic in the end. Hollywood tweets by Mashiro were just window dressing:

This news item on the Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da website says it all; Aza is withdrawing immediately, and Gomochi at the end of December.


I have caused a lot of harm with the pictures that leaked and by my actions. Members, staff members and related personnel, fans who have supported me, I feel like I have let you all down.

I originally planned on retiring this month due to poor health. However, i never thought i had to retire due to this case that caused a whole lot of trouble for all involved. I truly am sorry.

Everyone who supported me and cheered me on, I truly thank you. Starting today, I will officially withdraw from the group. Thank you.

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Cure Is Officially Down to Two Members

File this under The Most Random News Imaginable But Maniac Wanted an Excuse to Post Cure Again.

If you’re familiar with Osaka’s Cure, you know them as a powerful duo who really don’t look the part of shred-throated, darkness-powered metal idols, but there you go. If you’ve looked into them, though, you may have noticed that they have long listed a third member who, for almost all of 2016, has been on hiatus for health reasons.

Well, she’s officially out.

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There Are Actual Kamen Joshi Graduations

Fans of the Mask can feel a little sadness, as a pair of long-time members of the Alice Project’s top units are out.

screen cap from the Idolmetal group on Facebook on the graduation of two Kamen Joshi members

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A Dark Day: Now Hotaru Is Leaving NECRONOMIDOL

It’s actually quite pleasant outside, so she must be content with the decision.

I did not expect to see this in my feed when I woke up (late) this morning:

Hotaru’s going to be following on Kusaka Karen’s heels and graduating to (ironically) enroll in university. Her final appearance as a Dark Girl will be either on the 29th or at the Corazon Fest (genuinely a good bill!) in December (I can’t tell and translators suck).

This one stings. Continue reading


So Is BUNNY KISS Imploding or Something?

Warning: This post contains higher levels of better-informed speculation than almost anything ever. But it’s a weird story! And still with lots of unknowns! But it’s worth getting some info.

First things first: Remember BUNNY KISS? That was fun. We should do more ska.

So Patrick of Idolmetal group fame reached out the other day with some interesting info — it seems like Carua, one half of BUNNY KISS, tweeted out an I Quit statement on Friday.

If you can Japanese and can fill in some of the blanks, please do!

The crux of the matter is that she alleges abuse by management, and she’s not going to take it anymore. For what it’s worth, she hasn’t tweeted since; also for what it’s worth, she also tweeted out a bunch of idol-obligatory photos and performance updates on the same day; even more for what it’s worth, Carua is normally pretty Twitter-active.

On Saturday, BUNNY KISS’s live went on as planned, with Carua’s performance partner, Kanna, rolling solo:

Reminds me of when this happened

But that’s not all that’s happening! Continue reading


The Bellring Girls Heart Farewell Keeps Getting Interestinger

So we already know about the aptly named Shallow Grave tour, and the presence of BRGH friends You’ll Melt More and PassCode on it for unique collaborative shows (Bell Melt More! BellCode!). But Shallow Grave keeps getting fleshed out, and the schedule’s getting into a real scenester Who’s Who:

That is not bad at all. Continue reading


The First Real Tokyo Rockets News in Forever Is a Graduation

I’m pretty sure that the last time I had occasion to post anything related to Tokyo Rockets was this old post. Kinda thought they might be going somewhere! But they’ve been fairly quiet since releasing their debut single a year and a half ago, just performing when and where appropriate.

And then, poof, just the other day, they lost their leader, Yano Yuuki:

I initially read that as “our graduation show” and just about spit

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More Membership Changes in PoroPoro Baroque

The original Adopt-An-Idol has been slowly but surely churning their way through the underground since their official debut a few months back, following in the wake of big sisters Guso Drop and getting onto the same bills as a few other names we’d recognize. And good for them! It’s a serious grind.

But they’ve also had their share of difficulties, and delicious difficulties they’ve been if you’re a fan of angst. First was Miyabi a couple of months ago, quitting because of the burden of work and school and spawning just heart-rending stuff from her former mates.

Everything from here coming directly from our friend Pukovnik Krv, as always; also the stuff above, because he’s a good source!

In the meantime, the group added Yori (go say hello) a few weeks ago and was continuing as a quartet.

And then Urara, one of the founding-founding members, dropped this bomb:

The reasons to get out?

2.5 hour one-way commute, lack of sleep due to getting home 1am and getting up for uni at 5, Uni stress, vocal cord polyps, mental problems, then she got pissed off at fans for badmouthing her for being self-centred when Miyabi left and she said she’d drag Porobaro forward by herself if needed

Now. While I very much appreciate the fact that the young lady showed a ton of bravado and scrappiness and let herself get pissed at fans who treated her poorly … what the hell, fans? I often draw analogies to North American pro sports, and any time I see wota get mad at idols because said teenager/young adult did something emotional or impetuous, I think about the way people piled shit on the likes of Sidney Crosby and Bryce Harper and even Freddy Adu not because of actual things they did wrong, but because they acted the way young people will sometimes in stressful, hormone-driven situations.

Anyway. Support your idols, people. You don’t have to love everything they do, but there’s a difference between not responding much when they perform (like, if they suck and/or are boring) and being abusive enough that somebody’s going to quit over it.

If you’re an Urara fan, her new personal Twitter is @ulalachann, and the Poro2Baro version is going away soon.