Saki’s Graduation from Guso Drop Brought the Past and Future Together

Among all of the brutal graduations of 2016, the departure of Guso Drop’s Saki from the group she’d help make into the underground’s heavyweight champions was understandably a sad loss for fans (and poor Boss didn’t seem to be taking it well, either). The final live with the group’s long-time center was, of course, a very fun show, and it also brought out an old friend and the new guns.

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The Edge of Goodbye: Bellheart Goes out in Style

Bellring Girls Heart went into dormancy yesterday with their HELLO WORLD live that was streamed live on YouTube and then, after a little while, mercilessly taken away from us, thereby robbing untold dozens of international fans of the opportunity to see idol’s murder of crows go out like only they could.

Good thing for us, then, that Bellheart re-published the video!

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Just One More Heartbreak Graduation for the Year! Natsuki out of Avandoned

Why ever love anything?

Our pal Brian at Supreme Nothing let me know about this a few days ago: Natsuki had such a sudden departure back around the 20th that she’s not even having a farewell show. She’s just out.

This post on the Avandoned website sums it up: It’s apparently creative / direction differences (and, given the tenor of the whole thing, probably some personal issues too). Her Instagram is gone (HOW WILL WE KNOW WHAT SHE’S HAVING FOR DINNER?!), but Twitter has a long string of messages that contain her farewell thoughts and thanks:

Literally just start with that one; it goes on a bit

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Watch Bellring Girls Heart’s Last Live Right Now

It looks like the stream is over; there’ll hopefully be caps of it available soon.

Man, a guy goes to sleep expecting recordings, not to wake up to a live stream of the end of an era.

Embedding’s been disabled, so click here for the YouTube stream of the HELLO WORLD final performance of Bellring Girls Heart, going back through their huge catalog.

The stream will end; when that happens, it’ll hopefully have been archived, and I’ll update accordingly.


Gomochi’s Goodbye and a New Start for Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

The final nail in The Great Zenkimi Scandal of 2016 was hammered in a few hours ago tonight (ha) at Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s year-ending one-man at LIQUID. Any hope for a respite for idol’s tiny, tiny blue angel were dashed, but Zenkimi’s shape of things to come is an attractive one, anyway.

First, Gomochi. Yes: Gone.

I can see Mashiro’s teeth. Is that a smile? She still feels human emotions? Unreal.

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Mugen Regina Goes Gentle into That Good Night

It’s official: After their third one-man the other night, Mugen Regina, Last Idol Standing from the Life Is Sweet Music / Luna Factory family, has suspended activities, with alumni and friends in attendance for one final go with the fans:

We knew about the suspension/hiatus/death going back a while, but now Maako (after 238 shows!) is officially retiring. And so ends one of the worst possible years an agency could have, with the rebooted group falling apart and the effective face of the company going solo and the other reboot kind of withering on the vine in painful slow motion. Continue reading


Oh, So This Is What Happened to Those DEVIL GUN Lyric Videos

This news is actually a couple of days old, but it’s funny.

So by way of background: DEVIL GUN, if you weren’t aware, is one of the three groups launched by the newish ANFORT agency a few months ago. The leader of sorts and most notable was ICE CREAM SUICIDE, whose I.S.C.R.E.A.M. EP is not bad but who managed to get expectations of Death by Music so high that their denpa-rock hybrid sound at debut was met with obligatory polite surprise and a whole lot of WTF online.

DEVIL GUN, on the other hand, took forever to debut (but not as long as PANIC MAGIC!), but at least had the promise of being the heavy part of the ANFORT trio behind them, and some teaser stuff here and there to back it up. We were excited, and even moreso when they made it known that they’d be releasing one lyric video per week during the month of December. Finally, we’d all get a chance to experience DEVIL GUN as they were meant to be experienced!

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Inside the Homicidol Mind: Aza (ex) from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

Saving maybe not the best for last, but definitely the cruelest — most of the tears openly cried during the Zenkimi Incident were on Aza’s behalf, and she’s to date the only member to make her withdrawal.

This has been a pretty good series! Not all of the commentaries were tremendously insightful (Yotsu: I’m messy but Gomochi cleans my place), but they all did give a look in at the people behind one of many Western fans’ favorite groups. For reference’s sake, here’s Megumi, Yotsu, Mashiro and Gomochi.

As for Aza, what is her real disposition? What makes her go? And what does she really see in Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da? As always, you could go read the whole thing, or you could follow the jump for the translation. Continue reading


Is There Ever Good News from Bakuon Dolls Syndrome?

Doesn’t seem like! Other than finding out that the group was, in fact, continuing after whatever unpleasantness caused the project to go on hold a while back, we don’t see performance video or new releases or anything. And now a graduation.

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We Keep Losing Idols from Poroporo Baroque

We’ve had some turnover (dramatic at that!) within the original Adopt-An-Idols, Poroporo Baroque, and the hits continue. I’m a little bit late to the party, unfortunately; today was already Mirumo’s last day with the group:

This time, it’s not a whole mess of anger or frustration, but a simple desire to have a bit of life back. She left Osaka to move to Tokyo to be part of this wild idol thing, and she’s lonely and wants to go home (TY Pukovnik Krv & @metalheadxXx). Fair enough! Continue reading