PiGU, I Love You, Why Is There So Much Drama?

Hey, remember how PiGU had five members when they first appeared here, and then all of a sudden they didn’t have that many, and then they spent most of the summer as a duo, and then suddenly were up to four and then five? Me too! That was … well, it was an excuse to keep listening to PiGU, who do make it easy, what with new video all the time and stuff.

Anyway, guess who’s going through another bout of membership madness? Just translate your way through this string of tweets:

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Bellheart’s Shallow Grave with PassCode & Yurumerumo!

You may have heard about Bellring Girls Heart being gutted in the very near future when Ayano and Mizuho graduate, and the group going on a I-believe-it-this-time temporary hiatus before a very soft reboot next year.

What you may not have heard about is how they’re going to go out as vividly as possible.

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Going Solo: Change at DISDOL & a New Future for Takahashi Natsumi

Graduations usually suck, but this is a case where it might wind up being a win-win for just about everybody. Takahashi Natsumi, leader of DISDOL going back to the beginning, is graduating and going solo.

This blog post from DISDOL sums it up: Natsumi’s graduation is more or less immediate (though her last live is yet to be scheduled), and Tsuki Airi will take over leadership duties.

Airi seems to be excited

This new listing on Bell Agency’s website has more info on Natsumi’s solo project (not much). And what’s that about funding? Continue reading


The Dark Girls Are Down One Kusaka Karen

We’ve known for a little while that Karen was leaving NECRONOMIDOL at the appointed time, and that came yesterday and honestly, it is kind of sad. There hasn’t been additional media yet (blog post, etc.), but we do have this nice photo from after the live:

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Demon Clowns Are Sad Clowns Now: Two Graduations from Bokura no Oyugi

I’ve always had really high hopes for the 666-worshipping clowns in Bokura no Oyugi, given that the only track they’ve ever made public is exactly what you’d expect from a group that’s been all about being the idol version of Twisted Metal. But, sadness now, as the two people I’ve always taken to be the driving force behind the group, Ruru Summertree and Mickey Eight Doors (yes), are both graduating:

That’ll leave Bokurano at four members, three of whom they added over the summer. And thank goodness that they’re also touting their updated website and photos, because it means that maybe they’ll still be able to stick around long enough to release more brain-blending music (you can read Mickey’s blog post about all of this). And there’s something else interesting here, too. Continue reading


Holy Shit, Bellring Girls Heart Is Losing Graduates and Taking a Break

Ayano and Mizuho are graduating, and, if I’m reading this right, Bellheart’s putting things on hold at the end of the year pending a reboot:

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An End and New Beginning for Mugen Regina

After all of the drama, what was practically a fait accompli going all the way back to June is now official — Suzuki Ayame is done with Mugen Regina:

You can read the official statement from Luna Factory here, as well as Ayame’s letter (if you can Japanese). And as if to lend credence to her actually being ill (for once), she’s not even going to get a farewell event with fans:

Or, possibly, somebody burned a bridge or something. I’ve largely given up hope of ever understanding what the hell’s going on behind the scenes.

However, all of that being acknowledged, Mugen Regina is in fact moving on. Continue reading


My Girl Samitsu Misa Is Retiring and Taking Her Parade with Her

Well poop. I was legitimately excited about Misa and her out-there brand of idol+goth+metal stuff+alt-rock+pumpkins, and here she is hanging it up for good.

Happier times

Dokodemo Music is calling it an “indefinite hiatus,” but we know what that means. Continue reading


GANG PARADE’s Membership Update

No, it’s not another member leaving (not yet, at least), but an update on the Maaya situation that sent tongues wagging. So much wagging!

I’ll just let you go ahead and click through on that link. It’s just as terse a statement as when her withdrawal was announced in the first place, but they let her publish one last blog post, so you can go read it, too. Continue reading


The Graduation Purge Next Hits 30POSSE

The other day, I wrote this:

Typo notwithstanding, I’ll stand by that; every time I see a new tweet from @goodbyeidol, my butt clenches up a little bit. WHO’S IT GONNA BE THIS TIME?! Mostly, it’s idols nobody seeing this post has ever heard of; every now and again, though, it’s a group you know that’s going to disband, or even just a particular member on her way out.

Such was the case here. One half of the cool idol groups from Yamaguchi, 30POSSE, is saying goodbye to their leader: Continue reading