Catching up with Gokigen Teikoku with Gusto

Well, I guess I’m the Gokigen Correspondent, too, now, even though I only really got properly into them a few months ago. No, this doesn’t mean I’m starting an “Ichiho’s YouTube Dungeon” column — writing bad BiS fan fiction takes up enough of my time as it is — you can forget me diving headfirst into the years of Gokitei YouTube lore that would be longer than every Harry Potter book combined.

But anyway, lots of fresh new news coming from the Gokitrain this past week!

First things first, Ponto Pero safely gave birth to a newborn purple member! Congratulations!

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Gekijo-ban Has a Message for You

Everybody knows how idol works by now, the synergistic relationship between idol and wota, the oft-unrealized mutual draw to one another resulting in either a meaningful existence or complete dissolution*. But while every White T-shirt Guy spends hours and gold on his idols, what does he get in return? A few moments of chit-chat and an insta photo? All the wota ever wants is recognition that the idol cares about and respects them as well!

Gokigen Teikoku to the rescue!

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Here’s the Winning Gokigen Teikoku Fan-edited MV

Well, guys, I hate to break your hearts, but neither Terry nor Viz Major nor any of a number of us otherwise won Gekijo-ban’s contest to create the official MV for “Important Announcement”:

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I Really Like How Gokigen Teikoku Is Sounding

Sebastian shared this on Facebook yesterday, and I had originally drafted up a little post about the fan contest to do their MV (see below), but you know how you get curious about a thing and start looking through members’ stuff?

Yeah, Ichigo with the studio cut:

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Oh Snap, Gekijo-ban Had a New MV Yesterday

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and what luck that the indiest idols of all, Gokigen Teikoku, released an MV for the song long known as “HKYT” but is here titled “I want to eat yakiniku with people’s money” because okay.

Warning: This is so infectious that you may need to have it surgically removed from your brain.


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Gekijo-ban, Live, Because Why Not, and Also This Interview

Happy Sunday, you goofballs. Do you know what time the Super Bowl is?* It doesn’t matter! Instead, let’s just enjoy the fact that Gokigen Teikoku decided that being all super indie in Tokyo was well and good, but to take their show on the road would be even better. Hence, they headed off to Nagoya and graced us with this bit of their live:

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Monday Match Game: Bootstrap Idols

Friends, we have a lot of fun with the Monday Match Game. Sometimes it’s punny, sometimes it’s funny, but it’s always, always … sunny? I ran out of rhymes.

Anyway! Last week, yami-kawaii obliterated yume-kawaii despite Tiffany’s protestations that they’re basically the same thing, thereby confirming that we’d rather contemplate mortality than have a heaven filled with fallen angels. Good times!

This week, the Match Game takes on a decidedly germane flavor. We’ve been talking a lot about indie idols, the kind that do it all themselves and make their own success on their own merits. There’s not a silver spoon or institutional advantage (well, probably some kawaii) in sight when these self-driven performers step into the limelight.

In this corner, throwback heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll idols whose success is so palpable that they even drag their own ex-members back into the fold; in the other corner, goofball stage antics and a musical smorgasbord from idols who actually fired their manager to take over their own affairs themselves.

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Gekijo-ban Had a Nice-looking New Year’s Party

The professional goofballs in Gokigen Teikoku had their first one-man over the weekend. It looks like it was a pretty fun time!

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Let’s All Download Gekijo-ban’s Single

I keep forgetting that you can download Gokigen Teikoku’s debut “Important Notice” single:

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This Might Be My Favorite Show I’ll Never Go To

You all know that I can’t Japanese, like at all. I can recognize names, and occasionally phrases that I’ve seen written a bunch of times and I know what they sound like and mean in English, but that’s “reading” in the sense that making Pop Tarts is “cooking.”

Nonetheless, just as Pop Tarts are delicious, so too is the ability to recognize that several idols are tweeting about the same thing, and having the good sense to look into it:

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