Gird Your Loins for Two More New GANG PARADE Songs

Another Friday, another pre-release from Barely Last for GANG PARADE. There was some panning going on after last week’s efforts; how do these ones stack up?

“テヲノバス” (Tewonobasu? Romajidesu rejects this!) sounds like another return-to-old-POP song; it’s inoffensive, and you might dig it if you’re particularly fond of electropop. Continue reading


Are You Ready for New GANG PARADE?

Probably! But the Least Stable Project in Idol of Any Kind (aka GANG PARADE) just released two of the tracks from Barely Last onto Soundcloud, and, if you’ve been following the bizarre drama of the last couple of months at all, you’re probably at least somewhat curious as to what they sound like. Curious no more!

This sounds a lot like what we’ve come to expect from Saki & the Gang, sort of in that “Queen of POP” model moreso than “We Are the IDOL.” And I can’t tell — are the SiS members in here? I wonder if there’s any influence from the SiS process in the other song! Continue reading


GANG PARADE Is Now a Vampire

Cancel the troll job! We now know the actual fate of SiS and its members:

As soon as I saw “COCO” in there, I cringed hard

Here’s Junnosuke explaining things:

If anybody wants to give that a quicky translation for us, much obliged

Continue reading


Updating the GANG PARADE Membership Update

So yesterday, it was goodbye to Maaya. Today, it’s hello to Maika:

Not gonna lie, she looks a little like their mom in that photo Continue reading


GANG PARADE’s Membership Update

No, it’s not another member leaving (not yet, at least), but an update on the Maaya situation that sent tongues wagging. So much wagging!

I’ll just let you go ahead and click through on that link. It’s just as terse a statement as when her withdrawal was announced in the first place, but they let her publish one last blog post, so you can go read it, too. Continue reading


It Looks Like GANG PARADE May Lose Another Member

May as well just come right out and say it: GANG PARADE‘s Maaya is almost certainly on the way out:

The official release on the GANG PARADE website could not be more on the nose: We’ve been in discussions, and we’re all deciding that she needs to take a break. To rest. Continue reading


Happening Now(?): This “Ghost Cannon Ball Run” Thing with BiS/H and GANG PARADE

It’s blocked in the United States and probably elsewhere, too, but Niconico will be broadcasting this … honestly, I have no idea what it’s going to be. Some kind of horror-themed live game thing?

I’m just roughly basing this off of the old BiSH Cannonball thing (whatever happened with that video, anyway?). Continue reading



Ao has had her farewell stage and said her goodbyes, but GANG PARADE wouldn’t be a WACK group if they didn’t have fairly concrete plans for the future basically immediately. So!

One-man blah blah blah. What’s most important is that a new member will be announced on Oct. 2. Yay.

/still depressed


GANG PARADE May Be the Idol, but Ao Won’t Be Anymore

I feel like I had just said something about their remarkable stick-together-itiveness, too. But yes, rather out of nowhere and while the group could not be doing any better, Shigusawa Ao is leaving GANG PARADE with her final performance at TIF.

There’s a certain poetry to that: Blowing up TIF last year was what gave The Artists Former Known as POP the shot they probably needed to really get moving (Saki’s indefinite suspension from the same notwithstanding). Ao gets to go out on the same stage (possibly) that they trashed on their way to a much higher degree of stardom.

Ao. Hug Me. Yasui. That’s a lot of movement in WACK and WACK-aligned groups in a pretty short amount of time. Mitchel. Yu-ri. Hell, fucking Pikarin. May the irresponsible rumor-mongering continue unabated!


The Denpa Is Strong with GANG PARADE’s B-side

Although they were upstaged by an old friend last week, The Artists Formerly Known as POP still put out a pretty nice single that grows on you the more you listen to it. Unlike their most recent releases, though, it sounded like they were shifting gears again, getting away from the denpa-inspired pop of “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” and “Queen of POP” to return somewhat to their Pla2me roots.

The B-side on the “WE ARE the IDOL” disc, though, is not like that at all!

I remain consistently confused by this group.