I can’t believe I’m encouraging this, and you shouldn’t believe that you’ll almost definitely spend longer than you ever thought you would watching this happen, but I’ll cop to morbid curiosity about exactly what GANG PARADE is being subjected to, and why, and what the outcome’s going to be.

ALL WEEKEND LONG (probably), check in here for:

  • Live video from the road!
  • Commentary, screen captures and goodness knows what on Twitter!
  • Ever-declining faith in humanity!

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I almost let this sick, sick event slip under the radar! Remember the whole business with GANG PARADE doing not just one super marathon per WACK’s insane traditions, but a there-and-back 200km relay haul?

That’s gonna happen tomorrow.

You can follow the whole thing on Twitter using #ギャンパレ駅伝 (GANG PARADE LONG-ASS RUN). Or you can follow what I take to be the competing teams and the individual members’ twitcasting! Continue reading


People Review Things: GANG PARADE | “Barely Last”

I really thought I was going to review Billie Idle’s bi bi bi bi bi by now, and then I didn’t and now what would be the point, really, so I was going to turn my attention to GANG PARADE and Barely Last, but a certain someone named Garry WHO HAPPENS TO BE IN JAPAN RIGHT NOW LIKE A JERK took care of it for us.

And thank goodness! We’ve already heard all of the songs and been snarky about the lineup stuff — galore! — and I’ve made mini-reviews of most of it, so did you really want to read me? You did not.

Garry, on the other hand, pinky-swore upon the holy book of your choice that he was listening with completely open ears, so the perspective from is an impeccable one. Continue reading


Ends and Beginnings and … Marathons for GANG PARADE

GANG PARADE, whose various epithets I am now officially retiring because it makes sense to until they go through another few months like the last few, held their tour finale tonight to celebrate the release of Barely Last and officially step forward as the new GANG PARADE that now has seven members, three of whom were part of this thing and one of whom is new and only three of which are from the original group that was called POP but was a continuation of Pla2me.

Okay, retiring after this post. I can’t help myself sometimes.

It looks nice!

Garry was there and will undoubtedly run a full report from his epic time in Tokyo, but I’m going to crib from this portion of his future post and tell you that he said the show was good! These are the insights that keep you coming back, folks!

You’ll note, though, that new members and a new era for GANG PARADE mean a new look for GANG PARADE, too, as is typical for WACK groups:

As is Watanabe inserting himself because Watanabe

Hm. Muted colors, sort of earthy, even militant … and those IDOL is DEAD-era tattoo sleeves … oh no. Continue reading


This Script Is Familiar: GANG PARADE in Transition Interviews

I think we all remember the SiS interview with Billboard. So much excitement! So much possibility! And then, well, one of the front-runners for Letdown of the Year.

But before Operation Save Our SiS could even get off the ground, the three SiS members who hadn’t yet taken a blood oath against Watanabe were unveiled as the newest members of the suddenly-in-a-ton-of-crap GANG PARADE, and “copacetic” was a word that we could have probably used because it accurately describes that whole thing.

So. Hey look! GANG PARADE being interviewed by Billboard, featuring the former members of SiS!

Translate on your own, gang. Parade.

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GANG PARADE’s “Barely Last” Now Released in Full

Following several weeks’ worth of pre-releases (and no small amount of drama to get us there), GANG PARADE, the Artists Formerly Known as POP and Soon also SiS, have dropped the title track from their Barely Last album:

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It’s Time for Two More GANG PARADE Songs

You know, you guys, I think they’re starting to get the hang of this whole do-whatever thing. Two new tracks on top of the previous two and the two preceding these.

But will you like them?

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Gird Your Loins for Two More New GANG PARADE Songs

Another Friday, another pre-release from Barely Last for GANG PARADE. There was some panning going on after last week’s efforts; how do these ones stack up?

“テヲノバス” (Tewonobasu? Romajidesu rejects this!) sounds like another return-to-old-POP song; it’s inoffensive, and you might dig it if you’re particularly fond of electropop. Continue reading


Are You Ready for New GANG PARADE?

Probably! But the Least Stable Project in Idol of Any Kind (aka GANG PARADE) just released two of the tracks from Barely Last onto Soundcloud, and, if you’ve been following the bizarre drama of the last couple of months at all, you’re probably at least somewhat curious as to what they sound like. Curious no more!

This sounds a lot like what we’ve come to expect from Saki & the Gang, sort of in that “Queen of POP” model moreso than “We Are the IDOL.” And I can’t tell — are the SiS members in here? I wonder if there’s any influence from the SiS process in the other song! Continue reading


GANG PARADE Is Now a Vampire

Cancel the troll job! We now know the actual fate of SiS and its members:

As soon as I saw “COCO” in there, I cringed hard

Here’s Junnosuke explaining things:

If anybody wants to give that a quicky translation for us, much obliged

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