More TV: Q’ulle, Screaming Sixties and Further Down the Rabbit Hole

And to build on this morning’s post, originating from the same Facebook update from /Quelle_official and thank you for it and I’m sorry to not post until now but I had to go to work and now it’s lunchtime and I’m free for like a minute, here’s another (slightly more recent) edition of Future Standard featuring not just Q’ulle, but Screaming Sixties as well, plus the pretty-good-in-their-own-right Candy GO!GO!

“But why would I watch a Japanese show that isn’t subtitled?” you ask. To which I reply, “Because it’s cool anyway.”


A Peek Behind the Curtain at Q’ulle’s Anniversary Show

As pointed out before, glamorous rock idols Q’ulle sort of shot out of the gate (and had the resources of a bigger agency behind them, still), and they got to have their anniversary performance at one of those real-deal fancy venues with amenities and like 1,000 people there and stuff.

I do kid a bit. Q’ulle are cool and fun, and they do a good job of bridging the gap between where idol is expanding and where most idol fans still are.

The Japanese show Future Standard caught up with them backstage and around the preparations for (and ultimate performance of) their anniversary show. Q’ulle is the beginning of the video, but you can stick around for some rock bands, too.

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