Let’s Check in on Full Power Girls R

I was doing a little bit of what’s-everybody-doing-now Twitter searching the other day and came back across Full Power Girls R. Remember them? Rock unit that rolled into TIF kind of out of nowhere?

Because Monday is dumb, here’s a little edit-up from various live performances:

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Prep for TIF: Get to Know Full Power Girls

I mentioned in the TIF lineup post that I had this group scheduled, and then things up and went bonkers this week, so now you’re getting them a couple of days late.

Full Energy Girls R (Twitter)! I don’t know why the R is there, but considering that they aren’t completely dissimilar from Party Rockets GT, I guess superfluous letters are perfectly acceptable.

I’m not 100 percent on how and where I first saw this (likely via Pure Idol Heart, however), and I had to get into the guns and big-ass guitar licks in this song a little bit before deciding that they were worth following up on:

Also, I get the feeling that this is another one of those self-titled-literally-personal-theme-anthem situations
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