The Friday Fun Celebrates the Deeply Terrible

Man,  I’m on a roll right now! I only wrote last week’s Friday Fun and the week before’s a few days ago and already I have another lined up! Expect a fun drought for the next few weeks ahead!

Do you remember when it was a trend in certain online communities to recreate album art terribly with MS Paint or clipart? I sure do.

Look, I try to perform necromancy on old memes pretty much on a daily basis, but I really think this time we can make it work! Idol covers can be pretty easy to recreate nowadays. Why, some official covers already look like they were made in MS Paint! Continue reading

Friday Fun Is Being Reminded of Idol Everywhere You Go

Hi everyone! It’s Kerrie from the past! I’m writing this a couple of weeks in advance because if everything goes according to plan, I should be in London on a post-Juice=Juice high as you’re reading this. As much as I tend to contaminate Homicidols with my Hello! Project rambling, this time I won’t be interviewing or even meeting them (VIP tickets are so pricey!) but I should hopefully get a sweet t-shirt if the tour merch is anywhere as good as what Up-Front craps out whenever their groups go overseas! Dat Morning ‘Murica towel

Anyway, onto last week’s Friday Fun, #IdolHeaven! I have no idea how well this turned out, but Idol Heaven has surely got to be good,right?

Scroll past the weird stuff that keeps winding up on our hashtags

Anyway, I’m pumped about Juice=Juice so let’s drag Hello! Project back into this (sorry) with an old-ish tweet discovery I made a while back:

If you were going to go “Kerrie, is this Friday Fun seriously furniture?” then damn right!

Let’s face it, not everyone can be a loud, open wota like the type always at the front row of idol shows. Sometimes we choose to showcase our fandom in more subtle ways. This week, if you’ve ever been reminded of idols by every day items, whether that be a shop display or some food packaging, now’s your chance to tweet it!

I don’t expect too many responses, but if I see anything in London I’ll make sure to let you know! Tweet your idol thingymabobs with the hashtag #EverydayIdol. Perhaps we could get a subtle idol shopping catalogue going.

Kerrie Wrote a Great Title for This Week’s Fun and This Is Only Nominally Shorter

‘Sup everyone! Last week I asked you to come up with your ideas for #IdolHell! I counted at least three Watanabe mentions! Good job!

It got a little weird because apparently 2D fans use the same tag

Speaking of whom, originally this week’s Friday Fun was going to be another “let’s bully Watanabe” theme but then I thought:

  1. There’s already been way too many Watanabe Friday Funs this year
  2. If I do decide to do another Watanabe Fun then if anything it should be on the anniversary of SiS’ disbandment and my subsequent meltdown
  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do an “Idol Heaven” after last week’s “Idol Hell”?

Continue reading

What Would Be the Opposite of Friday Fun?

Happy first Friday of September everyone! Last week I asked you to dust off your VHS tapes and outdated product placement and make some dank aesthetic goodness with #Idolsthetic!

Now, I made a little whoopsie making last week’s as Maniac pointed out. #Idolsthetic had already been done last year, as a fun looking for the prettiest MV footage in existence! So as per the Homicidols Code Of Conduct, I’m going through the harshest of punishments. I’m taking a little trip into #IdolHell! Continue reading

Can the Friday Fun Make It Worth Your While?

Hello everyone! Last week I asked you all dust off your GCSE Literature Anthology textbooks and come up with some idol poetry that would put Seamus Heaney to shame! And I took part in none of it because I’m an unimaginative dummy who’s still exhausted from reading so much Seamus Heaney in GCSE Literature! Let’s see what you came up with.

Fundraisers have always been a big thing, and a personal one for me, too; one of my first jobs was for a charity shop where I had to stand outside and harass people for donations, and just this year after losing my previous job I set up a Gofundme to help me get to the Necronomidol London show.

And it isn’t just me; everyone had encountered some kind of fundraiser at this point, whether its to raise money for a charity or just to pay for some dude’s potato salad. In the UK at least, we have Comic Relief and Children In Need, charities that hold big TV fundraisers every year (every two years for the latter) where celebrities appear and there’s usually some kind of charity single recorded by the hot new musical artist of that year full of celebrity cameos.

Sweet, now I can finally use Homicidols to fangirl over McFly, a band I’ve loved since the wee age of 12! And you thought my Hello! Project hijacking was bad. Continue reading

A Most Poetic Friday Fun

Hello! Last week I asked you all to come up with your idol-themed anime ideas, and maybe pester Crunchyroll to translate the Backstage Idol Story anime. Well, the latter wasn’t successful, but hey, you came up with some quality plots last week, and that’s good enough for me.

This is going to be a short one. Mainly because I’m out of ideas and I already used Maniac’s suggestion for Idol Alignments a few weeks ago. But if there’s something you never fail to assist me with, it’s Friday Fun suggestions, and I love you for that! Continue reading

A Very Animated Friday Fun

Hi everyone! Looks like I picked a goodie for last week’s hashtag, a lot of you were having a whale of a time with #IdolsAsFriendsEpisodes!

Similar to last week, this week’s hashtag is related to TV. Only this time, instead of playing around with the naming theme of an existing show, you’ll actually be coming up with your own show ideas! But first, some backstory that isn’t needed at all, but I need to make sure this article is actually more than two sentences long, so roll with it. Continue reading

Friendly Friday Fun Fever!

Oh hey, would you look at that, I managed to pull myself away from Splatoon 2 and Guso Loss long enough to write this week’s Friday Fun!

Here’s last week’s entries:

You know what today is? Well, the day this gets published, anyway. It’s the day after my birthday! I’m officially way too old to ever have my imaginary idol debut! But I’m at my peak for graduation! Yay.

So how about a more personal-ish theme this week? And by personal I mean let’s refer to a TV show that pretty much defined my teenage years, some obscure 90’s show called Friends. Continue reading

Friday Fun in the Garden of Good and Evil

Editor’s note: Kerrie drafted this very early in the week. When I contacted her yesterday to ask if she wanted to revise it in the wake of the worst news so far this year, her only response was a random, jumbled collection of all-caps letters and numbers. Because I think she can currently only express herself by mashing a keyboard and incoherently crying out into a loveless universe, I’m leaving her original as-is. Marvel at the sudden anachronism!

Hi everyone! As of writing its almost midnight, I’m listening to an online vaporwave radio station to relax myself into sleeping (that Homercidols stunt came from love, you know!) and to block out the neighborhood douchebags having their nightly drunken arguments, and a song just came on of some announcer dude rambling in Japanese, and amongst this Japanese rambling I managed to catch the gairaigo “passcode” and I was like “Heh. PassCode.”

Can you tell I’m half-asleep?

Anyway, in that brief moment I had the realisation “Hm, on that note I should probably get the next Friday Fun ready ASAP because Splatoon 2 comes out on Friday and I’ve been waiting months for this, nothing is going to be able to drag me out of squid hell to do anything productive in the coming days” so, here we are.

We actually had two things going on this week! Our main Friday Fun and a mini-Fun, which I guess would actually be called a Tuesday Fun?

First, the best of #IdolMerchNoOneWants aka can you guess which of these products I would actually buy?

Secondly, as per Brian‘s suggeston, we also brought back #CocoReacts for one day only, to celebrate the birthday of my Gang Parade best girl. There was a lot of cake.

Maniac: If you’d like to see the results of last night’s impromptu #GusoDropIsOverParty, you can do that outside of this HTML. Continue reading

The Friday Fun That Nobody’s Buying

Phew! I almost forgot about this until good guy Maniac poked me and said “Hey lazybones, you think just because you got to talk to Necroma last week you can start slacking off?” Praise be the Maniac.

Anyway, here’s last week’s highlights:

Do you think it’s been too long since I used a Friday Fun to make fun of the WACKy old fool himself Junnosuke Watanabe? Or has it been too recent? I can’t actually remember. But whatever, I was looking at the new BiSH merch and what the hell is this? Continue reading