Fraud. Failure. Violence? The Friday Fun.

I don’t know why I even bother writing the Funs anymore because clearly they turn out better when I dump it onto one of the other writers!

I genuinely want to read some of these (no Salem, your erotic Watanabe fic isn’t one of them)

Did I already do a festival-themed fun? Oh, I did? It was one of the very first Funs? Well…

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Unleash Your Literary Muse For Today’s Friday Fun…

Helloooo and welcome to Friday, everyone!

“Hey! What gives? You’re not Kerrie!”

Oh gee, sorry peeps, yeah, it’s Brian. Kerrie is off doing cool stuff and we’re doing fun by committee for this week! I know, I know, but I can be fun, I swear. Just gimme a chance, okay?

“This better be good! And we better get Kerrie back soon!” 

Okay, okay! I know I’m not as much fun as Kerrie, but I think I can get a sensible chuckle out of you! Let’s get to it!

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How a Branding Exercise Became a Friday Fun: Electric Boogaloo

‘Hooooo boy I’m getting these oshi graduation announcements weekly now!

Thank goodness we still have Yura.

I’ll be real with you guys, this Fun was kind of done last-minute. Personal life sometimes gets in the way, you know?

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Revisiting a Friday Fun Phenomenon

How’s it going everyone? Same old? Sure has been for me at least, because (excluding the ones that were announced last year) I just got my first major oshi graduation announcement of 2019! Whoo-hoo?

Speaking of oshis however, you know who hasn’t graduated yet? Former Guso-now-Burst YuraPico, that’s who! In addition, her birthday just happens to be coming up this Sunday! And once again, her birthday event is named #YuraSmile of all things. Continue reading

Next They’ll Be Charging $50 per Ticket to See This Friday Fun on Exhibition

How many of you guys are still weeping? Yup.

I can’t believe we almost went a week without a Friday Fun, lads. Yep, I think seeing Sari’s unwhitened face blew me away so much that I was incapable of rational thought! Then I saw some guys on Facebook arguing over the deeper meaning of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” and I swore I could see the lightbulb just flashing above my head! Continue reading

A Highly Therapeutic Friday Fun

Is it just me, or do these Friday Funs get so much more traffic when Maniac writes them? Could it be, that he’s a better writer than an illiterate fool like yours truly?

Nah. That can’t be it.

Honestly, you people are brilliant

So. First week of January. The week an idol fan always dreads. Never mind the devastating graduations that were already announced beforehand, early January is prime time for sudden and often gutwrenching graduation and disbandment announcements. And ‘hoo boy, did we get a wave of sadness this week.

Never mind the day I’ve been dreading, the departure of our beloved oshi, the day they I purposefully chose to do housework over checking Twitter as often as possible for minimum sadness (more on that later). Kotao’s farewell is not far off, much to SupremeNothing’s matching levels of misery. Then There There Theres Went Went Went, whatever the hell is going on with Hamidasystem happened. Then the Big Angel meme gremlins, Ton and Ran, jetpacked their way back to heaven just a few days after a certain video pretty much doubled the group’s overseas presence overnight. Saeki is Shuuengone (probably to follow in Haruna’s footsteps and joining WACK). Poor poor Nel Nehru. I could go on and on but it hurts.

So, back to housework to distract myself from a heartbreaking Necroma loss. It didn’t work. I’m still sad. But, I was able to distract myself. Instead of crying over Sari and Hina, I was crying because I found the revolting pile of dust and trash that had built up over a year behind Mr. Weeaboo’s computer desk. Much better! I think? Anyway, after having built up a reputation of “all my oshis graduate suddenly and tragically” the past few years, 2018 especially, I’m finally starting to find ways of coping with oshiloss.  Continue reading

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Friday Fun

Due to furniture-related reasons, Kerrie is taking this week off from the Friday Fun

It’s 2019! That’s really stupid! Confession: I do not understand how the passage of time works, nor how it affects my day-to-day. I was chatting with a co-worker the other day about an event of local consequence and remarked, man, it really feels like that just happened. To which the reply was, lol it was all the way in 2008. Right, quoth I, that’s not that long ago, to which my partner retorted with a sneer, bro that was 10 years ago, why are you weird.

But speaking of 2019, Kerrie asked for your 2019 idol predictions, and you folks delivered in spades. Let’s save ourselves the space; you all just go look at the whole thing. I had only one winner:

Happy new year!

I always enjoy the Fun because of what you folks come up with. Sometimes it’s a rip-roaring good time that includes idols I’ve never heard of referenced in ways that I barely fathom, and sometimes it’s just the regulars sharing a joke. Nonetheless, I a) always laugh and b) always wish I still had enough clever in this oversized head of mine to take part in a meaningful way. It’s hard to read all the way through every time, though, because time is not on my side these days, and when I do peruse Twitter, it’s usually for minutes at a time. Should a trend in the community break out, it’d better be something notable, or I’m like to miss it.

I didn’t miss yesterday, though, and it’s a perfect chance to do a fill-in Fun without Kerrie embrace the community’s energy and riff on a favorite target! Continue reading

The Friday Fun Where It Pays to Know the Future

How was your Christmas (if you celebrate it)? Did you have a fun time? Did you get everything that you wished for last week?

What a month! This is the final Fun of the Holiday Extravaganza, as well as the final Fun of 2018! And you know what that means. Time to bring back an old favourite! But first, let’s look back at some of last year’s predictions. How many #2018IdolPredictions came true? Continue reading

A Friday Fun Straight from the Mind of Richard Curtis

Did you enjoy making cards last week?

Phew! It’s almost the big day. Presents are probably not bought, Christmas baking probably not ready, as far as I know, the Best Of is still dragging. Can you tell that I’ve been writing all of this month’s Funs at once?

Nobody tell Kerrie that Juice=Juice won all of the awards; it’ll be funnier when she finds out for herself

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Like Making Cards for Mom in School, Only Way Different: The Friday Fun

Hi everyone! Last week, I asked you to come up with the best #IdolHolidaySpecials you could think of!

We’re week two into our Holiday Extravaganza, so who’s ready to get creative for this week’s Fun? Continue reading