The Friday Fun of Questionable Choices

Hi everyone, it’s Friday again! Have you been doing your work on the Best Of 2017 nominations?
Speaking of nominations, last week I asked for some alternative idol campaign posters and send some appreciation to WACK/Miss ID runner up, Aono. I think those two hashtags meant there was a lot less entries than normal, but hey, we still got a couple!

This is hashtag I’d been considering ever since seeing a tweet by Homicidols friend and podcast-man @Ramenshuriken a while back, of which I can no longer find but it was along the lines of “lol wtf predia?” Continue reading

A Friday Fun for Liberty and Justice for All

Did you know, last night I had a dream where we had a proper awards ceremony for the Best Of 2017, it was live streamed and everything. Keyakizaka46 were there even though I’m certain they’ve never even been covered on this site, but take what we can get, right? Anyway, it came to a close halfway through, because Maniac had to go and do emergency office things, and someone I haven’t spoken to in a decade suddenly appeared and threw my laptop into a ditch.

Anyway, here’s #IdolAttemptsAtGoingGlobal!

God damn it Watanabe, you just make Friday Funs way too easy, I both love and hate you (mostly the latter though). You know that anecdote about the dream I just gave? Swap a few roles around and I think this is exactly how the election results are going to be announced. Mark my words! Kenta will suddenly disappear and a horde of angry WACK fans are going to throw Watanabe’s laptop in a ditch and then there will be seven new documentaries about it.

I was just going to let this election slide by because let’s face it, Aina’s going to win. But then I saw all these fanmade election posters going around on the Japanese side of Twitter and thought “I gotta get in on that.” Continue reading

This Friday Fun Is Idols Going Global

It’s Friday again! How’s it going?

Last week we took a look at the best of #IdolPets; And I totally forgot! Sorry guys.

Praise our beloved dark lords for opening their international fan club to the rest of the world. Necronomidol work so hard at including the international fandom alongside the native fans, something that in the world of alt-idol, is usually too costly or difficult to achieve. Aside from Babymetal, the international market seems like a lost cause for even the most mainstream groups. And with recent Western idol coverage being less than favourable (to the point where one such instance is even a Letdown Of The Year nominee!) being a Western idol fan can feel a bit lonely sometimes. And idols trying to make it overseas isn’t something new either. In fact, idols trying to cater to a possible American demographic resulted in one of the most infamous TV flops of all time!

What the ever-loving hell?

Continue reading

This Friday Fun Is for the Animal Lovers

We’re finally in November! The best of 2017 nominating spree is underway, I’m already debating whether to put up my Christmas tree, those of you in America are probably already starting fights in Walmart over turkey or something, I’m not sure. And last week we celebrated #IdolHalloween!

It looks like a lot of you have caught on to the fact that I’m going through a Friday Fun dry spell right now because you’ve been suggesting some ideas of your own!

You know what Christian, that’s a genius idea! Anything that will allow me to spam Twitter with photos of my cat has got to be a good thing, right? Continue reading

Let’s Give Cosplay an Entirely New Meaning

Hi everyone! Last week you brought us the most scandalous theories and predictions in idol, and unlike last week, not a single one has come true yet! Thank goodness! But the year isn’t over yet. Who knows when another Zenkimi Hell or a Watanabe publicity stunt gone too far will occur? Lets just cross our fingers and tap some wood for the rest of the year.

You know what time it is? It’s the last Friday Fun before Halloween! Last year we had #IdolNightmare, which was a lot of fun, so this year has got to be something similar, right? Well … there was #IdolHell, I guess but we just had that… and we don’t really have any prizes ready for another #IdolNightmare, unless someone out there wants a cruddy art commission by yours truly.

Let’s just make things broad and simple this week, shall we? Halloween is a fun holiday, so let’s have fun! Continue reading

This Is the Most Contrivedly Shocking Friday Fun of All

Can you believe it? Can you believe that just last week I somehow managed to predict Duso Grop via #AnnouncementsWeActuallyWant, its a Homicidols miracle
May all your dream idol announcements come true too.

I feel like I’ve probably done this one before, but whatever, if I can do #Idolsthetic twice, I can do #FutureIdolScandals multiple times too. Once upon a time, when I frequented a certain popular Hello! Project forum, I made a thread about this for giggles, expecting nothing but joke answers, but can you believe this? People took it seriously! And we can’t be having that now, can we? So I’m bringing it back! Continue reading

This Friday Fun Ought to Be Interesting: #AnnouncementsWeActuallyWant

It’s that time again! Hows things? Last week, I asked for your idol tourist traps, stores and places of interest for #IdolEstablishments. I counted at least THREE Watanabe entries! Wow, you guys sure are salty!

After so much sal,t we should probably have something a little happier. Not saying last week’s Idol Establishments was sad or anything, but do you ever feel that we’ve been getting a lot of negative idol announcements lately? Disbandments and graduations are par for the course in idol, but it doesn’t make it any less upsetting. Then there are half of WACK’s announcements that are both upsetting and uncommon in idol, but I digress.

What idol announcements do you really want? Continue reading

When the Friday Fun Celebrates Tourist Traps

Hello all! I’ve been looking forward to the responses to last week’s #CensoringWatanabe and I wasn’t disappointed. I actually laughed out loud at some of these! Good job kiddos. I’ll see you next time Watanabe pisses off the fandom.

So anyway, idol cafes are a thing. The most famous is probably the AKB48 cafe, but we’ve also got fine dining from the likes of Chubbiness and a temporary Morning Musume cafe celebrating their 20th anniversary. (Now anyone heading to Japan soon knows where to eat and drink. You’re welcome.) Some of the more popular idols also have their own physical stores that you can enter and buy whatever tat you desire!

But don’t you wish there was some more of it, especially those targeted towards those of us in the alt-idol community? I mean sure, there’s that WACK/Tower Records collaboration right now, but don’t you wish you could visit Momoland or Momoko Gumi Company for real? No? That’s probably a safe bet. Continue reading

It’s a Friday Fun SiS Special Edition!

It’s that time of week again! Last week you guys did some ugly album covers. Some of them were outright terrifying! And it even inspired a whole new challenge, so maybe we could try that in a future Fun? What do you think?

My personal favourite was @PleiadesRising’s touchpad-drawn recreation of Makai Shinju so as promised… good job! That Pikarin haunted my dreams for days!

Now, I might have hinted this in a previous Friday Fun a few weeks back. Continue reading

The Friday Fun Celebrates the Deeply Terrible

Man,  I’m on a roll right now! I only wrote last week’s Friday Fun and the week before’s a few days ago and already I have another lined up! Expect a fun drought for the next few weeks ahead!

Do you remember when it was a trend in certain online communities to recreate album art terribly with MS Paint or clipart? I sure do.

Look, I try to perform necromancy on old memes pretty much on a daily basis, but I really think this time we can make it work! Idol covers can be pretty easy to recreate nowadays. Why, some official covers already look like they were made in MS Paint! Continue reading