Friendly Friday Fun Fever!

Oh hey, would you look at that, I managed to pull myself away from Splatoon 2 and Guso Loss long enough to write this week’s Friday Fun!

Here’s last week’s entries:

You know what today is? Well, the day this gets published, anyway. It’s the day after my birthday! I’m officially way too old to ever have my imaginary idol debut! But I’m at my peak for graduation! Yay.

So how about a more personal-ish theme this week? And by personal I mean let’s refer to a TV show that pretty much defined my teenage years, some obscure 90’s show called Friends. Continue reading


Friday Fun in the Garden of Good and Evil

Editor’s note: Kerrie drafted this very early in the week. When I contacted her yesterday to ask if she wanted to revise it in the wake of the worst news so far this year, her only response was a random, jumbled collection of all-caps letters and numbers. Because I think she can currently only express herself by mashing a keyboard and incoherently crying out into a loveless universe, I’m leaving her original as-is. Marvel at the sudden anachronism!

Hi everyone! As of writing its almost midnight, I’m listening to an online vaporwave radio station to relax myself into sleeping (that Homercidols stunt came from love, you know!) and to block out the neighborhood douchebags having their nightly drunken arguments, and a song just came on of some announcer dude rambling in Japanese, and amongst this Japanese rambling I managed to catch the gairaigo “passcode” and I was like “Heh. PassCode.”

Can you tell I’m half-asleep?

Anyway, in that brief moment I had the realisation “Hm, on that note I should probably get the next Friday Fun ready ASAP because Splatoon 2 comes out on Friday and I’ve been waiting months for this, nothing is going to be able to drag me out of squid hell to do anything productive in the coming days” so, here we are.

We actually had two things going on this week! Our main Friday Fun and a mini-Fun, which I guess would actually be called a Tuesday Fun?

First, the best of #IdolMerchNoOneWants aka can you guess which of these products I would actually buy?

Secondly, as per Brian‘s suggeston, we also brought back #CocoReacts for one day only, to celebrate the birthday of my Gang Parade best girl. There was a lot of cake.

Maniac: If you’d like to see the results of last night’s impromptu #GusoDropIsOverParty, you can do that outside of this HTML. Continue reading


The Friday Fun That Nobody’s Buying

Phew! I almost forgot about this until good guy Maniac poked me and said “Hey lazybones, you think just because you got to talk to Necroma last week you can start slacking off?” Praise be the Maniac.

Anyway, here’s last week’s highlights:

Do you think it’s been too long since I used a Friday Fun to make fun of the WACKy old fool himself Junnosuke Watanabe? Or has it been too recent? I can’t actually remember. But whatever, I was looking at the new BiSH merch and what the hell is this? Continue reading


Hey Everybody, Come Play the Firday Fun!

Hello everyone! I just got back from my trip to see Necronomidol as of writing. I had an absolute blast! Amazing show, meeting Necroma is an experience that I will never forget, and I also got to meet and hang out with a good portion of you! Big thanks to those who helped to get me up there and those who said hi and just made this whole experience the most fun I’ve had in hell knows how long, I love you guys! Let’s hope Ricky keeps to his promise of sending Necroma to Britain again so we can do this again! Or if any of you happen to be at Juice=Juice later this year, which unless their recent line-up change also brings a new look and sound as Hello!Pro’s first JuiceMetal idols I doubt I’ll be writing about that here

Last week’s Friday Fun, we literally put words into Zero’s mouth!

This week’s theme is a lot more broad than the last two weeks. And it’s all around the concept of “that doesn’t look right.” Continue reading


Zero-chan Says Play the Friday Fun or Get Your Ass Whooped

Hello! Well, there’s so much going on, so lets get to something important first.

Necronomidol’s UK show is this coming Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited! I just want to thank everyone again for helping me get to the show. Those who donated or even just shared my Gofundme, my store or my commission posts. You’re awesome and I love you all so much!

Now, on to the main point: [MANIAC REDACTED!]

Now, after that public service announcement, here’s the best of last week!

Today’s Friday Fun is very, very similar to last week’s #WhatLuiIsThinking. What can I say, these idols are literally handing over these opportunities to us! This time it’s a special request from everyone’s favourite raspy-voiced idol boss, Rei!

It’s only fair. She not only tweeted the above image yesterday, but she was also one of the girls who brought attention to #YuraSmile to the Japanese side of the fandom by tweeting her response. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that tweet now, but she was amused. So it’s only fair that we meme her up too!

Tweet your edits with #ReiSays and #零ちゃん大喜利大会 and let’s see if the reception will be as entertaining as #YuraSmile!


Like Being John Malkovich, Except Really Pour Lui? The Friday Fun

Hi everyone, how’s the week been? I actually had to check back on last week’s Friday Fun entries because I’m half-asleep right now (thanks heatwave) and forgot! For shame! Last week’s #BadIdolNames certainly brought some good (or should I say terrible) suggestions.

I want Tentenkocococococokoto to be real.

I was stuck for ideas for this week’s Friday Fun. I had a few in the bag to be chosen, I just didn’t know which to go for.
But then like she was reading my mind, Pour Lui went and tweeted this an hour ago (as of writing):

I mean, what kind of fans would we be to let her down like that? Continue reading


What’s in a Name? The Friday Fun

Good morning/afternoon/evening/time is a social construct, I hope you all had a fun week! I certainly did, looking at all the hilarious #CocoReacts edits you guys came up with last week!

You know what a downside to being an idol fan is? Well, actually I could list quite a lot; spending too much money, body image issues, becoming too attached to a member before they inevitably disappear into obscurity, constantly questioning your own life choices watching 12 year-old Japanese girls be more successful than you’ll ever be in your life…

…I’m okay. I’m fine.

But let’s focus on this one downside before I stumble too far into the self-loathing rabbit hole; names. Continue reading


Have a Hilarious Reaction to the Friday Fun

Hello! Last week was time for #IdolConspiracies, and I’m actually writing this on Friday so I don’t know how successful it was yet, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s been pretty fun! I made a whole stink about Watanabe paying Tentenko for Jun Togawa’s DNA, it was great.

It’s been a while since I mentioned my love for Coco Partin Coco on here, hasn’t it? Well, here’s your reminder, I’ll see you next month!

I was browsing through Twitter this evening when this tweet caught my attention. Specifically, the photo on the bottom right:

I thought there are some great opportunities for this! And you guys seem to as well. #NecromaReacts was a lot of fun, #YuraSmile blew up in ways that I couldn’t have imagined, so why not do it again? Think of it as a sort of sequel to #NecromaReacts and #KikavCoco. Your challenge is to make Coco react to stuff! Here’s a couple I made earlier:

And of course, a transparent Coco of your own to love and care for (at least I hope its transparent. Sometimes this site gets a bit weird about that):

Tag your creations as #CocoReacts and lets see how it goes!


Only Tinfoil Hats Can Spoil This Friday Fun

Hello everyone, how’s it going? Okay, first things first, some personal stuff. Some of you might already be aware of this, but on Saturday I was encouraged to set up a Gofundme to help me get to London to see my beloved Necronomidol and hopefully write up a report on the show for this here site. When you’ve just lost your job, travelling halfway across the country and finding somewhere nice to stay in London is a fortune. I wasn’t expecting anything to come from this, but you guys blew that out of the water, donating the amount needed within a day of posting! And I just wanted to take this moment to say, thank you all so, so much. I’m at a complete loss for words with how touched I am by your kindness and generosity. I spent most of Saturday night alternating between laughing and crying because I just couldn’t believe how wonderful this community was. I’m tearing up a little writing this now! The people who donated, the people who shared the Gofundme link and my commission advert, thank you all so much.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be in such a wonderful community. Also, not to mooch from you guys even more, but if you want to send me a bit of extra money for merchandise or a Cinnabon at the Trocadero, I’m still doing commissions and of course, my Redbubble is still around.

Also, this wouldn’t have happened if not for Terry, who you may know from the Alt-Idol podcast, so now that you’ve helped me out, go ahead and send some help his way too. He’s raising money to go to Japan and have a fun time, and he totally deserves it!

See you at Necroma.

But anyway, this article is already twice as long as my usual Friday Fun articles, so let’s get straight to the point; Last week I asked you to come up with more locations for idols to shoot their music videos so they don’t have to keep going to Aokigahara or the Shibuya Scramble all the time:

Good job everyone! Now to make all of you who helped me get to London completely regret it. Twitter was kind of abuzz early this month over a certain conspiracy theory thread that was going viral:

Well, there’s nothing I like better than old memes! So let’s hear some of your own #IdolConspiracies! These can be complete nonsense that you just came up with, or maybe you have some genuine theories too? Anything goes, and to be honest, it’s fun trying to separate the obvious fake conspiracies with the ones that could very well be real! So have some fun and get creative with this. I’m looking forward to it!

Bless this child, people. Oh wait! You have. Do it more, because Kerrie is good and cool.


Friday’s Fun Is Your Chance to Relocate Some Idols #NewIdolMVSets

Hi everyone! Last week you guys did the long-awaited (for me, at least) #IdolBootlegs and thank you so much there was a lot of hilarious entries this week.

I’m so happy! I’m going to have to print some of these and stick them on my wall alongside every tweet that Yurapiko hashtags #YuraSmile at some point so I can look at them on bad days to remind me that life isn’t all horrible.

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion in the Alt-Idol Podcast and on Twitter and the like about locations we always see in alt-idol music videos at the moment — snowy hills, Shibuya’s Scramble crossing, Aokigahara forest, all those types. Continue reading