This Is the Trailer for Yajima Mai’s New EP

I had wanted to wait until the MV was out for this one, team, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s going to get an individual release at this point (Team Maimi may want it as a reward, not just a carrot), so let’s just enjoy this short trailer for Innocent Emotion:

This sucker is out tomorrow. It’s obviously loud and melodic and epic and metal — like classically so, minus the “extreme” that’s so obligatory anymore — and I can’t wait.

Would You Like a Preview of PiGU’s New EP?

You should! PiGU has established themselves as nothing if not a solid good time, and like a miniature membership soap opera to boot. I’m quite literally shocked that they didn’t get even more love for one of the most twisted MVs of the year, at the very least. But heck, it’s been a tough one for Osaka’s cosplay cafe house idols — membership turmoil and the like limited their releases to a mere handful in 2017. And there’s still time to get in one more!

It’ll be out next week. If you can get it, you should buy it. Continue reading

You’ll Stop and Listen to mistress’s Entire EP If You Know What’s Good for You

Dang thing published before I could edit it! Well, the point is, mistress is on Soundcloud and you should listen to them!

Ah, mistress, out-of-nowhere contender for a mess of awards this year, holders of almost impossibly well-booked eponymous festivals and sneakily maybe the underground’s gnarliest emerging artist at this point. You won my heart a couple of weeks ago, but now you’re in there with swords and spiky clubs and making me want to die in violence. Bless you.

The reason: To celebrate the release of their likewise-eponymous EP, they added the whole dang thing to Soundcloud and would like it very much if you were to take it for a spin!

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You’ll Melt More! Is Always Good for a Surprise

TALKING HITS EP is just a week away now, friends, and those of you who hold up You’ll Melt More! as all that is good and right in idol (and are therefore not wrong in the least) have no doubt been clamoring to get a listen to their 138th studio release since 2014.

It’s You’ll Melt More! — literally no matter the tenor of the song, you know that the video’s going to take you for some kind of ride. And, in this case, to some theme park called Little World and a chance to finally imagine Ano visiting your home:

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Are You Ready for the First EP from Broken By The Scream?


Let’s take a break from the string of live stuff to do an actual release, in this case the certain-to-be-loud-as-hell EP from BBTS, Screaming Rhapsody:

The title is so perfect, I want to give it a kiss: It is an incontrovertible true fact that adding “screaming” to anything makes it 10 times better at least. Continue reading

Come Feast on Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s ‘Any’ MV

Why the heck do things that I should see coming a mile away surprise me? Even since the STAMP EP was announced, it was basically only a matter of time before Yanakoto Sotto Mute put out the video promoting it. And, like, if you listened to the preview on iTunes, it was practically guaranteed that it’d be for “Any,” because it’s this bizarrely upbeat song that sounds like a love letter to the greatest generation of human artistic achievement (since 1980 at least) ((and in the United States for the most part)), and yeah, I could hear it on the radio.

Anyway, have a look:

The most 90s thing you’ve heard today, or the most 90s thing you’ve heard every day?

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Yanakoto Sotto Mute Sustains My Very Existence, I Swear It

It’s safe to say that I didn’t figure on waking up to a Yanakoto Sotto Mute EP announcement this morning, but that’s what happened!

The digital pre-release is just a week away! What! Continue reading

Go Ahead and Get Stoked about HAMIDASYSTEM’s EP

You guys remember HAMIDASYSTEM, right? Because the few times that I’ve been able to share stuff about them, I’m all hype and giddy and you wonder what’s wrong with me even more than usual? Yeah? Okay great.

They’re putting out an EP, and of course that needs a lead track, and of course that means an actual MV instead of just live video, and I think you might dig it:

Thanks as always to Pure Idol Heart for being the guardian angel over us all

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For Thursday Hurtsday, Let’s Play a Little Game

It’s Thursday Hurtsday, gang, and while I’m sure there’s a thing or two that I could promote for its raw loudness and/or emotional destructability, I wanted something really heavy and guitary and maybe even kind of epic to show off instead. Circumstance intervened! And, as a bonus, depending on how you all react to it, we could make it into a regular kind of feature.

That is SIN ISOMER, and the song is on the EP BURST Into ISOMER, which you can get a little look at here:

That’s pretty loud! But idol? Hard to tell. Mister Mister asked that very question the other day, and not for the first time, and I’ve had these videos sitting open in my browser ever since. What a question! So let’s answer it. Continue reading

YMM Continues to Promote Their New EP with Mannequin Challenge Spots

So that Mannequin Challenge business from the other day? You’ll Melt More! brought it back!

And better! And with a whole different track! Continue reading