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Fruitpochette’s ‘Scream~Unlash’ Is Available on U.S. iTunes

I mean, the headline says it all. And confirmed on a number of other countries’ iTunes, too. You can buy your very own only recordings to feature Rum, whose single month as a member of Fruitpochette nonetheless deserves to go down as kind of historic — the duo known for their power cleans got with the trends, hired a legit harsh vocalist … and then, well, she was gone.

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Your New Favorite Alt-Rock Idols Are Here: Meet Yanakoto Sotto Mute


Screen capture of a tweet from @GodMars

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Necronomidol’s Latest Is Now on Spotify, Downloads

After the super favorable review that I gave Necroma‘s from chaos born, I’m sure that you all were just champing at the bit to download and listen to it. And now you can!

You can also get a preview (that is, listen to it all) on Spotify.


The Biggest Loser: Andy Copping Foiled, Babymetal to Download UK

And if that isn’t as convoluted a title as I’ll ever publish, I don’t know what is!

So, first, the important stuff:

UK kitsunes, rest easy: You don’t need to travel to France to see Babymetal at Download, but will be able to do it (relatively) in your own backyard.

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Idol Is ‘DEADMAN’: BiSH’s New MV and Download

They had teased last night that there was something coming down the pike, and this time BiSH delivered. Remember that ripping video of the new single, “DEADMAN,” from the Idol Swindle finale? Video, yes, and a free download.

Download. I’m guessing that, unlike the tracks from FAKE METAL JACKET, this is a limited-time release; it’s not on the official Soundcloud. Continue reading


It’s a New Thing: Haloperi Doll v. 2 on U.S. iTunes Etc.

I actually can’t recommend more that anybody interested in idol+metal who hasn’t already heard Haloperi Doll download these tracks.

I have no idea if they’re available in all of those places outside of Japan, but Phillter saw them on Amazon MP3, so that’s at least one!

Seriously, the originals sounded really good, but this set of singers is better in general, and the production is at a way higher level. Personal fave “Murder Burying Your Head in the Sand” cranks. And the whole thing is $3


Babymetal Confirms Official European Tour Dates

Let’s just leave this here:

Babymetal‘s European tour is now fleshed out a bit, though not all that extensive — it may be that they add some festival additional appearances later in the summer or finally please their Asian fans and spend more time in their relative back yard. As always, stay tuned.

More on the tour.


Babymetal’s ‘KARATE’ Is Here, and It’s Amazing UPDATE: Download ready! Audio also on YouTube!

UPDATE: Currently available for download! iTunes says $1.29, but it becomes a free download if you pre-order the album (which, you know, you should).

Also available on Spotify!

One of the most anticipated single releases of the year so far, period, and something that the international metal community has awaited with dread both great and awful, “KARATE,” the first single off of Babymetal‘s second album, the upcoming Metal Resistance, has landed. Listen above, or dive deeper for the official Metal Resistance trailer and get a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released music video for “KARATE.” Continue reading


It’s Time to Get Excited about the New BiSH Album

I have a number of homicidols set up for real-deal notifications on Twitter, and it’s usually BiSH (who actually get what Twitter is for) that has a bunch of stuff in my feed when I get up in the morning. So seeing a few tweets from them early today wasn’t all that surprising.

But then the damn phone kept buzzing, like 20 times in the span of my drive to work, and I wasn’t surprised that it was BiSH, but I was surprised when I finally had a chance to run it all through the translator and see what was happening:

They’d done a countdown to a free download of their first track off of their coming-very-soon-now new album!

(Once again, my lack of Japanese is a killer. Ototoy likes BiSH and had the download available. Go ask them.)

I had called “All You Need Is Love” a hard callback to BiS’s “primal,” but “Primitive” here sounds like it’s in the same spirit — a total high-emotion rocker that’s as close to a straight punk ballad as an idolcore group is probably ever going to get.

I should probably save some of the arrows in this quiver for the inevitable album review, but hell:

It’s really great that the reconfigured sextet is giving the full membership more to do; the debut album was a little too Chitti-and-Aina heavy. They’re both great in their own respects, but Hug Me and Gumico did perfectly well in their spots and probably had bigger contributions to make (I had been a little disappointed that Atsuko and liNGliNG hadn’t been given all that much to do on “OTNK” and “All You Need Is Love”).

For “Primitive,” it sounds like everybody gets a little bit of solo time while the track is naturally led by St. Chitti and Aina the End, and they own the choruses in particular like the goddamn queens that they are.

And now for the … bad? I don’t want it to seem like a negative criticism, but one of the very first things I noticed about the instrumentation and vocal melodies was how very, very similar they are to a number of other -core songs of note.

Take for example Party Rockets’ (pre-GT) “Kasabuta,” which is not only on this site, but featured on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

Also a great excuse to again share one of the most visually compelling videos you’ll ever see from one of these groups.

Again, I’m taking it as a negative; there is an upward limit on the number of chord progressions and melodic combinations that can be written, especially within genre conventions (even if you’re breaking genre conventions), and it’s not like it doesn’t sound great — it sounds very great! It’s just a thing that I picked out and kind of ran with and (stop talking or WACK will have you killed!)

Anyway. BiSH!