Could I Interest You in New DISDOL Live Video?

It’s time for our roughly quarterly bit of Dissenter Dolls news! The last we heard from DISDOL, Natsumi was leaving for a solo career (that so far seems to be mostly modeling, but it is early), Airi was taking over as leader and they were inexorably crawling toward a one-man. Today, the one-man is still only on the horizon, Natsumi is still featured in the group’s promo art and Airi is less so, but they did manage to give us some newly cut live video for “chessman”!

Can we just talk about the clarity of this video for a second? I hate to say things like “makes me feel like I’m there!” but I can pretty much smell Kyouko through this (verdict: needs to wash her outfit). Yeah, it’s kind of a pro-shot, but it does make me wonder when more producers and managers are going to realize that a DSLR and some editing software can save you a ton of money in the end.

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Going Solo: Change at DISDOL & a New Future for Takahashi Natsumi

Graduations usually suck, but this is a case where it might wind up being a win-win for just about everybody. Takahashi Natsumi, leader of DISDOL going back to the beginning, is graduating and going solo.

This blog post from DISDOL sums it up: Natsumi’s graduation is more or less immediate (though her last live is yet to be scheduled), and Tsuki Airi will take over leadership duties.

Airi seems to be excited

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DISDOL Loves Live Video: ‘NEW GENERATION’ Now Available

It didn’t take long for DISDOL to add to their collection of pro-ish-shot video after the (finally) release of the MV for “VICTORIA.” They’ve been teasing this title for a while, so I’m guessing that it’s the lead track off of their EP/album thing coming out soon:

This also puts into perspective all of those “which DISDOL song is your favorite?” tweets that various of the members had been sharing over the last few months — we got “VICTORIA” because that’s how most people answered, maybe. And that’s fine, even if “turbulence grid” is superior to it:

I hope this is a learning experience for you newer folks: There may be unquestioned generals at the top, but the ranks of metal idols are deep and strong.

DISDOL Finally Delivers That Video I’ve Been Dying to See

This was a really nice surprise — so much of a surprise that, while I’m waiting for somebody else to get their video out into rotation, I damn near overlooked this.

DISDOL, which I believe is how they’re styling the name, period, from now on, brought their updated (amazing) look and small army of a roster to an actual by-god video for “VICTORIA”:

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I’m Super Excited about Videos That We’ll Eventually Get to See

First up, DISDOL continues to inch ever closer to producing a full-on PV:

Which … it’s only taken a year and a few months, guys. Your live videos are of fairly good quality, but you really need to get out there with a refined product at some point; you would probably connect pretty well with some of the international Babymetal crossover audience.

On the other hand, I am at once excited and petrified at what might be coming from these guys:

I need more Yukueshirezutsurezure in my life, even if it means risking being poisoned over dinner.

Seems That I Can Stop Bugging DisDol: Mini-album on the Way!

Listen, Dissenter Dolls. I like you, and sometimes your members like me, but you probably wonder why some random English website pings you every time you do anything to remind the entire world that you have a very Tiger Army-esque release schedule, and that’s okay.

It’s okay because they finally have a real disc coming out!

And I think there’s even stuff that I haven’t seen before on that! From the linked-to Ameblo post:

  1. Chessman
  2. フラッシュバック
  3. Mother
  5. Pretty Girl

Get hype!

Check out This DisDol PV / Teaser for … an EP?

Dissenter Dolls remain impervious to any and all pleas for a fully fledged MV, but they keep turning out new music.

This PV is all live footage that may or not be related directly to the songs in question (that are, FWIW, studio recordings if my ears aren’t deceiving me) — “Chessman,” which is entirely new to me, “Flash Back,” which is likewise, and “Mother,” which we’ve heard before:

DisDol, this is good effort, and your updated outfits are boss. You clearly have a release date for something. That is good. I’ll live with an EP, but I’d love an album, please and thanks.

This DisDol Song Is a Straight Rocker

It’s starting to feel like we could wait just about forever for Dissenter Dolls to release a real-deal MV or, Bob forbid, an album, but they’re good at obliging fans’ bloodlust by periodically dropping these live videos as they get more and more songs completed.

Here’s “Pretty Girl,” which was going along innocently enough until the riffs started to happen and my head bobbed a little and people looked at me like I was weird.

It’s good. Leave me alone.

DisDol, I implore you: Don’t be one of those groups that churns out material and then never does very much with it. We like you; we want to love you.

Time to Party: Pump Yourself up with Disdol

Ah, Dissenter Dolls, genuinely one of the more promising among the scores of metal-aligned idol groups, for some reason apparently phobic when it comes to creating real-deal music videos. However, they do like to have themselves filmed live, so here are two recent tastes (both are newish songs, too, IIRC) to get your blood properly boiling before you spend your Friday evening screwing around online and cleaning the house WRECKING SHIT ALL OVER TOWN.

Just added yesterday! Thanks for not telling me, YouTube!

“Mother” ain’t bad, but I think I really genuinely like “Flashback.” Maybe they should, you know, make a staged-and-produced video with it. Just a suggestion. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and adding it to the playlist.

Disdol’s kind of amazing to me. Like, I literally don’t understand a thing about their membership and am beginning to think that they’re aiming to be the first metal idol 48.

Who Wants a Sneak Preview of a New Song from DISDOL?

I was just starting to think that it’d been a while since we’d had anything to do with good ol’ Dissenter Dolls, and then they went and released this behind-the-scenes kind of video last night:

I hope this is a sign that we’ll get a real-deal MV out of them in the near future. DISDOL has gotten a lot of things right in just a year’s worth of being alive (oh, right: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DISSENTER DOLLS!), but the one thing they don’t have is a standout video that can carry them to a wider audience. That their birthday is basically right now may mean that something’s imminent, actually.

Uh. Carry on!