Tsuji Airi Is Leaving DISDOL

I never know how many of you guys dig on DISDOL, but they’re among my personal guilty pleasures, and I’ve always enjoyed the big heavy sounds in their music and the fact that they have like 73 members* and the slightly badass way they present themselves.

A few months back, their old leader, Takahashi Natsumi, who graduated to focus on her gravure and solo musical careers, putting … Tsuji Airi in charge. But now:

You don’t have to read it; it’s sad

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You Review Things: DISDOL | “HARERUYA”

Dofphoto has another gift for you! And very well-timed, as DISDOL crept a bit into the wider homicidol consciousness over the past week, and darn it, that makes me happy. Personally, I’m dying to know if HARERUYA is any good.

My first experience with DISDOL (they were called Dissenter Dolls back then) was back in March 2015, which I’m pretty sure was their debut on stage. There were four girls and they only had two songs, which were “Jolly” and “Miraibana,” the latter being the track that caught my attention. So like anyone would do, I followed them on Twitter. A few demos of new tracks were uploaded to Youtube and it seemed it wouldn’t be long till DISDOL were in the studio. Continue reading


Is This Where We Are Now?

Bear with me, you guys.

I’ve seen different iterations of this tweet now several times in the last few days:

Because DISDOL has something like 45 members, and they all RT one version or another

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Phillter’s Christmas in Tokyo: Part IV

How are you liking Phillter’s idol experience, amigos? It makes me jealous — I know that I’ll never personally get to take a trip like this. And I know what the punchline — publishing tomorrow! — is going to be, and that makes me jealouser. Anyway, Part I and Part II and Part III are here if you need them.

December 27 brought with it what I thought was going to be a day of recuperation and relaxation. I had plans to go to the Odaiba Onsen Park in Tokyo with the friends who came to Tokyo with me (they are more into anime and partying, and so didn’t come to any of the shows I went to which is totally fine, everyone has their own interests). But after a day of shopping I took a second to look at the park’s tattoo policy, because I have tattoos. Continue reading


Could I Interest You in New DISDOL Live Video?

It’s time for our roughly quarterly bit of Dissenter Dolls news! The last we heard from DISDOL, Natsumi was leaving for a solo career (that so far seems to be mostly modeling, but it is early), Airi was taking over as leader and they were inexorably crawling toward a one-man. Today, the one-man is still only on the horizon, Natsumi is still featured in the group’s promo art and Airi is less so, but they did manage to give us some newly cut live video for “chessman”!

Can we just talk about the clarity of this video for a second? I hate to say things like “makes me feel like I’m there!” but I can pretty much smell Kyouko through this (verdict: needs to wash her outfit). Yeah, it’s kind of a pro-shot, but it does make me wonder when more producers and managers are going to realize that a DSLR and some editing software can save you a ton of money in the end.

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Going Solo: Change at DISDOL & a New Future for Takahashi Natsumi

Graduations usually suck, but this is a case where it might wind up being a win-win for just about everybody. Takahashi Natsumi, leader of DISDOL going back to the beginning, is graduating and going solo.

This blog post from DISDOL sums it up: Natsumi’s graduation is more or less immediate (though her last live is yet to be scheduled), and Tsuki Airi will take over leadership duties.

Airi seems to be excited

This new listing on Bell Agency’s website has more info on Natsumi’s solo project (not much). And what’s that about funding? Continue reading


DISDOL Loves Live Video: ‘NEW GENERATION’ Now Available

It didn’t take long for DISDOL to add to their collection of pro-ish-shot video after the (finally) release of the MV for “VICTORIA.” They’ve been teasing this title for a while, so I’m guessing that it’s the lead track off of their EP/album thing coming out soon:

This also puts into perspective all of those “which DISDOL song is your favorite?” tweets that various of the members had been sharing over the last few months — we got “VICTORIA” because that’s how most people answered, maybe. And that’s fine, even if “turbulence grid” is superior to it:

I hope this is a learning experience for you newer folks: There may be unquestioned generals at the top, but the ranks of metal idols are deep and strong.


DISDOL Finally Delivers That Video I’ve Been Dying to See

This was a really nice surprise — so much of a surprise that, while I’m waiting for somebody else to get their video out into rotation, I damn near overlooked this.

DISDOL, which I believe is how they’re styling the name, period, from now on, brought their updated (amazing) look and small army of a roster to an actual by-god video for “VICTORIA”:

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I’m Super Excited about Videos That We’ll Eventually Get to See

First up, DISDOL continues to inch ever closer to producing a full-on PV:

Which … it’s only taken a year and a few months, guys. Your live videos are of fairly good quality, but you really need to get out there with a refined product at some point; you would probably connect pretty well with some of the international Babymetal crossover audience.

On the other hand, I am at once excited and petrified at what might be coming from these guys:

I need more Yukueshirezutsurezure in my life, even if it means risking being poisoned over dinner.


Seems That I Can Stop Bugging DisDol: Mini-album on the Way!

Listen, Dissenter Dolls. I like you, and sometimes your members like me, but you probably wonder why some random English website pings you every time you do anything to remind the entire world that you have a very Tiger Army-esque release schedule, and that’s okay.

It’s okay because they finally have a real disc coming out!

And I think there’s even stuff that I haven’t seen before on that! From the linked-to Ameblo post:

  1. Chessman
  2. フラッシュバック
  3. Mother
  5. Pretty Girl

Get hype!