The Party’s over for XYZ

Remember XYZ? We got to check them out a few times, and they were generally okay, but then this went out on Twitter yesterday and now there’s going to be one less idol group in the world:

Those images are the messages from the members, give ’em a read if you can. Continue reading


2016 Is Claiming Another Victim: & Crazy Shutting It Down

What a bit of dumb luck that I stumbled across this while checking on another piece of info. Pretty cool hard rock idols & Crazy are in the middle of a farewell tour:

Wait! Why? Because I don’t know, that’s why. It’s probably buried deep in the bowels of Twitter and the three people other than me who are going to care will just as completely not go to the trouble of looking it up. But (and this is the confusing part) three current members of the group are going to be graduating (from …?) at this final one-man on the 28th, whereupon the group is going to “suspend activities,” which is about a 95 percent lean toward “goodbye forever.” Continue reading


A Deep Mystery: KeePXOUT’s Sudden, Unexplained Demise

Something or another prompted me to look up KeePXOUT the other day. Maybe it was a reference to visual kei, or a photo, I don’t know. But an amazing thing, something that I was yet to experience, happened instead.

Look at the official Twitter. Or the company’s. Or the staff account. Nothing for well over a month now, and not a single notice as to a farewell live, graduation, spontaneous human combustion, anything. Instagram? Deleted. Website? Doesn’t exist. One of the members has disappeared from Twitter completely (or, rather, that account did), and the other has moved well beyond the group (and loves cats!). It’s like walking through an idol ghost town.

Being the intrepid not-journalist that I am, I decided to look into this. Continue reading



This is a sad, if predictable, end to the whole situation we laid out a couple of weeks ago. Kanna, the active half of BUNNY KISS, tweeted this on Monday:

Go ahead and click through. Or, you know, just read the gist. Continue reading


The WiLD TRUMPS Are Dead; All Hail … What?

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, THE WiLD TRUMPS had slated themselves for a Nov. 26 live demolition, which they billed as a death and rebirth. I thought, hey, this is a spin-off from Aoyama St. Hachamecha High School, it’ll probably get a refresh because the angle will be kind of stale after the election (and weird if Trump wins!), but I bet not much changes and …


They actually streamed a good portion of what turned out to be the group’s last live on Periscope:

Make sure to stick through to the end (or skip there, whatever wets your whistle). Continue reading


You Dumb Jerks, Shibuya P.R. Is Breaking up Because They Weren’t Loved Enough

Just kidding about the jerks thing, btw. More or less.

But! As I am wont to do, I was looking at Good bye, Idol and saw a familiar name in the feed:

This had better be one of those “a member is graduating” things, is what I thought.

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My Girl Samitsu Misa Is Retiring and Taking Her Parade with Her

Well poop. I was legitimately excited about Misa and her out-there brand of idol+goth+metal stuff+alt-rock+pumpkins, and here she is hanging it up for good.

Happier times

Dokodemo Music is calling it an “indefinite hiatus,” but we know what that means. Continue reading


Here’s the Final Video for Melancholy of the Black Cat

I’m very sad that Kuronkeo no Yuutsu has run me flat out of nine-lives puns, and also sad that their disbandment is imminent. They add a diffident coolness to an idol world that’s usually so earnest and deliberate, playing as what we used to call “alternative girls” way back when my neighbor’s older sister was smoking cloves in the woods and letting me borrow her Dead Milkmen shirts.

Their last PV is for a song called “Don’t Disappear” or something like that, and the whole shebang is just full of feels. Continue reading


Next (small) Steps for petit pas!

JAM was the last hurrah for petit pas!, whose three-year odyssey to become the cutest idols in Tokyo led to a 2016 of triumph and tragedy, their performance at TIF setting off chatter that was confirmed after the festival closed: petit pas! was done.

I found myself searching high and low for their video from TIF and finally found it via a Chinese source that doesn’t care very much for things like iframes. You need Flash to see this.

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Tsubasa Fly Is Breaking up Literally Right Now So Let’s Remember Them Right

I won’t belabor the “we succeeded, now we’re out” situation that’s led to Tsubasa Fly calling it quits, and that final show happening while this is posting (no kidding, they might be on stage at this very moment). An independent to the end, they ground out a place of respect and, finally, a relative degree of commercial success in an ever-more-competitive scene.

Here are just a few of the songs that they graced us with:

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