My Girl Samitsu Misa Is Retiring and Taking Her Parade with Her

Well poop. I was legitimately excited about Misa and her out-there brand of idol+goth+metal stuff+alt-rock+pumpkins, and here she is hanging it up for good.

Happier times

Dokodemo Music is calling it an “indefinite hiatus,” but we know what that means. Continue reading


Here’s the Final Video for Melancholy of the Black Cat

I’m very sad that Kuronkeo no Yuutsu has run me flat out of nine-lives puns, and also sad that their disbandment is imminent. They add a diffident coolness to an idol world that’s usually so earnest and deliberate, playing as what we used to call “alternative girls” way back when my neighbor’s older sister was smoking cloves in the woods and letting me borrow her Dead Milkmen shirts.

Their last PV is for a song called “Don’t Disappear” or something like that, and the whole shebang is just full of feels. Continue reading


Next (small) Steps for petit pas!

JAM was the last hurrah for petit pas!, whose three-year odyssey to become the cutest idols in Tokyo led to a 2016 of triumph and tragedy, their performance at TIF setting off chatter that was confirmed after the festival closed: petit pas! was done.

I found myself searching high and low for their video from TIF and finally found it via a Chinese source that doesn’t care very much for things like iframes. You need Flash to see this.

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Tsubasa Fly Is Breaking up Literally Right Now So Let’s Remember Them Right

I won’t belabor the “we succeeded, now we’re out” situation that’s led to Tsubasa Fly calling it quits, and that final show happening while this is posting (no kidding, they might be on stage at this very moment). An independent to the end, they ground out a place of respect and, finally, a relative degree of commercial success in an ever-more-competitive scene.

Here are just a few of the songs that they graced us with:

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This Is Probably All the DiSPANiC You’ll Ever Hear

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of DiSPANiC? Probably not! And that’s okay, because you’re never going to hear of them again!

What we’re talking about is a duo formed back in the spring and just disbanded. That ordinarily wouldn’t warrant a mention — that kind of thing happens all the time — but I’ve been completely and stupidly in love with this bonkers sample and had just been waiting for some video or something before I DiSPANiCed you. Instead, this is all we got.

Almost all of their history is encompassed in that tweet! Continue reading


New Deathrabbits Video Amid Absolute Chaos

You may remember this recent news that, due to financial malfeasance, the much-maligned Bucho — manager, male/death vocalist, stormtrooper — of Deathrabbits was being purged from the group’s rolls, and there was a possible last-ever live coming up and, well, some people were stoked and others were sad and others were puzzled because they had no idea what was going on. Being the responsible and respectful purveyor of idol news that I am, I did everything possible to stoke the fires of rampant speculation.

Things just keep getting weirder! First:

That’s from a week ago — if they got 200 retweets, they’d release a video that they were obviously already shooting, for a song called “Anger.” How curious! And, predictably, they got those 200 RTs in a hot minute because the Deathrabbits Army does not mess around. Continue reading


HATEGLEAM, on the Other Hand, Is Saying Goodbye

Now I have a sad! Personal does-this-even-count-as-idol-sure favorites HATEGLEAM very casually announced on Twitter that they’re on their way out.

A person who I take to be their manager is sending encouraging messages about “next steps” and things, but let’s be honest: You can be musically cool all day long, but if you don’t have any fans, it’s not going to work for you. Their website is already gone, and the ubiquitous tweets from/about their official store are just kind of sad at this point. Continue reading


At Least We’ll Get a Farewell Album from Melancholy of the Black Cat

Finding out that Kuroneko no Yuutsu was going to disband after barely a year together was kind of sad (one might even say that it led to feelings of melancholy!), but their parting gifts to us include a full-blown album:

h/t @supreme_nothing

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Never Trust Me Again: FreFre Chime Fes Is Done

Granted, it was before Yukueshirezutsurezure made this happen and Shidare issued an open challenge to the rest of idol’s harsh vocalists and NEVE SLIDE DOWN appeared out of nowhere and BiS was brought back to life and and and, but I wasn’t kidding when I said that I thought FreFre Chime Fes might be “the future of idolcore.”

They liked that so much that they started tweeting this:

Like, every day.

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Tsubasa Fly Will Celebrate the Culmination of Their Success by Breaking Up

It wasn’t all that long ago that Tsubasa Fly was absolutely on fire: For their fifth single, they were rolling all over the place, getting into battles with other idols, doing public street performances, starring in their own movie, dropping an absolute bomb of an MV to promote “Ray of Hope” and even cracking the Oricon top 20 (#1 on the indie charts!)

With all that done and three years together as a group, one could be forgiven for thinking that they’d be gearing up for a step forward — major label release, full album, Asia tour, etc. Take a month off, recharge, go for it.

Nah! They’re going to disband in September instead. Sounds like a pretty great show, though.