Devil ANTHEM’s Growing Up

I’m like 78 percent certain that I didn’t remember that Corenament noisemakers Devil ANTHEM was releasing an album, FEVER, but I’m very glad for a less noisy morning on Twitter and a few extra minutes to follow up: While there’s plenty of sparkly idol cheer in here, it’s also clear that Devil ANTHEM isn’t going to be twee and precocious forever, and this is a good first step.

Title track!

Some pretty expected moves (that chorus, you know?) aside, “FEVER” might be the most interesting that Devil ANTHEM’s ever been musically, and that makes me happy. The group’s two years old now, the girls aren’t just little kawaii factories anymore, so it’s a good idea to complement an updated look with a fun, adult sort of beat for your lead track. Show the world who you are now.

If you aren’t already acquainted, check out this live set from over the weekend.

That’s right; the hard side of idol can be pretty inclusive! Especially on days when there isn’t all that much available to talk about! Support the random support for the likes of Devil ANTHEM by becoming a patron!


Get over Hump Day with New Devil ANTHEM Video

Good morning, you bunch of weirdos! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac has a butt-ton of morning tasks to accomplish for Day Job, and then a very long, annoying day to follow that, so I’m trying to load up a pretty busy day in idol with everything that I can before I get sucked into the purgatory that is work.

But first! You guys remember Devil ANTHEM, right? Kawaiidols with a devil theme? Get a little intense here and there? But mainly devils? Great. Here they are with a just-released live video for a brand-new live version of “Women’s Gift” or whatever the actual title of this neat little song is:

I’m pretty sure Pure Idol Heart shared this first

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While We’re on the Topic of Satanic Things, There’s a New Devil ANTHEM Video

No, no, it’s only kind of what you guys think:

If we’ve learned anything about Devil ANTHEM so far, it’s that they aren’t the heaviest, the evillest, the intensest or the violentest, but they do help to remind one that …

It’s Friday, for frog’s sake, and it’s summertime. Take this little injection of dark kawaii and enjoy life.


Calling the Devil ANTHEM Fans

I do not say this disparagingly, but when the big guns are quiet, it gives you time to finally start to pursue names you see around or videos you may have caught but once.

In this case, Devil ANTHEM.

Before you check this out: If you aren’t familiar with them, would you say that a name like “Devil ANTHEM” might be a cool death metal outfit of society-rejecting senior idols with a very dark presentation, or a high-energy junior unit that rocks a little less than Party Rockets GT? Continue reading