Hey Let’s Talk about Idols!

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Hey! You guys! In case you hadn’t noticed, we have now entered the dumbest part of the year, when there’s painfully little of interest going on (it’s not even an Olympic year!) and lots of time to kill in the evenings. Sure, you could be a jerk and do productive and/or creative things and rub it in our faces, or you could forget all that stupid stuff and instead come hang out for a little while and listen to friends, and me!

Tonight! Debate! Topics of discussion include:

  • Chika idol gone international
  • Will Maniac’s camera work?
  • Thesis: The Holy Roman Empire, Neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire
  • Is it true that all dogs go to heaven?

And so much more! Actually I’m pretty stoked about it. I always have fun with A-to-J, and I’ve never not had a good conversation with Derek, so I’m setting my expectations meter to high!

I’ll try to embed the stream so all you need to do is come here and put your eyeballs to it. It’s 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific, like noon tomorrow in Japan. You can figure it out.


Importing the Kawaii Underground

Meet the people bringing Japan’s most compelling music acts to the West

For those Westerners who have fallen down the JPop rabbit hole, there are a few common stages that just about everyone goes through. Somewhere after devouring any English-language sites Google can find and consuming all unblocked videos on YouTube, comes the burning desire to see our newfound musical idols live. North America and Europe have been fortunate the last few years to see almost annual tours by BABYMETAL, Perfume, One OK Rock and Hatsune Miku, but for those whose tastes are a bit less mainstream, the chance to see independent and alternative artists usually involves pricing plane tickets to Japan.

Fortunately for us, a small group of fans-turned-promoters have taken it upon themselves to bring live underground idol and alternative JRock to the West. A few of these intrepid souls were gracious enough to answer our questions about why they decided to jump into the business of international music booking and promotion, the biggest challenges they encounter, and what plans they have for the future.

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