Idol to Idol to Idol: An Odyssey

Okay, so you guys are possibly aware of Yannderu Ame, who were momentarily exciting a few months ago. Then they rebranded and became YAMIAME, basically the same thing, but not the same kind of dark and brooding tears-in-rain -core idols, but more we-are-somewhat-dark-and-hard idols. Then THAT BROKE UP ON STAGE to launch the literally no-joke temporary unit Imonikomi, which … honestly, I started to lose track of what the hell was going on at that point, but today, TODAY friends, they finally un-temporaried themselves as the latest iteration in this mad project’s long, not-at-all-graceful curve:

Thank you, PIH!

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Idols and Six Feet Under: Meet Bury

Here’s an interesting one that the Viz reminded me of yesterday: Bury. Here’ what they look and sound like!

With a name like that, you’d think they’d be metal, possibly deathcore or even (please) brutal slam, but I’ll take punk, too. Continue reading

RABBITS Lab Finally Debuts, Confounds

Well, after months of anticipation, the enigmatic RABBITS Lab made … her? her debut back on the 31st and only just got this video digest of the performance posted the other day.

I warn you: What you’re about to see is a very chika idol performance in a very small venue populated by adults with rabbit ears on their heads.

So many rabbits

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This Is Promising: Synth de La Eve

When was I complaining about idol being in the doldrums? Was that yesterday? Sure. Well, importantly, I forgot one key detail: It’s also debut season! Well, one of them. But like what I was saying about the whole “last year was so good” thing? Last year, right at this time, we had NEVE SLIDE DOWN debut, and BiS come back to life (so basically debut), and SiS for a hot minute, and Dots not long after. Autumn!

So this is how I show contrition and shut my mouth all at once:

You can thank Pure Idol Heart for tracking down another one. That’s Synth de La Eve (Twitter). I like them. Continue reading

Bring on the APOKALIPPPS

Edit: Not enough P!

Finally! Pure Idol Heart shared the original preview for this new project a couple of weeks back, and I literally forgot about it until it came back up this morning because they finally made their debut.


I have no idea what they’re like — loud, doomy, art-hellish — but I know that I want them to be on every idol bill until the end of time. Continue reading

Meet Your Project aW, Now EMPiRE, or Don’t Meet Them Quite Yet

Say, do you guys remember the WACK Expo back in the spring, when Saki and Aya got traded and Panluna and Fetus-chan got added to BiS and Watanabe announced that two of the auditioners were being added to a random upcoming WACK+avex project that was codenamed Project aW? And then nothing came of it and I made fun of it?

Well shut my mouth, it’s hear:

Now called EMPiRE and at least temporarily clad in some sort of cross between the most ridiculous hood ever, a bad take on a Klansman* Halloween costume and what looks vaguely like a Native American art motif from the U.S. southwest**, it’s the usual shenanigans for a Watanabe-led project — until they have 10,000 Twitter followers (I’m guessing for the group official), those identities stay hidden.

For now, all we get are YUiNA, YUKA, YU-Ki, MiDORiKO and MAYU as names. You can follow them on Twitter (use this). I hope that they don’t all individually need the follower numbers, as that took forever even with Ayuni D.

I was going to say that it’s a step up from the ol’ bare-skin-black-eyes thing, but … it really isn’t. I feel badly for everybody associated with that outfit, possibly except for Watanabe, as I’m assuming that he approved it and should be smacked in the head.

*”Secret Empire”, get it? Holy crap, that better not be the case

**For real, if any one of these things is especially Japanese and I’m just missing the boat, go ahead and say so; I’ll continue to point and laugh a little for the time being

Idol Is Like the Boy Scouts: Always Prepared

So VanillaPancakes went and ruined the surprise in the comments on that thing the other day; that’s what I get for taking a couple of days of bed rest

It really must suck to be a wota sometimes.

So Saturday, YAMIAME, who were just a few months old really, had a one-man. Their first! And they disbanded at the end of the show!

Wow, you think. That’s … what. Exactly! It’s not unheard of, though (DiSPANiC did something similar last year), so while jaws could possibly require from-the-floor-picking-up, I imagine that the response was mostly remarks between friends and text messages and stuff.

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We Return to WTF Tuesday with a Very Special Message: OBEY

Take a journey with me, friends, and understand that our guide is none other than Takahashi Natsumi, former leader of DISDOL and current solo idol. It is a journey through … actually, I’m not sure. Just a little unsettled though!

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Are You Ready for the Most Prog Idol Song You’ve Ever Heard?

I first saw this sucker a few days ago, you guys, and I’m still not sure what I think of it, except that it’s Sunday and something that I think you might enjoy.

Say hello to Futari Opposite (Twitter):

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ReAlice May Have the Most Idol Name in the History of Idol

Say, remember how we looked at DORCA the other day? This is a sort of sister unit. I played their little demo clip about 20 times and kept waiting for a beat to drop, but such is the nature of teasers. Anyway, there’s something there, and they debuted this past weekend, and now it’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and also their official account has blocked me for some reason, and John already did the heavy lifting, so, John:

As I mentioned on the podcast last Saturday, I had a couple of new groups up my sleeve. I can’t remember if this as one of them I was referring to but they were on the ever growing list of new idols. These girls sound interesting even with the small amount of information available, especially […]

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