Oh My Dog, Cutie Corpse Is Back!

Way back when this site was just a twinkle in my eye, I had this joke to myself — the idol scene was getting so weird and heavy-dependent that a deliberately uber-kawaii unit was basically an inevitability … and then into being sprang Cutie Corpse.

And then there wasn’t Cutie Corpse anymore. The project ultimately fell apart before it really got anywhere. And, honestly, it’s not like that anywhere was even anywhere at the time. Cutie Corpse became just a funny little footnote, and we all moved on with our lives.

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The Sweetness Will Make Your Teeth Ache

Update: I want to say that there’s no way this is true, but I bet it’s totally true. I have no reason to doubt our friend. Wild.

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve been able to call on Pure Idol Heart for delivering on a good find, but this is just one example of why you should always pay attention:

Tell me that they aren’t rocking You’ll Melt More!’s look from last year

Meet Attain Music (Twitter), or maybe that’s not really their name because Attain Music is definitely the company, but the group doesn’t seem to have a name of its own? Anyway, as you can see, they’re cutting out any and all pretense and going straight for the darkest, blackest combination of all — kawaii rock. Maybe “Kawaii Rock Idol” is the name? Continue reading


Angels and Demons? Sign Me Up

Kids, I have bad news: I have no idea what’s up with these girls.

As long as nobody gets hurt, we should be okay

Actually, that’s not true. I know about as much about them as anybody who isn’t them! Say hi to Kimi to Utatane, who are doing this whole dual-nature, which-will-you-get angle that at least carries the threat of violence and pain. Continue reading


What the Hell Is uBu?

Great job once again, Viz Major. I’d say that we all owe you a debt, but that presumes that anybody actually wants to be subjected to this kind of reason-bending discordance.


So! uBu! Who are you? (/dying) Just like the post says, Tokyo-based idols who are officially launching on Nov. 26 at a free one-man in Akiba, but who’ve been doing a bunch of pop-up lives around the capital region because why not, you have to get to 5,000+ Twitter followers somehow, amirite?

Yeah, they’re kind of rocking the horror clown aesthetic, too, but what’s the real deal here? What’s with the mannequin heads? What does this ish sound like? Continue reading


I Review Things: ICE CREAM SUICIDE | “I.S.C.R.E.A.M.”

Cover art for alt-idol denpacore idol group ICE CREAM SUICIDE's debut EP I.S.C.R.E.A.M.

I can’t remember a promised debut that generated more excitement among our little community than ICE CREAM SUICIDE’s. Hell, I was practically beside myself at the thought — between the name and the art and the sophisticated introductory campaign of three groups by a newcomer agency and the inclusion of former Bellheart member Anna-chan, it all seemed like the idol world had heard our pleas and put together a special little project just for us.

And then they had their live debut, and BOY were a lot of people confused. Instead of a -core-riddled harsh idol project speckled with yami-kawaii violence, we got what sounded like a safe, contemporary-standard denpa-style pop song. I remember the Twitter chatter that day: Had we been had? Like, of course denpa makes sense because it’s so hot right now, but where’s the rock? Sanity did ultimately prevail and people seemed to reach a consensus agreement to withhold actual judgment until the debut EP, I.S.C.R.E.A.M., was released.

So what does I.S.C.R.E.A.M. sound like? What does ICE CREAM SUICIDE bring to the world? On to the review! Continue reading


I Love Idol Side Projects

Updating to add: Their PV!

Though without any of the hype of NATASHA, there’s nonetheless a limited side project put together that features a favorite of us — Montero from Screaming Sixties has joined a new group called TAU that … well, it’s hard to say what they look or sound like, but “rock chicks” is probably pretty accurate.

That’s not just because Montero’s involved, btw (she could harbor secret ambitions to be a country singer for all we know, and per Jul in the comments is going to do a DJ set). It makes sense. Continue reading


It’s a Good Idea to Get Excited about SiS

The new BiS’s official sister/rivals made their debut yesterday, of course at Heavy Sick Zero, and they did it in style.

Like, wow, their first songs are legitimately really good and they even did pretty okay with the BiS covers!

Look at those outfits!

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You Can’t Stop Me From Calling Them DieDieDie

What do I keep saying about a golden age?DaiDaiDai (Twitter) (Facebook!), which … come on. That’s DieDieDie and everybody knows it and let’s enjoy that because this is loaded with potential.

h/t John on Facebook

“But Maniac,” you complain because you just don’t get enough free stuff around here, “this sounds like just another hard EDM thing.” And maybe you’re right! But! Continue reading


Subtlety Is Dead: Welcome Deathdoll to the Party

This is so on the nose, I can’t even snark on it. Deathdoll:

Via Viz via Idolmetal, where you will find more useful information.

First: Music, fine. It’s fine. Good for these girls. Love the zombie walk-up. Good look. Continue reading


Never a Better Name for a Sister Group: SiS Is Coming

As the BiS audition odyssey wrapped up, out came the news that the … “rejects” is such a harsh term, maybe “partial qualifiers” per the old NCAA rules? partial qualifiers weren’t going to be cast aside, but would be given the opportunity to join a new BiS sister group, to be known as SiS. A handful of the prospective members who weren’t emotionally destroyed after 72 hours of song, dance, running, poison food and a very unfortunate bikini contest were even introduced at New BiS’s debut live.

And now we know a little bit more about SiS!

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