The New Pikarin Is Dark and Heavy as Hell

Oh, friends. Friends! It’s not every day that Pikarin is a featured figure on, but when she hits the nail on the head, it’s like a piledriver … as some recently released live video can attest!

Start it off at 12:38 for the new, or enjoy the whole thing because why not!

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Okay, Here’s a New Thing to Get a Little Excited About

What do you do when half of Western wotadom pings you first thing in the morning on a friggin’ Monday?

You get obnoxiously hype about it!

I refer, of course, to Suzu Hinata, ex of petit pas! but still mercifully on the idol world’s radar for most of the last year thanks to doing just about everything but doing a rock idol project, has aligned herself with Candye Syrup and … I’d say “is going dark,” but what does that even mean in this context, other than “okay now I’m a Nightmare before Christmas fetishist who hangs out at Spencer’s on the way to Hot Topic.” Continue reading

Forgive Me for Being All Optimistic about ODORO

I love when friends see things and share things and then we all get to enjoy the good things:

Of course, via the incomparable Mr. Viz

That’s ODORO (Twitter), which is precisely the kind of idol name that I have to ask for help for because I can’t kanji at friggin’ all. That’s not important, though; what’s important is that here’s a tremendous example of the unending recycling job at the heart of chika idol — Kuroneko no Yuutsu! DOPING BERRY! Strawberry Syndrome! Etc.! — entering the art idol side of the fray.

Here’s just a little bit more about that creative bent:

It’s understated, and definitely not Kuroneko nor DOPING BERRY nor a lot of other idol things — frankly, they’re closer to SAKA SAMA in a lot of ways than most anything else. And, true to form, their YouTube channel is the kind of thing that you might want to follow, as the live … there’s gonna be a lot of live, and random stuff, and truly the things that make idol worth following.


I Feel Okay about DISDOL’s Next Generation

So yeah, somehow the least upsetting last live of the past week was the best attended:

I had been bullish on DISDOL’s reboot basically from the jump, simply because they’d been trending down as a project for a year and had been dropping members of prominence for almost as long, so I assumed that there were bigger institutional problems etc. Maybe that’s true, maybe not, it doesn’t matter; after they released that transitional video, I would’ve been content to write off the whole thing.

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I Offer You This Stabbing Brightness in Protest

When you follow idol, no matter what kind of idol you might prefer, you know that you’re going to be subjected to all manner of sunshine and rainbows. And because idol ain’t what idol used to be, said sunshine and rainbows will sometimes collide with fun rock music at the very least, and at such moments your friendly neighborhood Maniac faces a choice: Does one’s commitment to loudol, period, supersede a nominal commitment to the grungy, the underground, the socially misfit? And, usually, the answer is “basically.”

Now, today is a day of goodbyes to some of the loudest idols the have ever idoled. I can’t do it! I shouldn’t! It’s a dark day! And I want to roll around in that unhappiness, you know? I don’t want to be made to feel positive and sunshiney. It’s disrespectful.

Screw it; I got a mission statement. Set your faces to Smiling.

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So Himegami CRISIS Is Awesome

A couple of days ago, folks were all a-flutter about something called “HIMEGAMI CRISIS.” I thought “that sounds vaguely familiar” and went right back to enjoying the delicious apple fritters that I like to make this time of year. Man, did I enjoy those fritters. Have you ever had apple fritters? They’re delicious, and so good in October. I usually go to the orchard/vineyard a few miles from Maniac Mansion and buy a quarter bushel and make all kinds of fritters and donuts and cakes and stuff. The people at Day Job are the real beneficiaries!

Of course, a man cannot be sustained on apple fritters alone, especially not when said man has himself a fancy-schmancy idol website, and I put away the confections for a minute to look into this thing. Why did it sound familiar? Had I once posted about it?

No, but I did once start a draft that I never published! Because as a self-styled dance-and-vocal unit, they technically are not idols! But I’ve never let that stop me before, so let’s pick up from there and see what everybody’s so excited about.

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The Masks Are Off; Now It’s Time to See What EMPiRE Can Do

I guess Watanabe got bored with waiting for the magical 15,000-follower-per-member threshold to be met, or he changed the rules on the fly again, or Avex ran out of patience, or something, because here’s your EMPiRE, unmasked:


I saw Midoriko first and wondered if how she was photographed would be indicative of what the group’s overall look would be like:

But I guess not. I’m sure that we’ll see soon enough. Continue reading

Idol to Idol to Idol: An Odyssey

Okay, so you guys are possibly aware of Yannderu Ame, who were momentarily exciting a few months ago. Then they rebranded and became YAMIAME, basically the same thing, but not the same kind of dark and brooding tears-in-rain -core idols, but more we-are-somewhat-dark-and-hard idols. Then THAT BROKE UP ON STAGE to launch the literally no-joke temporary unit Imonikomi, which … honestly, I started to lose track of what the hell was going on at that point, but today, TODAY friends, they finally un-temporaried themselves as the latest iteration in this mad project’s long, not-at-all-graceful curve:

Thank you, PIH!

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Idols and Six Feet Under: Meet Bury

Here’s an interesting one that the Viz reminded me of yesterday: Bury. Here’ what they look and sound like!

With a name like that, you’d think they’d be metal, possibly deathcore or even (please) brutal slam, but I’ll take punk, too. Continue reading