While We’re at IT, Let’s Also Meet 99%LOVER

The best idol discoveries are the ones that happen because somebody you’ve been following for a while happens to suddenly appear in another project that they tweet about like it’s going out of style (and also are probably obligated so to do). I refer in this case to this young lady, who was out of nowhere tweeting about something called 99%LOVER (Twitter) about a month back, which led to a follow, which led to … well, like, you know how most of the time the big lure in idol music is either the music itself or the ability of said idols to actually sing said music? What about the times when it’s that, plus really cool and intense dance routines?

Just look at this stuff:

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No Mark Is New and Good

“This is cool and you should do it” was the message that I originally wrote in this box a couple of months ago. I don’t remember why, exactly — one of the usual suspects on a tip, likely, or maybe one of those random Twitter dives — and in fact ultimately forgot that it even existed. So it goes! But then the No Mark social accounts (like Twitter!) turned out the goods on Monday, and there was much rejoicing, as

This is their first single:

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Festival Collaborations Are Fun: Check out MEY

Like a realtor, I love your referrals! And like a content-hungry guy who has a website, I love when those referrals are extremely topical!

Such as:


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Hodgepodge Idols, Please

I give up! 2018 wins. I spent the better half of last year complaining the rock idol was passe and eventually going to be just some dang thing, and how does the universe respond? By laying it on thick, that’s how. Hakuchumu. Toricago. Wyenra. Just to name a few!

And now, after once again doing that ever-so-crafting trick of looking up idols who appear on other idols’ Twitter feeds, I give you the latest entry from Osaka (ofc), a polyglot rock unit that I frankly couldn’t be more excited about. Listen to this loudness:

Or, if you prefer it in video form:


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Have ANotherЯ Idol of the Literal Living Dead

Well, I was about halfway through doing my own version of this (in draft mode since Thursday, so shame on me anyway), when I saw that John had all the detail aligned in a more up-to-date thing anyway, so go let the man educate you. Me, I’m just glad that Waka is in fact doing things.

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Welcome Back, PIIIIIIIN

It’s bad and it sucks when idols graduate and, from that, groups disband. Yeah, sometimes it’s for a good reason; more often than not, though, it’s just a bummer for everybody involved. So it was a pretty substantial while back now when PIIIIIIIN declared that they’d be hanging ’em up — it was unexpected, nobody seemed terribly thrilled about the move but not so invested as to try to stop it, and a bright light flickered out. I even eulogized the PIIIIIIIN experience!

And then, because the entire world is upside-down right now, it was announced that a PIIIIIIIN was going to be making a comeback. Yesterday, that happened. This was the set list for the re-debut, and presumably also their musical content for the time being: Continue reading

May We All Embrace Toricago

You know how there’s always at least one idol project our there that just perfectly aligns with your tastes? It might not be the one that you wind up stanning the hardest for, the one you listen to the most, etc., but you also can’t stop watching, and you always wish that you could give it more energy?

Indulge me for a moment and take a step back, all the way back to March or so, when Pure Idol Heart first shared this clip:

I recall thinking the same thing that I often think about groups on the first, preview kind of look: That’s nice and fine, I’ll do a little placeholder for them right now, I can come back to them if they make something of it.

Not everybody does! Some projects never really get off the ground, or they release one thing and then never move forward, or everything that they do subsequently is either bad or boring.* Fortunately, though, more often than not, the next step is at the very least worth keeping up with, and then you have something to follow and it’s cool.

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Hakuchumu Has Landed

While you go ahead and get yourself familiar with Hakuchumu, I’m going to get things warmed up a little bit. Last week, @Eyex1st pinged me about a new group. With new stuff. And a … eccentric producer. And, naturally, an entire Pringles tube full of interesting.

Just look at this series of teasers:

My very first thought was that this was a project up to something, whatever that might be. It was all in the service of setting up: Continue reading

Big Angel Are Lots of Fun

Let’s jump back to a couple of years ago, shall we? When there was a sudden boom (and by that, I mean maybe three groups) in “chubby” idols. Among those was a group named Pottya. If you recognize that name, you either follow me on Twitter or you saw that one post Maniac wrote last year. Their early material was kind of bland, to be honest, but I decided to keep an eye on them because “huh, a plus-sized group who are actually plus-sized and not just idol plus-sized, that’s unusual!” and what do you know? Eventually, they found a style that worked for them, a fun, energetic pop-rock sound in the vein of Buono! or PASSPO and I was like “Wow, these kids are awesome! I can’t wait to see what they do next!” and what happened?

They were obliterated at the tail end of the 2017 idol group purge and I was bitter.

But then, someone had the bright idea to pull a BURST GIRL on Pottya, aka, my favourite members founded a new, very similar project, a successor group of sorts. I was hyped, especially when the remaining lineup was revealed late last week. Say hello to Big Angel, everyone!

So now my final question was “Will they have the same kind of sound that later Pottya material had?”

Thankfully, my question was answered at their debut live this weekend: Continue reading

This Is Kolokol. You Might Want to Say Hi.

One of the very best things about being a fancy idol blogger is that hooking yourself into different networks to find new material is cool, but being hit up by other folks who want to share is even better. And when subsets of people collectively mark the hell out at once, you know that what you’re about to experience is going to be worth it.

For instance, let’s all take a moment to welcome Kolokol (Twitter) to the world:

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