We Return to WTF Tuesday with a Very Special Message: OBEY

Take a journey with me, friends, and understand that our guide is none other than Takahashi Natsumi, former leader of DISDOL and current solo idol. It is a journey through … actually, I’m not sure. Just a little unsettled though!

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Are You Ready for the Most Prog Idol Song You’ve Ever Heard?

I first saw this sucker a few days ago, you guys, and I’m still not sure what I think of it, except that it’s Sunday and something that I think you might enjoy.

Say hello to Futari Opposite (Twitter):

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ReAlice May Have the Most Idol Name in the History of Idol

Say, remember how we looked at DORCA the other day? This is a sort of sister unit. I played their little demo clip about 20 times and kept waiting for a beat to drop, but such is the nature of teasers. Anyway, there’s something there, and they debuted this past weekend, and now it’s Indie Idol Wednesday, and also their official account has blocked me for some reason, and John already did the heavy lifting, so, John:

As I mentioned on the podcast last Saturday, I had a couple of new groups up my sleeve. I can’t remember if this as one of them I was referring to but they were on the ever growing list of new idols. These girls sound interesting even with the small amount of information available, especially […]

via That Is New To Me: ReAlice — Straight From Japan

Somebody Just Set up an Electronic Transfer from My Bank Account to Codomomental’s Already

This was absolutely, positively, catastrophically the most exciting thing to happen during my very unfortunate lull in website purgatory:

That’s right. Another group. And, like a Kinder Surprise egg, surprises lie inside! Continue reading

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For Thursday Hurtsday, Let’s Play a Little Game

It’s Thursday Hurtsday, gang, and while I’m sure there’s a thing or two that I could promote for its raw loudness and/or emotional destructability, I wanted something really heavy and guitary and maybe even kind of epic to show off instead. Circumstance intervened! And, as a bonus, depending on how you all react to it, we could make it into a regular kind of feature.

That is SIN ISOMER, and the song is on the EP BURST Into ISOMER, which you can get a little look at here:

That’s pretty loud! But idol? Hard to tell. Mister Mister asked that very question the other day, and not for the first time, and I’ve had these videos sitting open in my browser ever since. What a question! So let’s answer it. Continue reading

I’m Ready to Love Again: Meet Shuuengo Buppan

This is what I woke up to:

It does sound cool! Very cool! Like we’re-already-booked-at-TIF-and-haven’t-even-debuted-yet cool.

The dentist beckons, and John has very helpfully already handled the rest of the intro, so take it away!


Earlier this evening I was looking at the new posts in the Alt Idol Facebook group and came across a post by Viz about a new group called 終演後物販 (Shuuengo Buppan). He describes them as melocore, and after listening to them I would agree. Lets take a first, but brief look at Shuuengo Buppan.

via That Is New To Me: Shuuengo Buppan — Straight From Japan

Nishikane Girls Are Loud and Good

What are friends for, anyway, if not constant referrals to cool new idol stuff?

In this case, Char T Saki, Alice Project fan extraordinaire and MVP of the original Corenament, quite excitedly shared this the other day. I was pleased that that happened!

The Song of Nikishane Princeroad

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Indie Idol Wednesday in Black and White

You guys remember when I was like “Indie Idol Wednesday works best when you share the random stuff that you come across online” and we had a few of those and it was cool? Here’s a totally new indie, really indie, that’s literally weeks into existence but, thanks to the magical power of the Internet, perfectly accessible to at least check out:

That is what I believe to be the debut live of Tsuioku no Monochrome (Twitter), very generously and smartly provided by Viz Major the other day, and a perfect candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday. They’re so new that they only have like 150 followers! Continue reading

Non Idols On

How about that for a title, huh? It actually undersells the whole, but I don’t know of very many people who don’t dig on ex-DEEP GIRLer Non. She’s back, in case you couldn’t tell, and not in the way that she tended to pop up here and there for her random jazz vocals and the like — no, she’s back, with a posse, doing something that I’ve legit never seen before.

This is the group:

Which I surprised to see when Trigger Warning shared it with me yesterday, and then it popped up in the group — I’ve been seeing Candye Syrup something-or-other for a long-ass time, which their Twitter profile confirms, seeing as they go back almost two year at this point, and have historically rubbed elbows with a lot of our idol mainstays because it’s a, uh, hair salon.

Anyway, this is a big ol’ step into the unknown. In addition to Non and her mouth piercings doing yume-kawaii, they’ve managed to take that whole image and not super-idol it the way Rinahamu’s various projects tend to; no, they took yume-kawaii and made it nasty:

Of course, they won’t exclusively do that and will dabble, but sweet holy moses, I love this juxtaposition of pastels and cotton candy and screaming. I love it mucho. Also trying to figure out how many of those members are people that I know from other things, because I swear that it’s more than just Non. OH WELL.

Looks Like We Got Even More Loudols, You Guys

This was a neat accidental find last week — there’s a le biglemoi among us, folks, and they’re nice and loud.

They had their debut the other night, and I kept hoping that they’d have video from it, but that’s okay: This is kind of adequate for the time being. And what a title for the thing — “black was born”. It’s like AC/DC, only in reverse! Continue reading